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Inside Art: An Art History Game. Maps and More. Make Kids' Books Online For Free! Art Camp - Learn Together. Art Classes Online, Mixed Media Workshops. Online Art Classes with Jane Davenport My wish for you, is your creativity to be roaring with confidence.

Art Classes Online, Mixed Media Workshops

My e-courses are so popular because I really can help make that happen for you. “If I only had time for that part of yourself”, you think. Time to doodle, draw, paint or journal. To just play. Creativity isn’t far away, or outside of you, or laying somewhere forgotten. As a creativity expert who has guided thousands of women back to their art, It’s one of our first childhood joys. Each video Lesson in my classes features a new skill that is designed to build your creative confidence.As you move through the course from beginning to end, your skills and confidence will growand you will feel comfortable with the progression.My tutorials are created with high quality video and step by step instructions.

Choose the Starting Point that suits You: Draw Happy is a mini Workshop specially created for people who say “I can’t draw” . $35{click the image for more information} or purchase here: Bridie. The Black Vault. FlockDraw - Free Online Drawing Tool - Collaborative Group Whiteboard. ArtStation Challenges. Razorfish: The Agency for Marketing, Experience and Enterprise Design. 7 Ways Doodling Will Change Your Life. As Hilary Clinton sat listening to speeches on global security and the Middle East during a Security Council meeting at the U.N., she was seen scribbling furiously on her speech in front of her.

7 Ways Doodling Will Change Your Life

Making last minute changes? Adding questions that needed answers? No, she was doodling. This was splashed across newspapers across the globe, shown as evidence of her lack of attention in such an important and complex meeting. But just because she was doodling doesn’t mean she wasn’t listening, and it certainly doesn’t mean she wasn’t thinking. 01. You can think of your brain as treading a fine line between arousal and inactivity. When your brain has nothing to do, current research suggests that it goes into a default mode, enabling certain circuits that let it sit and wait for the next task without using up too much energy. They think that drawing can be used to communicate, to reason, to engage, and to learn.

Zentangle. Inte visste jag att det jag höll på med när jag pratade i telefon eller när jag satt och lyssnade på föreläsningar hade ett namn - Zentangle.


Det som är så häftigt med Zentangle är att det går att göra väldigt enkelt och det går att utveckla i oändlighet. Dessutom är det väldigt avstressande, nästan meditativt (därav namnet ZEN-tangle) De som "skapade" Zentangle. Har en sida som heter I grunden handlar det dessutom om mönster, något som jag som mattelärare också älskar. Det handlar om att utforska former, att vara kreativ och om att lyckas - och det är lätt att lyckas! Hur börjar man då? The Elements of Drawing. 30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration. The book "Unstuck" features 52 exercises, divided by time commitment, to help you beat creative block.

30 Days of Creativity Exercises & Design Inspiration

Here we sample 5 for a work-week's worth of inspiration. Creative Bliss is a web series that pools together 30 creativity exercises. No. 30 challenges you to shift your perspective to that of a beginner. Creative Bliss pools together 30 creativity exercises. Today, you're going to make your very own pattern, finding inspiration in the mundane. Quickposes: pose generator for figure & gesture drawing practice. Digital Drawing Tutorials and Reference. Free Drawing Lessons For The Absolute Beginner. Art Journal Every Day.

Q: How can I find all the previous Art Journal Every Day posts?

Art Journal Every Day

A: Find them all listed by category and linked here. Q: What is Art Journal Every Day? A: Art Journal Every Day is weekly feature on this blog. It appears every Friday. The Art Journal Every Day (AJED) posts are always art journal focused, though not necessarily focused on daily art journaling. Visual journals. Art Journal video #1 — Jane Davenport Blog. Art journaling as a creative process. The 75 Best Pictures of the 2013. Update: if you liked this post, you’ll adore our latest post on the 38 Most Haunting Abandoned Places on Earth HERE.

The 75 Best Pictures of the 2013

Following on from our very successful blog “100 of the Best Street Art Images of 2013″ (see HERE), we’ve widened the net and thanks to the guys over at Sifter, we bring you the Top 75 Pictures of 2013. All credit goes to the individual photographers and their inspiring visions of our beautiful planet. What’s your favorite?

Photograph by strummingmusic on Reddit Photograph by HALEY LUNA Photograph by HANS HANSEN Photograph by Capt. Photograph by Adam Klukowski (ENT108) | Photograph by JENNY DEAN. Sideshow World, Sideshow Pictures, Sideshow History, at Sideshow World. Create 3D type art using Photoshop CS5. Photoshop Tutorial: Layers & Layer Masks For Beginners. Fonts, Typography, Lettering, Design. Homepage.