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Manage Projects For Free With Wunderlist For iPad Keeping your projects organized is hard; whether they’re for home, school, or work, projects tend to take on a life of their own. A good task manager can be essential to keeping the project moving, on time, and with a minimum of stress. wunderlist is available for the iPad, is free, and has some great features to boot, making it an obvious choice for many of us who need to manage our projects better. Once you’ve downloaded and installed wunderlist, it should open to a dual-paned view, with Lists on the left and tasks on the right. Tap the first task in the list, “Tap to edit me.” Add new tasks with a tap on the Add a new task input field at the top, or by tapping on the plus icon in the upper right. Adding new lists for task organization is easy as well, with a quick tap on the plus button above the Lists pane. Down near the bottom, you can sort the tasks you see with different filter buttons. If you give it a try, let us know what you think in the comments. Related

Typography Insight - New ways of learning&teaching typefaces Typography – Letterpress on your Iphone with LetterMpress Design is everything. Submit a post! = Follow Deals Mobile App About Rules Advertise Newsletter Art, Video Typography – Letterpress on your Iphone with LetterMpress Posted by French Graphism 576 Views View the video here. Spread your love! Loading... All the materials on this site are submitted by the readers. Rated 16+

Introducing Instapaper 4.0 for iPad and iPhone This is a big update. (Impatient? App Store link.) Navigation The iPad browsing interface has been completely redesigned to feel more at home in the iPad environment. The iPad list screen On iPhone, the navigation has also been unified and restyled: The iPhone list screens Reading The iPhone reading screens also no longer show the top status bar by default (but there’s an option to put it back). The iPhone reading screen (dark mode, right) Want to check the time periodically without leaving the status bar visible all the time? Articles from many sites now display the site title, author name, and published date when available: (Availability of author, title, and date information will increase over time.) The scroll bar on the right side is now draggable: simply touch the indicator for a moment to activate it, then drag to quickly scroll through an article. Reading at night in dark mode is now even better, because under iOS 5, Instapaper now supports true hardware brightness control. Wikipedia

29 Fantastic Transparent Business cards Marketing is a huge part of building any company. And with proper marketing comes human networking which often involves the exchange of the business card. These bits of paper often contain information about your website, phone number, e-mail address, and location of your company headquarters. Here are some valuable tips on how to improve your business card. Blerina Konci is one of the first publishers at B | Creative, who has contributed to build B | Creative.

EasyBib Fontographer The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing - Issue 16.4 July / August 2011 "Fontographer 5.1 is the best-in-class font editor, the flagship application that has launched a thousand faces (and more). Not only does it excel as a powerful and flexible font editor, it enables the serious typographer to customize their existing fonts, add new glyphs as needed; critically adjust kerning and spacing; convert old fonts to a new format; and more." ?Every design studio should have Fontographer 5 for its wealth of font creation, editing, fixing, and conversion abilities.? ? ? ? "Fontographer 5.0, a Font Software product from, gets a 5 Stars SoftSea Rating" ? "The new FOG5 is head-and-shoulders above my previous mainstay, FOG4.7. ? ? ?

On the verge! | Sensu Brush “The definitive paintbrush for iPad,” writes Ellis Hamburger of in their review of the Sensu brush. The Sensu Brush looks like a Space Pen, but when you pull off its cap, it reveals itself as a paint brush / stylus hybrid. Attach the cap to the stylus’ other side, and the tool instantly becomes the longest entry in my stylus round up. The Sensu is one many stylus that are reviewed, you can check the complete set of reviews here (To navigate between reviews use the links on the left).

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