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Week 13: Visuals for Presentation

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Visual Aids: Types of Visual Aids for Presentations. Visual aids provide several ways to communicate with an audience during a presentation.

Visual Aids: Types of Visual Aids for Presentations

They can supplement speeches and improve the success rate of the presentation. Prepare them well in advance, edit and proof them, and be sure to keep them neat and clean. Examples of visual aids include posters, videos, people, photographs and models. Before any presentation, make sure the room will provide or accommodate the necessary equipment and everyone who is attending. 1. Posters can include charts, graphs, tables or photographs. From Isqandar. 6 Presentation tips from a Steve Jobs keynote. Macobserver reported that Jobs's keynote Tuesday in San Francisco was not one of his "expectation-shattering presentations.

I learnt that Keeping the presentation simple works well to keep the audience with the topics being presented. – zhushengyiyu
One of the popular person, who set another benchmark for technology, has 6 tips for presentation. one of them were be stay enthusiasms – hameed96

" They quoted Your Mac Life host Shawn King saying that "Jobs's performance seemed a little off.

6 Presentation tips from a Steve Jobs keynote

" But as a commenter on the website said "...if Jobs had announced contact with an alien civilization, it wouldn't have 'shattered expectations.'" The downside of having a reputation for being "insanely great" at anything is that expectations will surely rise for you to top your last performance (your last product, your last album, your last book, etc.). This is a good problem to have, but it is a real challenge nonetheless. Product announcements aside, Jobs did a very good job on stage as usual Tuesday. 6 takeaways for aspiring presentersAs with all Steve Jobs presentations, there is much we can learn and apply to our own unique situation.

. (1) Develop rapport with the audience. More than just a "thanks for coming. " (2) Give them an idea of where you're going. This is damn frustrating to do........... How to Effectively Use Visuals. Humans are a visual species.

I have learn that human are visual person where the first impression counts. where we use visual to present our ideas to someone and therefore there are few things that makes the presentation uglier like for example full of bullet points and chunk texts within a slide. therefore we use visuals and we use them often and well. – hameed96

We like watching the sunset.

How to Effectively Use Visuals

We like watching the sunrise. We like looking at the stars and we like spotting a bright rainbow. We like how the leaves of trees change to bright reds, oranges and yellows in the fall. In short, we like beautiful things. Simplicity is key. If your presentation is much too dense, try simplifying it by limiting yourself to one word per slide until you have all your main points laid out.

Your visuals should compliment your presentation, not overshadow or underwhelm it. Using light text in a presentation.

The contrast in background and text colour allows viewers to see the information more easily – sophiatan

5 reasons why you have to use visual communication to succeed in presentation design 9 638.

The repetition of the word visuals help to emphasize the importance of visuals. Very Good! – jiawengoh
This is true. Since research has shown that 55% of our focus during presentation relies on visuals. – sophiatan

Some tips.

#7 is useful as many people do not number their pages and insert in appendix pointers which cause audience to be unsure. – nrllyna_
''Less is more''. Many of times we tend to stuff chunks of words and pictures into a slide without considering if that slide will turn up untidy and not difficult to comprehend. – pomtai

The Use of Visuals in Presentations.

The visual within the slides is catchy and different from the normal slides like the use of different text size and fonts. – hameed96
The visuals are a bit distracting for this presentation. Because the text are squeezed around the visuals making it messy. – jiawengoh
The website is good. It uses simple visuals and diagrams and little text to show the points – christopherlimkaien
I like how the information in this visuals are succinct. The sentences are short but yet to the point. – danettechoong
The visual is a summary of everything that we need to take note of while using visuals and acts a quick reference guide for easy access. – sophiatan
I like tip number one the most as it is a common mistake made by many people including me such as using multiple colors in one slide, using artsy fonts and having more than 7 lines per slide. – nrllyna_
I like the appropriateness of the colour contrast in this picture as it clearly shows how it breaks each subtopics up into tidy and digestible amount of words. – pomtai

6 Tips for Effective Visual Communication.