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Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena Visualize This: An e-Patient’s Medical Life History The following was originally Katie McCurdy’s response to the excellent, ongoing discussion about the future for self-tracking. It’s too good not to elevate to a post of its own — Susannah.____________________________________________________________________________ Katie’s self-crafted medical timeline (Click to enlarge; see story below) There is some recent thought that self-tracking or data gathering is “a manifestation of our profound self-absorption.” For the past 20 years I have had Myasthenia Gravis, an autoimmune disease that causes weakness. As I was getting ready to see a new doctor, I realized that the best way to tell my story would be to create a medical “life story” timeline that reflected: The course of my autoimmune diseaseSeverity of my gastrointestinal problemsKey moments in time when I started and stopped certain medications or took antibioticsAny significant dietary changes Close-up of recent years showing relation of flare-ups (click to enlarge) More about me:

Stereomood The soul is bone 16th April 2014 Post with 3 notes Some Cemeteries Part II here 16th April 2014 Photo with 388 notes This is the colourful candy-striped land snail (Liguus virgineus), and it’s only found on Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba. Top photo credit: Miguel A. 16th April 2014 Photo with 158 notes Postmortem corneal clouding with tache noire. 16th April 2014 Photo with 282 notes The mineral heliotrope, also known as bloodstone, is a form of chalcedony. 16th April 2014 Photo with 153 notes A carcass of an elephant killed by poachers in a Kenyan wildlife reserve. Photo credit: David Sheldrick/Wildlife Trust 15th April 2014 Photo with 334 notes The Greater Adjutant (Leptoptilos dubius) is a member of the stork family, Ciconiidae. Photo credit: Ben Fitzgerald 15th April 2014 Photo with 695 notes The abandoned Bislingen mountain lodge in Norway stands empty on an icy mountainside, this abandoned ski lodge is being reclaimed by the frozen environment it was built to serve.

The top 100 sites on the internet Explore this interactive graphic to find out which are the biggest sites on the internet, as measured by the Nielsen company. This feature is part of SuperPower, a season of programmes exploring the power of the internet. About this data The data used to generate the interactive treemap visualisation were collected by the Nielsen company and covers the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, US and Australia. The figures represent unique users for the month of January 2010. The categories - such as retail, social networks, search/portal - were defined by the BBC. The maps were produced using the Prefuse Flare software, developed by the University of California Berkeley. Did you find this graphic useful? ertdfgcvb KrackPlot: social network visualization KrackPlot is a network visualization tool intended for social networks, and designed to be quick and easy to run, yet highly customizable. KrackPlot has been under development for many years. The current version, 4.3, is written in java, can read and write many graph formats and create resolution-independent output for Word or Powerpoint. Currently, we are researching ways to use motion in network visualizations to highlight changes in the network structure over time. Download You can download a self-installing version of the program for windows here. Documentation We are currently working on a new version of the manual that covers the more recent features of KrackPlot. You can find papers and articles about KrackPlot here. Gallery of images Here are some recent visualizations of network data created using KrackPlot, along with some explanations of the principle they illustrate, and how they were created. 1. This network has approximately 3000 nodes and the same number of links. 2. 3.

SytiNet - Le Blog Did you know | Die Startseite | Alles auf einen Klick Tony-b Machine 3 Open Cultuur Data » Ter inspiratie: 8 handige open source tools voor apps Voor hackers die van plan zijn om 13 oktober tijdens de hackathon in Rotterdam met de Open Cultuur Data datasets aan de slag te gaan, hebben wij in deze blogpost ter inspiratie een overzicht van acht handige open source tools gemaakt. Deze acht tools (in willekeurige volgorde) bieden misschien een handvat bij het bedenk van interessante toepassingen en het realiseren van werkende prototypes: Dus: Kies, installeer en inladen die Open Cultuur Data! Wij hopen dat jullie je voordeel kunnen doen met deze tips, maar voel je ook vooral vrij om andere tools te gebruiken of zelfs iets geheel anders op te zetten! UPDATE: Voor meer handige tools, zie het mooie overzicht van Open Data Nederland .

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