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Ginormous text tutorial Here is a repost of The Text Tutorial, requested by about a gazillion people. We will be going over the different methods of using text in Photoshop and in GIMP, effects you can use to make text look better or more readable, and you can download some of my favorite fonts here. :) Apologies for any mistakes - please correct me if you find them - and I hope this helps! Program(s)+version: Photoshop CS3, GIMPInvolves: Text tools, layer stylesTranslatable: Yes, mostlySteps: This tutorial doesn't show how to get from point A to point B, so there aren't really steps...Difficulty: Beginning/Intermediate Text in Photoshop This is Photoshop's Character box. First row (helpful location screencap) First is the menu where it says "Arial Black" at the top. Next to the "Arial Black" box it says "Regular." becs1024 says: "it's a bit of a faux-pas to click the "bold" button and have Photoshop artificially bold a word if a bold version of the typeface is available under that drop-down menu. Examples: Right.

Glossaire typo Angle d’empattement [fillet] Liaison plus ou moins incurvée entre l’empattement et le fût. Axe oblique [stress] Inclinaison suggérée par la relation entre les pleins et les déliés. Il est le plus souvent vertical ou oblique. Boucle [goutte, loop] Partie du ‘g’ qui descend sous la ligne de pied. Contrepoinçon [counter] Espace blanc à partiellement ou totalement enclos à l’intérieur de la panse d’un caractère. Corps [force de corps, type size] Taille d’un caractère, exprimée généralement en points typographiques ou en dixièmes de millimètres. Délié [thin stroke, hairline] Partie plus fine du caractère. Délié de jonction [link] Trait fin qui relie par exemple la panse du ‘g’ à sa boucle. Diagonale [branche, leg pour le ‘k’, stem sinon] Partie inclinée d’un caractère. Empattement [serif] Petit trait qui prolonge les extrémités des traits droits et obliques des lettres ; en général perpendiculaire à ces derniers. Panse [rondeur, bowl] Trait courbé ou ovale qui renferme le contrepoinçon.

Fonts Archives If you are looking to write some thing with the assistance of any electronic device for example mobile, computers or tablet, you will definitely in the search of some kind of useful font that can be utilized in a tactful manner. By the word of font, we mean a pattern, the type of which is specific or we can say that it is basically a writing method available in the form of a structure made up of accurate and exact in size, appropriate and proper in shape and distinctive in manner for the key reason of making the format of any kind of piece of writing on the whole. The feature of font is accessible only for the virtual type of written material that can be created with the help of some sort of input device just like the usage of keyboard which is the input tool of PC.

Good typography Code typo • La typo de A à Z Quelques mots ou expressions souvent rencontrés dans la profession réunis ici sous forme d’abécédaire. Choisissez votre rubrique par ordre alphabétique : • Les erreurs les plus fréquentes Doit-on accentuer les capitales ? • Les règles typo Au fur et à mesure de leur rédaction, nous vous proposons les règles typographiques les plus courantes.

20 Big and Bold Free Fonts for Beautiful Typography While some of the default operating system fonts will work for design purposes, when it comes to big and bold typography, you’ll have to go outside the standard fonts. Bold fonts can draw the viewer’s attention and create a powerful visual impact for web design, print design and advertising. We’ve gathered up 20 big and bold free fonts that will add a powerful impact for your designs, and best of all, they’re free to use so you can download them and start using them right away. Be sure to read each font’s licensing agreement, as some are free for commercial and noncommercial use, while others are just for noncommercial use. Code Free Font Franchise AkaChen Bebas Days Typeface Diogene Bold Nevis Romeral Insolent Delicious Heavy Gnuolane Fertigo Pro Liberation Sans Alte Haas Grotesk Coolvetica Telegraphico League Gothic Hit the Road Old Sans Black