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Gold and Newspapers

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- Historic Gold Rush Village Mogo South Coast NSW Australia. The community, owners and staff of the Original Gold Rush Colony in Mogo (NSW South Coast Australia) have a wealth of information to share.

- Historic Gold Rush Village Mogo South Coast NSW Australia

The information has been gathered over time from their own research and experiences initially through the efforts of Bill Mitchell, Corey Peterson, Sam and Martyn Lloyd and Charlie Hyde, building on the base material provided by Ron Prior. As we gave information, so we received anecdotal input from passionate tourists. Many of our guests have had family who lived through this short Caucasian period of Australia's history. This has led to a collation of stories from the wider communities south of Sydney New South Wales - Batemans Bay, Nelligen, Araluen and surrounding South Coast regions and beyond to provide an on-line resource center. Search - Scootle. Gold, more than any other single factor, transformed the Australian colonies. 'Gold rush in the West' is an excerpt from 'Pipe dreams' (55 min), the second episode of a three-part series entitled 'Constructing Australia', produced in 2007.

Search - Scootle

~ GOLD ~ Home - Electronic Encyclopedia of Gold in Australia. Life on the goldfields Virtual Exhibition State Library of Victoria. History of Australia Online - Discovery of Gold in Australia. Australia 1851 was notable for the extension of representative Government to all the Australian colonies and for the first gold-field at Bathurst.

History of Australia Online - Discovery of Gold in Australia

Early Rumours of Gold: Specimens had been found by convicts; Count Strzelecki, Mr Clarke and Sir R. Murchinson expressed their belief that gold existed in Australia. Edward Hargraves 1851 : Hargraves, a Bathurst settler, returned from California, with a hunch about gold fields in Autralia. He eventually discovered a gold-field on Summerhill Creek, near the Macquarie river. Rush to the Gold Fields of Bathurst was at first checked by the reports of disappointed gold diggers, but afterwards increased by the finding of a nugget worth £4,000.

Government Gold Regulations : Commissioners were appointed to superintend the gold fields at Ophir, Braidwood and Maroo ;and thirty shillings per month were charged for miner's license. The Australian gold rush. JCF Johnson, A Game of Euchre, col. wood engraving, Australasian Sketcher Supplement [Melbourne], 25 December, 1876.

The Australian gold rush

Image courtesy of the National Library of Australia: nla.pic-an8927787. The gold rushes of the nineteenth century and the lives of those who worked the goldfields – known as 'diggers' – are etched into our national folklore. There is no doubt that the gold rushes had a huge effect on the Australian economy and our development as a nation. It is also true to say that those heady times had a profound impact on the national psyche. The camaraderie and 'mateship' that developed between diggers on the goldfields is still integral to how we – and others – perceive ourselves as Australians.

Indeed, mateship and defiance of authority have been central to the way our history has been told. Even today, nothing evokes more widespread national pride than groups of irreverent Aussie 'blokes' beating the English at cricket, or any other sport for that matter! 1911. This page was updated on 23 Nov 2012 to include the disclaimer below.


No other content in this article was affected.DISCLAIMER: Users are warned that historic issues of this publication may contain language or views which, reflecting the authors' attitudes or that of the period in which the item was written, may be considered to be inappropriate or offensive today. The discovery of gold in payable quantities was an epoch-making event in Australian history, for as one writer aptly phrases it, this event "precipitated Australia into nationhood. " A reference to the population figures prior and subsequent to the year 1851 amply demonstrates this fact. Thus on 3lst December, 1841, the population of the Commonwealth was only 220,9681; at the end of 1851 it was still under half a million, viz., 437,6651, while by the end of 1861 the had reached 1,168,1491 persons, that is, the population had quintupled itself in twenty years.

A short account of the chief discoveries in each State is appended:- Search results for '' - Digitised newspapers and more. iPad Keynote Newspaper Templates. Students use ready made Keynote templates to create their own newspage.

iPad Keynote Newspaper Templates

Students add their own newspaper name, news headline, articles and images. These templates are compatible with iPad and iWork Keynote '09 for Macs. These templates can used for kid's news stories, movie reviews, music reviews, field trip reporting and more. Grade 2 and up iPad Keynote NewspaperTemplate Downloads: Ignore Safari (on iPads) if it says it cannot open the page. Just click ok and then click the template file on the page that appears. It will download and open the keynote file.

These templates will also work in iWork Keynote '09 on Macs. Download: ipad-newspaper-template-yellow Download these templates from your ipad. This Is How to Search Google's Scanned Newspaper Archives. Do you know that Google has a newspaper search archive hat embeds copies of papers dating back to the 19th century ?

This Is How to Search Google's Scanned Newspaper Archives

Google search anthropologist Daniel Russell has recently covered this in one of his blog posts and has also provided some interesting tips on how to search Google newspaper archive and below are some of ways you can use in this search. To search Google Newspaper archive, you need to head out to. Home - Crinkling News.