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Scorpion dagger

Scorpion dagger
figure i should re-post these, seeing as it’s Back to The Future day. attn: canadians. don’t forget to vote! here’s another gif i made for 4newswall – check ‘em out. i’ll be making gifs over at the 4newswall for the next couple of weeks. check ‘em out.

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Miranda July, Craigslist Reseller Last week, I attended the opening for Miranda July’s new project, “It Chooses You,” a store based on her new book (published by McSweeney’s) of the same name. The store, at Partner’s and Spade in SoHo, is an exercise in buying belongings from New York-area Craigslist sellers and reselling the contents for the exact same price. Examples varied from an entire drum kit to a pair of small deer hooves. July, who was recently profiled in the magazine, interviewed all the sellers and repackaged the goods with interviews attached. Museum GIFs peacewhip: Gif of busts at Huntington in California Female Votive Head to DionysusEstern Mediterranean, 1st–2nd century CEMold-formed, slipped terra-cotta Micmacs à tire-larigot 2009 France This is a revenge movie. A young boy with his family shattered, grows into a man who vows to destroy the social and commercial mechanisms that sundered his family. This would sound like a grim plotline for anyone else… anyone else but Jean-Pierre Jeunet the writer/director of Amelie. You have to expect a certain amount of whimsy from the director of Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. Micmacs has it in spades.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Animated GIFs in Your Marketing Animated GIFs. Think they're just for internet geeks? Think again. The fact is, animated GIFs have dominated the world of online memes for some time now, going viral across social media and blogs many times over. And when something's around long enough and gets enough attention, you can bet marketers will start experimenting with ways to turn them into a new tool to add to their marketing toolkit. If you're still not sure what the heck we're talking about when we say "animated GIF," it's really just a series of still image frames coded into a single file.

what should we call me classics whatshouldwecallmeclassics: A supine is a verbal noun formed from the 4th principal part of a Latin verb. The accusative supine, ending in -um, shows purpose; the ablative supine, ending in -u, shows respect. let's rage smokeweedeatbac0n: “Or super bowl sundays! Where we just smoke a ton of bowls.” Monday Jul 7 @ 04:20pm with 11,951 notes kaylajeanlambley: recycledfrockery: GIF, JPG and PNG - What's the Difference? This article was written in 2011 and remains one of our most popular posts. If you’re keen to learn more about the use of images on the web, you may find this recent article on lorempixel of great interest. When working with digital image files, it is essential to know the differences between each one, so you know when to use them. The main difference between files formats is how they are used when designing for the web and the outcome they produce. One produces highly optimized simple graphics, another is used for most images, and the third option is used for complex graphics, gradients and transparency.

pandas against boredom! - Part 3 Orphaned Baby Rhino Recovers From Gunshot Wound To The Head And Loves Running With Rescuers South African poachers left Shangi, a white rhino, with a bullet wound to her head. Brave rescuers nurse her back to health, and the results are beautiful!... (Read more) A. L. Crego yearinreview: In alphabetical order. I animate things, but I’m not an illustrator. Anyway, thanks everyone for making me “Big in 2014”. More will come! Our lives run faster.

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