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Locandine di film e dei loro remake, a confronto. Behance. Perché i poster dei film italiani sono tutti uguali? Via - Che film andiamo vedere stasera?

Perché i poster dei film italiani sono tutti uguali?

Se non abitassi di fronte ad un cinema, forse non me ne sarei mai accorto. Avrei semplicemente pensato che la tale commedia è andata talmente bene da meritarsi una programmazione annuale. Invece, curioso, mi affaccio alla finestra tutte le volte che vengono cambiati i poster dei film e non posso non notare con una certa perplessità che i film cambiano tutte le settimane, mentre il poster rimane pressappoco lo stesso. via Le caratteristiche sono quelle: sfondo bianco, faccioni degli attori in posa, il titolo del film scritto di solito in rosso con un font fuori moda.

Locandine senza titolo: indovina il film - Spettacoli. Minimalist Toblerone Movie Posters – Fubiz Media. Poster che spoilerano il finale di film famosi. Cinephile Kits on Behance. I migliori poster cinematografici del 2014. Visual: movie poster color schemes, from 1914 to 2012. Illustrators create wonderful new film posters for Somerset House's summer screenings. Recomposed Classic Movie Posters. La graphiste française Flore Maquin recrée des posters numériques de films célèbres avec une patte bien à elle.

Recomposed Classic Movie Posters

Le plus souvent elle se concentre sur un personnage et livre un portrait presque pictural de ce dernier. Elle réalise un gros travail sur les contrastes, les reflets et les couleurs ainsi que sur la typographie des titres. Famous Movie Icons Poster. Le graphiste Rodrigo Gafa a imaginé un grand poster intitulé « Long Shadow Icons » sur lequel il fait figurer des films très connus sous la forme d’icônes.

Famous Movie Icons Poster

Il s’est inspiré du « flat design » de Saul Bass pour le travail autour de l’iconographie. On retrouve des films tels que Shining, Despicable Me, Cast Away, Old Boy et Star Wars. Posters of Star Wars Characters Colors. Le graphiste Nick Barclay, dont nous avons déjà parlé à maintes reprises, revient avec la série de posters « 3 Colour Star Wars », consacrés à la saga Star Wars et aux trois couleurs qui définissent chaque personnage, à la manière de pantones graphiques et géométriques.

Posters of Star Wars Characters Colors

La série complète est à découvrir dans la suite. Rejected ‘The Shining’ Poster Designs From Saul Bass, With Stanley Kubrick’s Notes. Either left with no option by the studio, or simply a lack of expertise in the field, most directors aren’t heavily involved in the marketing of their films.

Rejected ‘The Shining’ Poster Designs From Saul Bass, With Stanley Kubrick’s Notes

When it comes to Stanley Kubrick, as one might expect, he didn’t fall into that category. Once he was able to (fairly quickly) cement his status as an unparalleled auteur, he had a hand in every aspect of his films, from development to exhibition (going as far as selecting a list of theaters he’d want his films to play in). This was certainly the case with his 1980 psychological horror feature The Shining and now we’ve got a peek behind the process thanks to the currently touring Stanley Kubrick exhibition. After working with Saul Bass on storyboards for Spartacus, Kubrick got in touch with the designer some 20 years later to design the poster for his Stephen King adaptation. While the final result is the iconic, yellow one-sheet, there was a number of iterations, and we can now see the rejected ones.

The Art House: The Beautiful Movie Posters of Post-War Germany. Imagine a time and a place where normal marketing methods didn’t dictate process, where the goal of making a poster was to reach an audience who were actually interested in film.

The Art House: The Beautiful Movie Posters of Post-War Germany

Reaching people with an idea is what mattered, not whether something should be redder or bigger or isolate every single last supporting character from an upcoming blockbuster. Production costs and techniques may have been limited, but those restrictions bore a well of creativity. From the early 1950s until the late 1970s, such a place existed in a briskly evolving Europe. 20 famose locandine ripensate dai fan della rete. Fantastic Polish movie posters of well-known American films. Rosemary’s Baby by Andrzej Pągowski, 1968 I’m really digging these Polish movie posters of American films… especially the one for Rosemary’s Baby which is pictured above.

