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Fonts, Typography, Lettering, Design

Fonts, Typography, Lettering, Design
Type Design Finally Arrives at TED Well, that was rather unexpected. Yesterday the Twitterverse – by way of the inimitable Tobias Frere-Jones, type designer extraordinaire and (co-)creator of some of the most popular typefaces out there – alerted me to the fact that type design had indeed landed on planet TED. Living legend Matthew Carter is one of the very few (the only?) type designers to have worked in all technologies. He started cutting type in metal, then designed typefaces for every subsequent technology, and currently is at the forefront of digital type design optimised for on screen reading.

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The 75 Best Pictures of the 2013 Update: if you liked this post, you’ll adore our latest post on the 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places on Earth HERE. Following on from our very successful blog “100 of the Best Street Art Images of 2013″ (see HERE), we’ve widened the net and thanks to the guys over at Sifter, we bring you the Top 75 Pictures of 2013. All credit goes to the individual photographers and their inspiring visions of our beautiful planet. French Blast French Blast a French selection of blasts Archive Subscribe to RSS August 11, 2013 forfranzkafka:

Les Tops et les Flops de com’ de 2011 En com’ politique, comme en cinéma ou en musique, il y a des réussites, des surprises et des grosses gamelles. Pour terminer 2011 sur un clin d’oeil, Yes They Can a établi un classement des tops et des flops de l’année au niveau des opérations de com’. Ce hit-parade est totalement subjectif et on est certain qu’il suscitera de nombreux commentaires. Best Free Fonts of 2010 Last week we kicked off our “Best of 2010″ series by showing you the best free WordPress themes released in the past year. This week the focus is on fonts. There were a ton of remarkable free fonts put out in 2010, so it was very difficult picking our favorites. Illustrator CS6 Tutorials: 30+ Superb Tips & Tricks It has been three months since my last post on Illustrator tutorials titled: 30 Very Useful Illustrator CS5 Tutorials. Since then I have been scouring the web in search of fresh new Adobe Illustrator CS6 tutorials for you to try out. I am confident that these 30+ excellent Illustrator Tutorials will guide you in creating some of the most amazing Illustrations for your next project. Now the hard part will be deciding which one of these amazing tutorials you will use in your next creation.

Art Journal Every Day Q: How can I find all the previous Art Journal Every Day posts? A: Find them all listed by category and linked here. Q: What is Art Journal Every Day? A: Art Journal Every Day is weekly feature on this blog. Opinions on Corporate and Brand Identity Work UnderConsideration is a graphic design firm generating its own projects, initiatives, and content while taking on limited client work. Run by Bryony Gomez-Palacio and Armin Vit in Austin, TX. More… products we sell Flaunt: Designing effective, compelling and memorable portfolios of creative work.

Le débat du second tour, un rituel plus qu'un moment décisif Il n'a pas le monopole du vainqueur: parfois perçu comme décisif, surtout quand le nombre d'électeurs incertain est important, le débat des finalistes de la présidentielle, dont l'édition 2012 opposera François Hollande et Nicolas Sarkozy ce mercredi 2 mai, a pourtant un impact incertain sur le nom du futur président de la République. «Grand moment de campagne» et «sacre de la télévision politique», selon les mots de l'historien Michel Winock dans son essai La Mêlée présidentielle, oui. Moment où tout se joue, sans doute pas, malgré ce qu'en a écrit dans ses Mémoires son premier grand bénéficiaire supposé, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing: publicité «Je crois que j'ai été élu président de la République grâce à une phrase de dix mots: "Mais, Monsieur Mitterrand, vous n'avez pas le monopole du coeur!" Les études faites par les politologues de la campagne de 1974 ont abouti à la conclusion que la phrase que j'ai prononcée ce soir-là m'a fait gagner aux alentours de 500.000 voix.»

10 New High-Quality Free Fonts for Your Designs We’re always on the look out for high-quality freebies for our readers. Whether it’s Photoshop brushes or icons, we love finding top notch free files and sharing them with you. We do the searching so you don’t have to. Opera Australia on Behance Opera Australia is Australia’s national opera company and arts organisation. Each year it hosts over 600 performances in venues across Australia and Asia including Sydney Opera House and The Arts Centre Melbourne. Interbrand Sydney were asked to breathe new life into their brand to attract new audiences. A logo system that could open up opera was devised. From OA, to OPERA, to OPERA AUSTRALIA, the identity expands to contain the rich and diverse range of activities the organisation represents. 30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration The book "Unstuck" features 52 exercises, divided by time commitment, to help you beat creative block. Here we sample 5 for a work-week's worth of inspiration. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. No. 30 challenges you to shift your perspective to that of a beginner. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises.

Art Classes Online, Mixed Media Workshops Online Art Classes with Jane Davenport My wish for you, is your creativity to be roaring with confidence. My e-courses are so popular because I really can help make that happen for you. “If I only had time for that part of yourself”, you think. Time to doodle, draw, paint or journal. To just play. 7 Ways Doodling Will Change Your Life As Hilary Clinton sat listening to speeches on global security and the Middle East during a Security Council meeting at the U.N., she was seen scribbling furiously on her speech in front of her. Making last minute changes? Adding questions that needed answers? No, she was doodling. This was splashed across newspapers across the globe, shown as evidence of her lack of attention in such an important and complex meeting.