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Textures library - free surfaces for 3ds Max, LightWave

Textures library - free surfaces for 3ds Max, LightWave

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50 Best Photoshop Photo Effects Tutorials I’ve collected 50 best Photoshop photo effects tutorials that will inspire and help you to master Photoshop photo effects . Even If you don’t like the final outcomes I’m sure you’ll find some cool techniques to do certain photoshop photo effects in these tutorials. So here we go in no particular order 1. Create a Devastating Twister With Photo Manipulation Techniques 2. Useful Free Web UI Elements PSD Packs Everyone Likes Freebies, and when those freebies saves you a lot of time they surely become priceless and worth a mention, and we are here with a neat and useful roundup of all the web UI Elements every designer/web developer must download. Nothing more useful than saving some time which you were going to spend designing these. Need more? check out other GUI and PSD freebies. Know of any other freebies?

Cool Typography with the Blend Tool in Illustrator I have written some Illustrator tutorials in which I've used the Blend Tool to create swirls and other shapes, but I have never used it to create a text effect. Then we received this email suggestion from one of our readers quite a few months ago asking us how to create that effect. I really like the text effect and decided to give it a try. s Free Texture Library Buy Every Texture Buy every texture on this website for only $33. Bulk Downloading Please don't try to download every texture, our server will automatically block you. The download limit is 20 textures every day (per IP address - you may be sharing this with others).

Anatomy of a Web Design Client Share this infographic on your site! <a href=" src=" alt="Anatomy of a Web Design Client" width="500" border="0" /></a><br />From: <a href=" Web Design Schools</a> Embed this infographic on your site! <a href=" src=" alt="Anatomy of a Web Design Client" width="500" border="0" /></a><br />From: <a href=" Anatomy of a Web Design Client

TextRoom TextRoom is a room of your own. Read GPLv3 It is a free (as in freedom and free beer) full screen text editor developed with especially writers in mind. TextRoom and all other similar editors share one goal: to get you writing right away by providing distraction free environment to your liking, as well as familiar set of keyboard shortcuts to control its behavior. If you don't feel comfortable already with your editor of choice, you may find it useful. Works on Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora and other Linux distributions. 40+ Various High Quality Free Paper Patterns and Textures Resources September 2, 2010 Paper will never leave our lives, no matter how digitized we get. Its potential for beauty is celebrated in many designs today, whether in textures, layers, or other additional effects.

DownloadHelper - Video download browser extension ConversionADP aggregation Remember you get the most out of Video DownloadHelper by registering a license Vidine Manage your collections of downloaded videos with thumbnails and metadata Kiva 708 Video DownloadHelper users lent $72150 to real people 2115 projects. Video DownloadHelper is also available for Chrome On March 24th, YouTube made some changes causing Video DownloadHelper not to recognize some videos when logged in. We provided a fix for that within 24 hours under the form of a beta version of the add-on.

30 Useful Web-Based Applications for Designers A web application is an application that is accessed via a web browser over a network. They may also mean a computer software application that is hosted in a browser-controlled environment or coded in a browser-supported language (such as JavaScript, combined with a browser-rendered markup language like HTML) and reliant on a common web browser to render the application executable. With the help of these free web-based online applications you can make your work even easier than before. Web based applications are good alternatives to costly software for sure. Instead of buying costly software , you can make use of these online tools to do your design and development work. Nothing can be more useful than handy tools you can use in your design process.

Typography: software, sites, tools, tutorials... - CrystalXP A few month ago we saw typographic art through a selection from Abduzeedo (click here for reading the article). Well, today I suggest you to continue our selection of graphics resources in order to help you to make nice creations where typography plays a large part : avatars, signatures, wallpapers, design of your web site or blog, posters, logos... Here is a non exhaustive list of web sites that offer many fonts with different styles to help you to realize your projects. - Dafont - FontCubes - fontex

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