Fantastic Polish movie posters of well-known American films

I found a few of them perplexing, though. Like the one for Terms of Endearment. Il design del porno. Summaries of Pop Culture Movies in Pictogram Posters. Le graphiste suédois Viktor Hertz s’est lancé dans un nouveau projet d’affiches de films qui rend hommage à la pop-culture.

Summaries of Pop Culture Movies in Pictogram Posters

A travers deux encadrés et des personnages en pictogrammes, le poster résume des classiques tels que Forrest Gump, quelques Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Fight Club et The Big Lebowski. Il vous reste un mois pour soutenir ce projet sur Kickstarter. Illustrated Posters Celebrating Famous Movie Directors. Untitled Famous Movie Posters. Dans sa série nommée « Arrête ton cinéma », le directeur artistique français Madani Bendjellal a revisité les posters de films iconiques, en retouchant et supprimant les titres originaux.

Untitled Famous Movie Posters

Mettant à rude épreuve la culture cinématographique de chacun, ces affiches mystères sont également un beau moyen de mettre en valeur la direction artistique des images. 127 Hours. 50 artists reimagine classic film posters. The Best Movie Posters of 2014. The 100 Best Movie Posters of the Past 100 Years. Movie posters help sell tickets, but they’re also an art unto themselves, whether they hint at the plot, highlight the stars or just offer an abstract representation of a key moment in the film.

The 100 Best Movie Posters of the Past 100 Years

We looked at the best poster for each year of the past century. That meant leaving off of some classics, but offering look through movie-poster history. Fox Searchlight & Birdman Contest. Graphic Movie Posters in Circles. Nick Barclay, dont nous avons déjà beaucoup parlé, revient avec une série des posters consacrés à l’univers de la pop culture et du cinéma. Il a décidé de repenser les affiches de célèbres films rien qu’avec des cercles : Dracula, Forrest Gump, Harry Potter, Matrix ou encore Pulp Fiction, à découvrir en images. 101 Dalmatians. 2001 : A Space Odyssey.

Deer Hunter. Dracula. Locandine minimaliste: riesci a indovinare il film? Ecco le locandine create da Atipo con semplici cartoncini colorati per rappresentare alcune pietre miliari del cinema Pubblicato Indizio: stando al film, la locandina finirebbe tornando albero (2008) “Less is more” amava ripetere Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, padre dell’architettura moderna. Una lezione che i designer internazionali hanno portato avanti sin dagli Anni ’60, momento d’oro del minimalismo, fino ad oggi.

Papeles de cine. Papers for Characters. Voici une campagne de promotion pour la publicité « Gallery of papers » réalisée par atipo. Cette boite réalisées en édition limitée regroupe 15 créations papiers représentant 15 films célèbres. I minimal poster "ingabbiati" di Krasnipolski. Stanley Kubrick pictogram movie posters. Brief: Create artworks incorporating Ray-Ban Aviators, to be published on Ray-Ban's official Facebook page.

These pictogram portraits were a part of Ray-Ban's 'Aviator Family' campaign (#AviatorFamily). Graphic Design2014 Client: Ray-BanBrief: Create artworks that somehow depict iconic people and famous characters that have been wearing Ray-Ban Aviators. The portraits were to be displayed in the Sunglass Hut store in Covent Garden, London, from March to April 2014. Artworks by Viktor Hertz © 2014 Photos by Ray-Ban © 2014Advertising, Graphic Design, Illustration2014 Official poster for Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2013. My contribution to the "Mind Blowing Color Competition".Digital Imaging, Graphic Design2010. Film famosi tradotti in disegnini. Movies Hipster Kits (2) on Behance. Behance.