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40 Handwriting Free Fonts Every Designer Must Have. Articles, Resources September 6, 2012 Picking up the right typography is one of the most critical aspects in making a successful design.

40 Handwriting Free Fonts Every Designer Must Have

Most designers today are taking the risk of going out of the box in terms of choosing the right font style in their projects. Customization and having a unique look that stands out among other designs is one effective concept we always see on prints, websites, motion pictures, advertising and other fields of the graphic design industry. One way in achieving this customization concept is for a designer to look for a unique typography. Handwriting transformed into incredible font styles are often used. Jennifer’s Hand Writing Font (Download Source) Curly Joe (Download Source) Daniel (Download Source) Kim’s Hand (Download Source) Gong! Jenna Sue (Download Source) Journal (Download Source) Throw My Hands Up In The Air (Download Source) TrashHand (Download Source) Christopher Hand (Download Source) Soft Sugar (Download Source) 28 High Quality Fresh Free Fonts.

Some beautiful free fonts are available in some popular resources.

28 High Quality Fresh Free Fonts

We today gathered some clean and easy to read fonts. This collection is 28 High Quality Fresh Free Fonts. Download TTF Clarification regarding the EULA can be found in this thread answered by the originators of the font. Download TTF This is version 1.2 Download TTF Download OTF Comfortaa. 10 sketchy fonts for web designers. Not that long ago I was looking for some nice sketchy font to use in my project.

10 sketchy fonts for web designers

There are not so many good quality sketchy fonts so I am sharing with you ten of them I liked the most. Caitlyn Sketchy Sketch Rockwell Mia's Scribblings FFF Tusj Pointy Urban Sketch Karabine Kraboudja Sketchy font, you guess, fits well with paper textures. Most Popular Lately (1000 free fonts. 11 Font Cheat Sheets And Infographics. February 21st, 2011 by aditia rahman / No Comments This post is a collection of cheatsheets and infographics about fonts, that I found out there, they are really useful to help us to better understanding about font, especially for web designer who love using many fonts as their design part.

11 Font Cheat Sheets And Infographics

The Origins of the World’s Most Important Typefaces [ Link ] Web Safe Fonts Cheat Sheet v.3 [ Link ] So You Need A Typefaces? [ Link ] The Evolution Of Typhography [ Link ] The Font Anatomy [ Link ] Periodic Table of Typefaces [ Link ] Mixing Typefaces [ Link ] 19 Top Fonts in 19 Top Combinations [ Link ] Wordle Font Chart [ Link ] Symbol Font [ Link ] Visibone Web Designer Font Chart [ Link ] View All Fonts. Browse Fonts. Frustro: the impossible typeface. Based on the illusion of the Penrose triangle, the type appears to be facing two different directions simultaneously.

Frustro: the impossible typeface

It plays with perspective in a way that makes the typeface look impossible. An excellent project by hungarian designer Martzi Hegedüs. WhatTheFont! ZeroBundle: A great bundle of freebies for designers! 20 Free Fonts Ideal For Logos And Headings. Resources - Stencil Revolution. 100 Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library.

Fonts have already been among the essential materials used by designers.

100 Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library

Whether it is a web design project or a logo design – font is the element, capable of attracting people’s attention, rendering the key idea, and communicating the necessary message. That is why, thousands of free fonts reside today in multiple online font repositories. Below we are introducing a collection of 100 free fonts, which represent vividly only some of the most significant trends in typography, however all of these fonts feature really unique and fresh designs.

Clean fonts contain the samples of free fonts of the sans serif family with classic proportions, distinct lines, and clean backgrounds. Fancy fonts introduce multiple decorative elements, used in typography – from curly fonts to eroded and distorted ones. 1. Delicious-Roman DiavloBook-Regular HattoriHanzo-LightItalic LT Oksana Bold Champagne & Limousines Vegur-Regular Caviar Dreams Bold Ageone Aldo SemiBold Zrnic Zero Threes Yanone Kaffeesatz Regular Mabella 2.

15 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Next Design.