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Flowchart Software - Online Flow charts software service with Realtime collaboration [2.4-rlive, updated 2013/06/06 22:27 UTC]

Flowchart Software - Online Flow charts software service with Realtime collaboration [2.4-rlive, updated 2013/06/06 22:27 UTC]

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30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization There have never been more technologies available to collect, examine, and render data. Here are 30 different notable pieces of data visualization software good for any designer's repertoire. They're not just powerful; they're easy to use. In fact, most of these tools feature simple, point-and-click interfaces, and don’t require that you possess any particular coding knowledge or invest in any significant training.

Choisir un service de partage de documents en ligne Les services de partages de documents en ligne sont devenus des outils incontournables pour les entreprises et les professionnels indépendants. Qu'il s'agisse d'outils permettant de diffuser des documents à des fins marketing ou pour soigner son e-réputation, ou d'outils de productivité en mode collaboratif à usage interne, ils occupent une place de choix à l'heure de la mobilité et du boom des réseaux sociaux. Focus sur les fonctionnalités et les avantages de ces outils, avec une sélection des meilleurs d'entre eux. Plateforme de partage de documents : quels usages ? E-veille, e-réputation, e-commerce et marketing Pour les entreprises/professionnels qui ont une autorité dans leur domaine et veulent soigner leur image de marque en ligne, une plateforme de partages de contenus en ligne peut leur servir à :

Visual Thinking Evolution - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser Frise chrono (inscription) Turn Your Facebook Profile Into a Beautiful Visual Resume The time of infographic supremacy has perhaps fallen, as everyone and their mother seems to have taken to them like a fad. Because of this, TNW has all but banned infographics from our blog, since most of the time they end up being too heavily branded, self-promotional and poorly designed. Still, in our hearts, we haven’t forgotten that infographics are one of the most compelling ways to share information.

5 Great Online Tools for Creating Infographics Professional infographic designers rely primarily on a core vector graphics software program to create their infographics designs. The main advantage is that all the icons, charts, images, illustrations, and data visualizations are treated as separate objects that can be easily moved, resized, overlapped, and rotated. No matter where you create the individual design elements, the final infographic design is usually put together in a vector graphics program. Creating infographics using online tools has never been easier. In the last few years a number of online tools have emerged that allow anyone to create great visual content. Whether you are working on a project for work, personal use, or social media, each new project starts with a template.

PowerPoint Wireframe and Mockup Tool Ease of Use The success of PowerPoint is related closely to its ease of use and shallow learning curve. Even first-time users can create presentations from scratch within a couple of minutes. And if you ever get stuck with a PowerPoint problem, you will find plenty of websites and books offering help. One Tool for All

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