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The Best Architectural Drawings of 2018. The Best Architectural Drawings of 2018 With the mission of providing tools and inspiration to architects all around the world, ArchDaily’s curators are constantly searching for new projects, ideas and forms of expression.

The Best Architectural Drawings of 2018

For the past three years, ArchDaily has showcased the best discoveries of each year, and in keeping with tradition, we would like to share the best architecture drawings published throughout 2018. What is the role of contemporary drawing in architecture? We approach the definition of drawing as design itself. Drawings are used to explain principles, to deliver ideas, to construct new architecture, and to document creative processes.Below you will see the selection of drawings arranged under six categories: Context, Architectural Drawings, Sketches & Hand-drawn, Digital Collages, Conceptual Drawings & Diagrams and Animated Gifs.

We also invite you to review collections from previous years here or other drawing-related posts selected by our editors in the following link. 30 Projects Explained Through Architectural Gifs. Incredible map designs from around the world – in pictures. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2017. A Selection of Impressive Perspective Sections. A Selection of Impressive Perspective Sections The perspective section is an increasingly popular form of architectural representation, one that is most commonly used in architectural competitions since it allows a technical drawing to be mixed with an image, a section which allows one to easily express the qualities of the space designed in a two-dimensional drawing.

A Selection of Impressive Perspective Sections

Below, we have put together a selection of impressive perspective sections ranging from a realistic aesthetic to a line drawing by hand. Student Housing / República Portátil House & Atelier / Atelier Bow-Wow Public Pools for Juan Pablo II Municipality in Santiago / Sebastián Bravo, Miguel Casassus and Raúl Pacheco Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University / Diller Scofidio + Renfro Lonquimay Building / Espiral + Iglesis Prat Arquitectos. Google Traduttore. Young Architect Guide: 5 Ways to Tell Your Story Through Drawings Alone.

As all architects know, your project proposal is only as convincing as the drawings and models that you use to represent it, whether for your client, the planning committee of a town council or the judging panel of a design competition.

Young Architect Guide: 5 Ways to Tell Your Story Through Drawings Alone

While your ideas may be brilliant, they are only of value if you can communicate them convincingly to all of those different audiences, crafting an architectural narrative in a clear and compelling manner. We’ve talked about how architects can tell the story of their project through spoken or written presentations, but can mediums of visual communication speak louder than words? If you are as talented at drawing as A+Award-winner Jerome Ng, then sketches and illustrations can do just that.

Here are five techniques used by Ng in his project “Memento Mori: A Peckham Hospice Care Home” that show how you can tell the story of your project more powerfully then ever before. Section Section detail 1. Axonometric Axonometric detail 2. 3. 4. 5. Croquis Digital: La representación axonométrica por Fernando Neyra. 083_02 - Resultados de concursos. Segundo Premio.

083_02 - Resultados de concursos

The Best Architecture Drawings of 2016. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2016 Designing and building a project is a challenge in itself.

The Best Architecture Drawings of 2016

However, once the project is complete there are also challenges in expressing the project so that it can be understood by a new audience. This is especially true in digital media, where online readers don't necessarily spend the same time reading an article as in print media. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015 We believe good projects should be able to express and explain themselves.

The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015

Architectural representation plays a fundamental role in how a project is perceived by the audience, which is why today ArchDaily is recognizing the most outstanding, original and self explanatory drawings of the year. The selected drawings cover the diverse range of different techniques used in architectural representation today, from hand drawing images to perfectly detailed axonometrics and animated GIFs - but one thing they all have in common is the deep insights they provide into the appearance, construction or concept of the buildings they represent. Lifelike architectural representation, as we know it today, stems from Greco-Roman schematic representation, which was based on careful observation of natural forms. In the Renaissance, however, the techniques of the ancient civilizations were rediscovered and refined.


Modelo-Bring joy and efficiency to 3D design. Secuencia de Paisaje, PFC de Manuel Parrondo. Se trata de un Centro de Actividades Deportivas y Albergue en la orilla del Río Duero en la localidad de Toro (Zamora), obra de Manuel Parrondo que recibió la calificación de 9 en la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria.

Secuencia de Paisaje, PFC de Manuel Parrondo

Manuel actualmente trabaja en Shangai, si necesitaís contactar con él visitad su web A nivel urbano la estrategia se centra en recuperar el acceso histórico a Toro por el puente de piedra sobre el Río, y romper la barrera que supone la vía del tren. Esta barrera ha separado a Toro de su paisaje haciéndolo inaccesible. Para la recuperación de este paisaje se plantean diferentes sendas de arena y de madera con unos puntos de actividad como plataformas de pesca, de baño, lugares de descanso y artefactos de observación. La pieza que alberga el programa principal se compone de dos piezas paralelas al Río. Tdelgallego. 7 Ways to Use Animated GIFs to Improve Your Project Presentation. Young Architect Guide: How to Convince Your Audience With a Powerful Project Narrative. Whether written or verbal, the way architecture projects are described to an audience often comes together as an afterthought relative to the rest of the effort put into them.

Young Architect Guide: How to Convince Your Audience With a Powerful Project Narrative

Particularly in an educational setting, where every minute leading up to a review tends to be maximized with work on graphic materials, it can’t be stressed enough that a significant amount of time should be dedicated to designing a project’s presentation narrative. A lack of investment in this area risks an unclear or ineffective communication of the project to its audience, nearly invalidating all the graphic work put into it.

Approaches to presentation vary from person to person and are often highly individualized. This allows a great deal of creative control over the way projects are introduced, but for someone who may not have much experience or formal training in storytelling or public speaking, it can be impossible to even begin this task without a road map.