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Freedom of Information Act Gallery 2010 In recognition of Sunshine Week March 15-19, 2010 Introduction The Freedom of Information Act establishes a legal right for individuals to obtain records in the possession of government agencies. The FOIA is critical for the functioning of democratic government because it helps ensure that the public is fully informed about matters of public concern. A hallmark of the new surveillance measures proposed by various government agencies is their disregard for public accountability. Public access through the FOIA not only allows for a more informed public debate over new surveillance proposals, but also ensures accountability for government officials. Body Scanners Can Store Naked Images Through Freedom of Information Act litigation, EPIC obtained contracts and technical specifications for body scanners, machines used to perform digital strip searches of air travelers. Air Travelers Object to Digital Strip Searches Defense Department Pulls "Parental Control" Software After EPIC Complaint

All Voices Gun-death tally: Every American gun death since Newtown Sandy Hook shooting (INTERACTIVE) The answer to the simple question in that headline is surprisingly hard to come by. So Slate is collecting data for our crowdsourced interactive. This data is necessarily incomplete (click here to see why, and to learn more about @GunDeaths, the Twitter user who helped us create this interactive). Update, Dec. 31, 2013: After a year of gun deaths, Slate is retiring this project. Click a marker below to filter incidents by that location. © OpenStreetMap contributors Any Age Group Adult Teen Child Matched Deaths: 12,042 or more between Newtown and Dec. 31, 2013 Fetching latest data Show Methodology Each person under 13 years of age is designated "child"; from 13 to 17: "teen"; 18 and older: "adult." The same icons used to represent males is also used to represent individuals of unknown gender. The yellow and blue backgrounds represent alternating days. The information is collected by volunteers from news reports about the deaths. —Dan Kois, senior editor, Slate

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