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Infinite Ink: Writing and publishing about computing, mathematics, science, and philosophy ECN Researchers now able to stop, restart light By William J. Cromie Gazette Staff "Two years ago we slowed it down to 38 miles an hour; now we've been able to park it then bring it back up to full speed." Lene Hau isn't talking about a used motorbike, but about light – that ethereal, life-sustaining stuff that normally travels 93 million miles from the sun in about eight minutes. Less than five years ago, the speed of light was considered one of the universe's great constants. Albert Einstein theorized that light cannot travel faster than 186,282 miles per second. Hau, 41, a professor of physics at Harvard, admits that the famous genius would "probably be stunned" at the results of her experiments. "It's nifty to look into the chamber and see a clump of ultracold atoms floating there," Hau says. She and her team continued to tweak their system until they finally brought light to a complete stop. "We didn't have much contact," she notes, "just a few e-mails." Stopping cold Hau and her group then figured out a way to make it work.

Nerdcore - Tech/Science Drones play Music Youtube Direktdrones, via Laughing Squid Dronenmucke von KMel Robotics, klingt besser, als ich mir das vorgestellt hätte: „KMel Robotics presents a team of flying robots that have taken up new instruments to play some fresh […] Volumetric 3D Display Youtube Direktdisplay, via Prosthetic Knowledge Max Mali hat ein 3D-Display aus rotierenden LED-Stäben gebaut, animationsfähig und völlig awesome. Funktioniert so in etwa wie die bekannten Bike-Displays von Monkey Light, nur in 3D. Anti-Vandalism Surface based on the Bombardier Beetle „The bombardier beetle’s violent method self-defence can now be applied to defending bank cash machines, as explained in this study be researchers at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland.“ And Frank Drebin. C64-Demo in Space Tristar & Red Sector Incorporated haben am Wochenende auf der Revision Demoparty in Saarbrücken die erste C64-Demo in Space laufen lassen. Guardian launches Auto-Generated Newspaper Happy 25th, ゲームボーイ Gameboy! Star Trek Voyager VR

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