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Corbyn hit by mutiny on airstrikesTim Shipman, Sean Rayment, Richard Kerbaj and James LyonsHALF of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet are prepared to vote with David Cameron for airstrikes on...Published: 20 September 20152015-09-20 00:01:00true Top footballers suspected of steroid abuse InsightTHE most extensive doping study in football history has exposed significant levels of potential...Published: 20 September 20152015-09-20 00:01:00true Police drop Cliff Richard caseJames GillespieONE of the three investigations into alleged sex abuse by Sir Cliff Richard has been dropped by...Published: 20 September 20152015-09-20 00:01:00true Welby gives home to refugee familyNicholas Hellen, Social Affairs EditorJUSTIN Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, is to provide sanctuary to a family of Syrian...Published: 20 September 20152015-09-20 00:01:00true South Africa 32 Japan 34: Last-gasp Japan humiliate SpringboksMark PalmerA SUNNY evening in Brighton and a match to warm the spirits.

An Open Letter to David Cameron’s Parents « Nathaniel Tapley Image via Wikipedia Dear Mr & Mrs Cameron, Why did you never take the time to teach your child basic morality? DailyMotion Offering New Video Advertising Methods Dailymotion, one of the many YouTube-like embedded video websites, and one of the leaders of the pack in the second tier, announced today a number of video advertising options made available in addition to the companies existing ad formats. Toaster Ads are the first of the three new formats. This particular format gives advertisers the the ability to inject an animated flash mini-commercial overlay into Dailymotion's library of professional videos, similar to the popup advertisements on YouTube's player. They also introduced Home Theater ads, which are explained as being essentially a skin for the player that is hotlinked to the desired site of the advertiser. Finally, they now offer something called the 'companion logo' ad, which essentially creates a 3D logo that appears in the left corner for 10 seconds at the beginning of the video. Clicks to the logo will open in a new window, or they can be ignored.

Ситуация на Кипре - - сайт о меченых властью для тех, кто не до конца понимает что такое офшор, советую почитать: Андрей Шпак: Четыре мифа об офшорахАндрей ШпакVedomosti.ru24.01.2012Недавнее эмоциональное выступление премьер-министра Владимира Путина на съезде «Деловой России» активизировало в профессиональном сообществе, да и обществе в целом затихшую было дискуссию о границах допустимого налогового и юридического планирования с использованием иностранных компаний (так называемых офшоров). Дискуссия эта не нова и, то затихая, то снова активизируясь, продолжается в разных странах с переменным успехом с начала XX в., с того самого момента, как получило повсеместное распространение налогообложение доходов и прибыли. Вместе с тем, невзирая на длительную историю вопроса, судя по риторике в прессе, а также по моему опыту работы с российскими предпринимателями, многие из рассуждающих на эту тему находятся в плену разнообразных мифов о том, в каких случаях обоснованно использовать иностранные компании, а в каких – нет. Миф № 1.

Obama Grabs Headlines Obama Grabs News Headlines in the Americas - November 5, 2008 See More: Barack Obama Campaign Buttons | TV Calls the Election for Obama | Obama Headlines in America | Obama International Headlines | Obama Inauguration Headlines Next: International Headlines, November 6 >> Thanks for reading. Russia's small-scale organic agriculture model may hold the key to feeding the world Imagine living in a country where having the freedom to cultivate your own land, tax-free and without government interference, is not only common but also encouraged for the purpose of promoting individual sovereignty and strong, healthy communities. Now imagine that in this same country, nearly all of your neighbors also cultivate their own land as part of a vast network of decentralized, self-sustaining, independent "eco-villages" that produce more than enough food to feed the entire country. You might be thinking this sounds like some kind of utopian interpretation of historical America, but the country actually being described here is modern-day Russia. It turns out that Russia's current agricultural model is one that thrives as a result of the millions of small-scale, family-owned and -operated, organically-cultivated farms that together produce the vast majority of the food consumed throughout the country. Do Russians have more food freedom, independence than Americans?

Why the Spanish aren’t entrepreneurs Barcelona -- Generation Y in Spain isn't asking why, they're just floundering about. Sixty percent of the country's over-educated lost generation of university and master's graduates aged 30 and under aren't getting hired. With around 26 percent unemployment nationwide, these young adults are left to fight over unpaid internships and jobs beneath their experience levels, just to get something to put on their resume. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD,) 44 percent of the Spanish aged 25 to 29 that actually have jobs are working in ones that require lesser skills than they have. So with no families, no mortgages and little else to lose, why aren't more of them creating jobs for themselves?

Trends in Biochemical Sciences - (Glyco)sphingolipidology: an amazing challenge and opportunity for systems biology Sphingolipids are found in essentially all eukaryotes and in some prokaryotes and viruses, where they influence cell structure, signaling and interactions with the extracellular environment. Because of the combinatorial nature of their biosynthesis, the sphingolipidome comprises untold thousands of species that encompass bioactive backbones and complex phospho- and glycolipids. Mass spectrometry is able to analyze a growing fraction of the sphingolipidome and is beginning to provide information about localization.

Methane oxidation - Faculty of Science - Life Science Trace Gas Facility Methane is the third most important greenhouse gas, after CO2 and H2O. Moreover, takes the second place in the group of greenhouse gases which are seriously influenced by the anthropogenic activities. Its concentration has risen from 0.7 ppm in the pre-industrial period to 1.7 ppm, at present it is responsible for 20% of the radiative forcing. The contribution of rice paddies to the total emission of methane (530 Tg per year) is considerable but not known precisely.

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