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Tracks :: index libreria Proyección de documentales: El jueves 23 de septiembre recibimos la visita del realizador Joaquin Jordá. Con el veremos dos documentales: NUMAX PRESENTA y VEINTE AÑOS NO ES NADA. La proyección empezará a las 19:00 con el primer trabajo que nos traslada a la Barcelona del año 1979 donde los obreros de Numax protagonizaron una huelga y una experiencia de autogestión. Como telón de fondo tenían los acuerdos socioeconómicos de 1977 por los que las fuerzas sociales de izquierda y los sindicatos se comprometieron a aceptar cierta austeridad en los salarios a cambio de otros beneficios fiscales, financieros, educativos y sociales. A su manera, los trabajadores de Numax entendieron que el capitalismo y las formas de trabajo clásico habían llegado a un fin. Por supuesto la entrada es libre y esperamos contar con vuestra presencia. Libros para el Sahara:Esta iniciativa la desarrolla JUSLI, que es una asociación juvenil que trabaja en una doble vía: 1. El pago más que suficiente de las bibliotecas

Snackr: an RSS ticker for Windows/Mac/Linux built using Adobe AIR and Flex. Getting Things Done La « productivité sans stress »[modifier | modifier le code] David Allen prend soin d'emblée de préciser que la méthode GTD ne procède pas de la « gestion du temps », mais de la « gestion des actions afin d'obtenir des résultats ». GTD est une démarche d'organisation personnelle applicable par chacun à l'ensemble de ses activités, tant professionnelles que privées. Pratiquer la méthode amène à identifier avec sûreté ses priorités à tout moment, et à mieux se mettre en position d'agir immédiatement sur la priorité choisie. L'auteur montre que pour bien choisir sa priorité et s'y consacrer pleinement, il faut pouvoir s'appuyer en permanence sur un système que l'on sait fiable. on choisit à chaque fois en pleine connaissance de cause ce que l'on fait,on ne porte son attention que sur ce qui est actionnable maintenant,on est tranquille sur ce que l'on ne fait pas : soit que l'on ait délibérément choisi de ne pas y donner la priorité, soit ce n'était tout simplement pas faisable maintenant.

Bloggage : BetterFLV: An Alternative to Adobes stock FLVPlayback Component When we first created our software we had this great idea. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could let our users change their skins out. We looked everywhere for an example, the closest thing we found was Youtube’s custom color control, nothing on the order of being able to create their own buttons and background. Introducing BetterFLV We figured, if Adobe wasnt going to give us the control we were going to have to create a new Skin class and FLVPlayback Class, and that’s exactly what we did. BetterFLV extends the FLVPlayback component and has a companion class called Skin that controls the skin for the BetterFLV object. We didnt stop there. Best of all: It’s free. We are releasing BetterFLV as open source (GPL) How to use We tried to make it as easy as possible. Done Check out the sample folder for a sample app and sample skin. Future Versions Add Volume Slider Anything else we can think of UPDATE (11/5/2013) Code now move to github Check out the code and let us know what you think. —jake

Circos - visualize genomes and genomic data Scheduler - Automation with Z-Cron Task and Job Scheduler With Z-Cron you can plan the execution of commands, programs or scripts, at particular times, so that recurring tasks on your PC are run automatically on schedule. Z-Cron is a central coordinating point for the scheduling or automation of software. Z-Cron can also be installed a system service. A system service is a program that starts automatically when Windows was booted, and runs in the background until Windows is shut down. With the Z-Cron scheduler you can have programs of all kinds started automatically by the system even if no user is logged in – for example nightly data backups with Z-DBackup. Example tasks that can be scheduled with Z-Cron: Starting and stopping of applications (also with parameters). These tasks can be started automatically at the following points in time: Daily (every x days). You can use Z-Cron scheduler in many different ways, for example: Regular data backup (for example with Z-DataDVD or Z-DATdump). Z-Cron Scheduler Functions Scheduler Freeware

30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media This article was written in 2009 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you’re keen to learn more about online tools, you may find this recent article on Google Analytics apps of great interest. In this day and age, it seems everything online has a price associated with it. Whether you’re subscribing to a pay site for full articles or clicking on ads in a blog, everything online seems to have money associated with it. Luckily there is still a large, and very healthy, movement online for media files listed under the Creative Commons licenses. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, these are files you can use in the creation of web sites and other media, free of charge. SitePoint has gathered up over 30 of the best resources online for audio, video, images and more for finding just the perfect Creative Commons licensed item for use in your next project. Audio Over 7,000 free audio files as of this writing, all well categorized and easy to navigate. Images

25 Excellent Ajax Techniques and Examples Ajax allows for rich-internet applications that mimic the responsiveness and complex user interfaces typically associated with desktop applications. Moving applications to the web browser opens many possibilities, including the ability to save user data, connecting with other users for collaboration and sharing, and making deployment and using the application easier since web browsers are standard-issue with most computers regardless of operating system. If you’re interested in expanding your understanding of Ajax techniques and practices, check out these 25 hand-picked Ajax articles and tutorials that outline various methods and concepts involved in the development of Ajax-based applications. Though most are geared for budding and intermediate developers, veterans might find a trick or two they haven’t encountered before. 1. Build a simple RSS reader that takes remote XML data from RSS feeds using Ajax, PHP, and MySQL. 2. Ajax Desktop demo 3. 4. 5. 6. Quick Calendar demo 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

16 Different Clones You Can Build with Drupal Drupal is an excellent choice for a content management system (CMS). However, many people only see it as a simple CMS, a site to build a landing page or two. But Drupal is much more than that. Not only is Drupal easy to theme, it’s got a wide range of built in functionality and a large community powering the popular CMS. One of the great things about Drupal is that you can build almost any sort of site that you can imagine, with the help of a couple modules. So, if you’re thinking about building your next big site, here are a few ways that you can take existing modules and turn a project quickly, without needing to make any custom modules. A quick note: I don’t think it’s a great idea to make exact clones of existing sites and slap a new name on them. 1. There’s plenty of Digg clone software out there, but it’s pretty simple to make a site that allows users to submit links to content, vote, comment and moderate the submitted links. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.

twistori Circos Table Viewer - Making Square Things Round Before uploading a data file, check the samples gallery to make sure that your data format is compatible. Your file must be plain text. Your data values must be non-negative integers. Data must be space-separated (one or more tab or space, which will be collapsed). No two rows or columns may have the same name. Need help? If you are using the size, order or color options below, make sure your input file has the appropriate content (see samples 5-9). Don't have a data file? Current load is 0/5. Do not use this tool on confidential, sensitive or otherwise expensive, inflammatory or incriminating information (use the offline tableviewer which has a tutorial). 9.oct.15 Updated to use Circos 0.68. 7.sep.12 Updated to use Circos 0.63. 12.mar.12 Updated sample images. 7.mar.12 Fixed cookie bugs. 14.feb.12 Fixed bugs caused by Mac and DOS line ends. 8.feb.12 Fixed bugs caused by stale cookies. 3.jan.12 More image settings. 6.aug.10 Added colored ribbon caps to indicate identity of distant segment.