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FREE TrueType and OpenType fonts - µfonts

FREE TrueType and OpenType fonts - µfonts
µfonts ... the biggest free true type font archive! µfonts hosts over 130,000 free to download true type fonts. Every font has a full details page with previews you can even preview your own text. Download fonts to use in your documents, presentations, print work, create titles or logos. With more then 130,000 True Type Fonts in a variety of styles and types, any font from the µfonts collection is just a click away. Not only does µfonts have the biggest selection of free fonts, µfonts also has a huge clipart collection.

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Free Helvetica Fonts The best website for free high-quality Helvetica fonts, with 17 free Helvetica fonts for immediate download, and 91 professional Helvetica fonts for the best price on the Web. Show 6 similar free Helvetica fonts… Please note: If you want to create professional printout, you should consider a commercial font. Free fonts often have not all characters and signs, and have no kerning pairs (Avenue ↔ A venue, Tea ↔ T ea). Check it for free with Typograph. WhatFont Tool - The easiest way to inspect fonts in webpages « Chengyin Liu ← Back to Chengyin's main page What is the easiest way to find out the fonts used in a webpage? Firebug or Webkit Inspector? No, that's too complicated. A History of Western Typefaces [INFOGRAPHIC] The Fontography Series is supported by, the easiest way to have an online meeting. lets you instantly share your screen with anyone, for free. Use it to collaborate, demo, show off — the possibilities are endless. Try it today.

arabic handwriting fonts very clear fonts for you Having unique fonts is great for making your documents look special or for putting a distinctive caption on a photograph, video clip and tattoo. arabic handwriting fonts are free downloadable and help you make unique fonts for any of your business or personal use. Size of all fonts here are small and if you have hundreds of fonts, you won't slowing down Windows, word processors, and other programs that use fonts. All arabic handwriting fonts here are compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. And here also gives you some other ideas about the arabic handwriting fonts, For example, arabic handwriting fonts management, convert the arabic handwriting fonts, or even you can create a new font like the arabic handwriting fonts. Best Free Font Management for arabic handwriting fontsFont Management is the software that you can use to browse and preview fonts and typically to install and uninstall fonts. Font management is not always as easy as a walk on the cake.

47 Top Typography Tools and Resources Typography is the foundation of design on the web. Back in 2006, designer and founder of iA Oliver Reichenstein even went so far as to proclaim "web design is 95% typography." It's imperative, then, to have a thorough, grounded education in optimizing and utilizing typography to create a balanced, harmonious, accessible hierarchy of content, when working on the web.

Blog About Infographics and Data Visualization - Cool Infographics Here are 44 Simple Daily Activities To Enjoy Your Work created by OfficeVibe to help keep the motivation high and add some fun back in your work day! You might think it’s a truism, but most people tend to forget this crucial fact:You should always make the effort to build good habits that will make you healthier, happier, and more productive over time.Also, when it comes to new habits, it’s important to remember that these are things to do for long term changes.This infographic will give you an overview of 44 habits to improve your productivity, your health and the overall quality of your workdays. A fun infographic for Friday! There is some fantastic information included in here. The topic choice will also have a long Online Lifespan, and has the potential to be relevant to readers for years. The design is visually very busy.

34 Free Arabic Fonts Available For Download I never thought searching for free arabic fonts could be so complicated but it was. I wanted a true arabic font, not the usual fonts with an arabic influence that you can find on all font sites and I hardly found a place where a large number of them can be found. I’ve put them in this article in case anyone else needs to download an arabic font for design projects or just to observe the arabic calligraphy. Andalus Arabic Typesetting A Nefel Adeti FontFriend – Soma Design FontFriend is a bookmarklet for typographically obsessed web designers. It enables rapid checking of fonts and font styles directly in the browser without editing code and refreshing pages, making it the ideal companion for creating CSS font stacks. 2.0’s killer feature is instant drag-and-drop font previewing right in the browser (Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 7+), in any document you’re currently viewing. Version 2.5 and 3.0 introduced some new features that aren’t documented here yet. Click the version numbers to see the release announcements for each.

Arabic Type and Typography – My Neue Helvetica Arabic is now released! This week has been great! I’m in London to meet with agencies and to promote a new typeface release. Meetings going great, and the big news is: Linotype has released my Neue Helveica Arabic. I’ll post more about the design of it later but here is a quick looky. Top Links to Fonts for Your Self-Published Book One of the most often-asked questions on the blog is: “What text font should I use for my book?” In fact, this question comes up so often I’ve written quite a few articles on the subject. But like most blogs, these posts can be hard to find in the dark reaches of the archives. After writing earlier this week about the posts with the most blog comments, I realized that I had never brought all these articles together in one place. To make up for that, and as a resource I can point to when people ask the question again about the best book font—certain to happen in the very near future—I’ve brought them all together here. If you’re working on your book design, or if you design books for other people, help yourself to some font goodness.

‘T’ Shirts by Masashi Kawamura *notcot in wearable , 15:50 Masashi Kawamura has found a beautiful way to mix typography and couture with the ‘T’ Shirt line. As his site describes so well - ‘T’ shirts are T shirts that was designed to have the silhouette of 5 famous typefaces; Helvetica, Caslon, Baskerville, Courier, and Cooper Black. In the world of typography, terms such as typeface, character, body, etc are used to describe the form of a letter. Arabic Unicode Fonts [ font samples | what's new? | related links | home | travel phrases ] Introduction Arabic Script Code Charts Scripts | Symbols | Notes Find chart by hex code: Related links: Name index Help & links Scripts Symbols and Punctuation