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kuler Codeacademy’s Free Kits Help Kids (and Educators) Learn to Code The Codeacademy office in New York Hoping to get students into coding? Enter Codecademy. The New York-based startup, which teaches users how to code through a free, interactive website, is now packaging its popular online lessons into free, bite-sized kits for teachers and librarians to launch their own mini-Codecademies in class or after school. “We know teachers are busy and we wanted to make it as easy as possible for them to do,” says Sasha Laundy, Codecademy’s curriculum strategist and a former physics and neuroscience high school teacher in San Francisco, CA. There are two different types of courses—a game-based one that teaches JavaScript and another that covers HTML and the CSS programming language, in which creators end up creating a website in a final exercise. Several hundred schools around the world have already requested the kits. “We would love to hear how this is working,” she says.

Bak Magazine | Interview with Emrah Yücel (Makale / Article) To this day, I had several opportunities to develop intimate relationships with many cities. First came cities of my country: Ankara and Istanbul, then London which had influenced and inspired me a lot, followed by the city that I left everything behind for to build a new life, New York and lastly the place where I’ve been living more than 12 years, Los Angeles...It is not only the nature what differentiates cities from each other and makes them irrevocable for us. Cities create their identities with the people who produce, consume and make decisions; thus creating a perception in our minds. Dirty Arabs, barbarian Turks, thieving Italians, arrogant French, stingy Jews, loud Americans... These are the stereotypes that result from our experiences or from our upbringing but we do not talk about it to avoid discrimination. Countries and cities create an identity and brand value with their people, geography, administration and economy. In fact, cities are like protagonists in the movies. 1.

Asociación Civil Software Libre Argentina En la reunión de la Cumbre Social del Mercosur que tuvo lugar ayer jueves 23 de julio de 2009 en Asunción (Paraguay), integrantes del gobierno y de organizaciones sociales de los países del bloque - reunidos por la temática "Nuevas Tecnologías de Información, Inclusión Digital y Educación" - acordaron la promoción del software libre a los gobiernos, en particular su inclusión a través de la educación pública. A continuación se transcribe le documento acordado: Mesa No 6: Nuevas Tecnologías de Información, Inclusión Digital y Educación En la ciudad de Asunción, Capital de la República del Paraguay a los veintitrés días del mes de julio del año dos mil nueve, en el local del PRODEPA KO`EPYAHU se desarrolla el Diálogo – Taller de la - Mesa No 6 “Nuevas Tecnologías de Información, Inclusión Digital y Educación” en el marco de la Cumbre Social del MERCOSUR 2009. En representación de Argentina hicieron uso de la palabra la Señoras Mary Sánchez y la Dra. - analfabetismo - repitencia

How To Organize Content - Card Sorting Wing06.pdf 文化藝術基金會入口網 Help Me Investigate | Find out the facts InfoDesign Portal: Info Design Resources Learnable Programming Here's a trick question: How do we get people to understand programming? Khan Academy recently launched an online environment for learning to program. It offers a set of tutorials based on the JavaScript and Processing languages, and features a "live coding" environment, where the program's output updates as the programmer types. Because my work was cited as an inspiration for the Khan system, I felt I should respond with two thoughts about learning: Programming is a way of thinking, not a rote skill. Thus, the goals of a programming system should be: to support and encourage powerful ways of thinkingto enable programmers to see and understand the execution of their programs A live-coding Processing environment addresses neither of these goals. Alan Perlis wrote, "To understand a program, you must become both the machine and the program." How do we get people to understand programming? We change programming. Contents A programming system has two parts. The language should provide: Wait.

文化部 - 業務說明-出版產業 出版產業以創作為導向,是知識產業。儘管科技的日新月異、載體的推陳出新,帶來新的傳播形式及閱讀體驗,而其 創作及編輯的本質是不變的,以「內容為王」的核心地位亦不會動搖,因此,提供出版產業所需的核心競爭力與基礎 ,讓文化創意產業中最根本的出版產業成為其他文創產業的內容源頭,有助提升整體文創產業之內涵。 歷史悠久之產業,面臨時代及環境之變遷,政府對出版產業之輔導與獎勵,亦應掌握創新的先機,並展現新思維及 新作法,除人才培育外,應協助業者進行產業升級,以厚植實力,期能藉由政府資金及施政的支持與配合,重振出版 業者的信心與動能,共同努力保持台灣在華文出版市場的優勢與領導地位,打造台灣為全球的華文出版中心,進而 增加彼等國際交流及開拓國際市場之機會,以提升我國出版產業在國際出版市場之地位。 (一)數位出版 (1)辦理99年及100年「數位出版產業前瞻研究補助計畫」,於99年輔導147家出版社、100年輔導124家出版社 進行數位化轉型,並分別完成3521本及814本電子書,除送國家圖書館典藏外,並授權公共圖書館使用。 (二)新聞紙雜誌 (1)辦理「金鼎獎」及周邊推廣閱讀相關活動: 100年金鼎獎計有雜誌類353件、圖書類802件參賽角逐21個獎項,另特別貢獻獎計有2人獲獎。 、墊腳石圖書、聯經出版等全省門市及博客來網路書店,共同推出金鼎好書展;並透過誠品文化藝術基金會的 行動圖書館,讓入圍及得獎作品深入台灣偏遠鄉鎮;此外,亦在誠品信義店舉辦6場講座,邀請得獎者分享創作經驗 與心得。 (2)補助雜誌業者辦理各項交流活動: 100年補助臺北市雜誌商業同業公會辦理第一屆雜誌生活節;另補助該公會辦理「開卷有益? 透過優惠價格鼓勵消費者訂購雜誌,進而促進社會大眾文化閱讀與消費;此外,亦補助雜誌業者組團赴印度參加國際 期刊協會年會,增進國內業者進行國際交流。 論壇會議」。 (3)100年8月召開臺灣新生報業股份有限公司股東清算大會,清算工作已接近完結,並已呈報法院正式清算完結 ,待提存作業完成,以及相關訴訟案件審結後,清算工作預計於101年正式結束。 (4)督導中央通訊社: 中央通訊社為國家通訊社,負有國內外新聞服務之重要功能,近年來該社因應媒體發展趨勢,積極推動改革,朝數位化 及國際化目標邁進,100年接連推出手機新聞、成立全新英、日文網站及影音新聞開播等,轉型成效顯著。 (三)圖書 (1)辦理中小學生優良課外讀物推介評選活動 產值。

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