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Font Engineering. Medieval Unicode Font Initiative. At the MUFI group meeting in Bergen 7–8 April 2011, a number of characters in the pipeline discussed for inclusion in the next version (4.0) of the MUFI character recommendation.

Medieval Unicode Font Initiative

They have been listed below, divided into four major categories. Pythonwiki - documentación. Hay una gran cantidad de tutoriales y documentación, en general, sobre Python.

pythonwiki - documentación

Taller de tipografía digital. 0 Introducción. En unostiposduros hemos recibido multitud de correos solicitándonos información sobre la creación de tipografías digitales.

Taller de tipografía digital. 0 Introducción

Así hemos podido constatar que la documentación disponible en castellano sobre este tema es realmente escasa. Es por esto, que hemos decidido incorporar a los contenidos de este sitio un curso práctico de creación de tipografías en la confianza de que será de interés para todos vosotros. En el mismo, pretendemos aunar la teoría y la práctica ya que pensamos que tan importante como saber manejar el programa con el que vamos a crear nuestras tipografías, es conocer los puntos claves en los que se sustenta un buen diseño tipográfico, sobre todo en aspectos cruciales como pueden ser la legibilidad, el correcto espaciado o las proporciones de los caracteres.

Figura 1 . Ventana del programa Fontlab. Bezier Curves and Type Design: A Tutorial. Natlang Uses of Diacritics in the Latin Alphabet - FrathWiki. This is a collection of articles that list different uses of diacritical marks that have natlang precedence.

Natlang Uses of Diacritics in the Latin Alphabet - FrathWiki

Conlangers can use this to find inspiration for their own conlang's orthography or transliteration. These articles could also be used as reference for those designing a keyboard layout. Conlangs and transcription systems are also included in these articles. If you want to contribute with your own conlangs, or natlang examples, please read first the design guidelines on the talk page. Layout Overview.

200ChinasHieroglyphs. GreekGuide. Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) By David Březina The globalization of the type market and rising interest in multilingual typeface design is a source of great optimism among many typographers.

Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT)

Yet despite the proliferation of these beautiful new typefaces, many still do not support some European languages, let alone cater for African and Asian languages. A script to delete small contours - Python scripting - FontLab Forum. Here's what I came up with.

A script to delete small contours - Python scripting - FontLab Forum

Not elegant, but it works well enough to save some time. -Tiro Typeworks : Huronia. Fonts } Huronia Many languages have been ignored by the typographic community.

-Tiro Typeworks : Huronia

Typography. Flawless Typography Checklist · Typewolf. Brioso Pro™ OpenType Variable Fonts: Moving Right Along. The OpenType Font Variations format includes a broad range of standard variables: weights from heavy to light, widths from wide to narrow, optical sizes from small to large, contrast, serif slope, and a few others which are currently on the drawing board.

OpenType Variable Fonts: Moving Right Along

This demo variation font includes a “Weight” axis that lightens without change horizontally or vertically, to the white space, and darkens the same way, without decreasing the white space, just changing the black, and the widths of the glyphs. (figure 1) Amstelvar also contains a “Width” axis, that reduces the transparent (white) shapes and spaces of the letters only, leaving the opaque (black) to the variations of the weight axis alone. Chiripa. Typography - How does random choice of alternate characters work in OpenType fonts? I have a question similar to “Writing text with character variations”: I would like to create a casual hand-written-style font, that reproduces the natural variety between occurrences of the same glyph that one find in handwritten text.

typography - How does random choice of alternate characters work in OpenType fonts?

Contextual alternatives are good, but from what I understand they are mostly appropriate for letters linking together than for a script where all letters are separated by whitespace. One of the answers to the above-linked question says (emphasis is mine): While you'd normally have only a few letters with a contextual alternate, it's theoretically possible to have several forms per letter. But I don't believe you can really randomise their appearance, only cycle through them (so, if you had three forms of 'a', they'd be used in sequence and start repeating in 'the black cat sat on the mat')

Whoever Said Sans Serifs Were the Best Digital Typefaces?Eye on Design. Our weekly look at a favorite new typeface.

Whoever Said Sans Serifs Were the Best Digital Typefaces?Eye on Design

Share yours with us on Twitter @AIGAeyeondesign and Instagram @AIGAeyeondesign with #TypeTuesday. Name: PortadaDesigners: Veronika Burian and José ScaglioneFoundry: Type-TogetherRelease Date: September 2016 Courtesy Type-Today. Back story: When it comes to restrictive screen and digital environments, designers typically favor the increased legibility of sans serif. Tabla de caracteres Unicode® Just Another Foundry – Just Another Test Text Generator. Choose a specific language, ready-made mixtures or mix your own cocktail. If you want purely one language be sure to uncheck all other languages, including multi, neutral and abstract. Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) The Renaissance affected change in every sphere of life, but perhaps one of its most enduring legacies are the letterforms it bequeathed to us.

How Typography Can Save Your Life. The Calligraphy of Alice by The Kelly-Winterton Press. Untypical Types. Domestika. Schriftgießerei Rainer Gerstenberg - Bleischriften, Haas Prägetypen und Kurztypen. Bold Monday - independent font foundry of high quality type. Itaca.