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Free language tests and excercises - Vocabulary tests in English Spanish German French

Free language tests and excercises - Vocabulary tests in English Spanish German French
Arabic Bulgarian Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Norwegian Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Spanish Swedish Turkish FREE tests in 25 languages and 600 language combinations by Goethe-Verlag Multilingual vocabulary exercises / language tests Study a language ... learn languages ... Sprachen lernen ... Fremdsprachen studieren ...Apprendre des langues ... Estudiar idiomas / lenguas ... Imparare le lingue ... To select the language encoding for a Web page: On the View menu, point to Encoding, point to More, and then click the appropriate language. Improve your language skills! Sprachkenntnisse verbessern! arab bolgár kínai dán német angol észt finn francia görög indonéz olasz japán horvát holland norvég lengyel portugál román orosz svéd szerb szlovák szlovén spanyol török thai cseh magyar ukrán grúz macedón litván lett belorusz bosnyák perzsa héber hindi izlandi albán vietnámi back

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Grammar Exercises Index These interactive Spanish grammar exercises were created using JavaScript and work best using Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape 3 or higher. Some JavaScript programs created on PC's (as these were) may not work correctly on Macintosh machines, especially those using early versions of the browser. In addition, these exercises require the use of accents. For information on using the built-in accents via the US-International keyboard in Windows, see the following page: For suggestions and comments, please contact Matthew D. An Idiom a Day Forum . Penfriends . Test . Online English Lessons . Newsletter . Ask Teacher . français - russe Test 1 - Goethe-Tests - niveau de base - Tests TEST 1: français - russe Drag the word to the blank! 1. newyorker Why is it easy for some people to learn to read, and difficult for others? It’s a tough question with a long history. We know that it’s not just about raw intelligence, nor is it wholly about repetition and dogged persistence. We also know that there are some conditions that, effort aside, can hold a child back. Socioeconomic status, for instance, has been reliably linked to reading achievement. And, regardless of background, children with lower general verbal ability and those who have difficulty with phonetic processing seem to struggle.

Practice & Perfect Your French Practice and perfect your French with free online lessons, study tips, practice ideas, tests, common mistakes and difficulties, and much more. Daily and Weekly French Features Adding even a little bit of French to your day can make a big difference. French Grammar Lessons Speaking skills: more lesson plans Tips and tricks to help you prepare for English speaking practice in the classroom. Drama activitiesSix drama activities for the ELT and ESL classroom.Dramatic dialoguesUsing dialogues to practise intonation, functions and structures.First dayLindsay Clandfield provides six tried and tested speaking activities perfect for your first day with a new class.Get out of the classroom 1Ideas for outdoor lessons which will have an element of English in them.Get out of the classroom 2Ideas for outdoor lessons which will have an element of English in them.Using OKRaising students' awareness of the uses of 'OK' as a discourse marker. Students find out the disputed etymology of 'OK' and practise using it as a discourse marker.

Effective Classroom Management to Encourage Listening (and Regulate Blabbermouths) by Robert Montenegro Everyone remembers the one kid in each classroom who loved to hear himself/herself talk (for the purpose of this example we'll call this person something random and totally not steeped in reality or based on a real person: Adrian Spencer). Simple questions like, "What does the green light represent in The Great Gatsby?" elicit Biden-esque adventures in digression and pedantry. Not only does Adrian Spencer make everyone around him miserable, but he's also not doing himself much of a service because of his inability to sit for five seconds and open his ears.

How To Train Your Brain To Flip To A New Language This is a guest post by Rubén, who writes on Mostly Maths about programming, productivity and time management. A math PhD student and aspiring procrastinator, he writes about fighting time expenditure and continuous improvement. Multi-lingual cat. ESL Games and Game Board The ESL game boards found on this page are in the form of Microsoft Word documents. It may take a few second to open. Just click, print, and photocopy.

20 Most Influential Scientists Alive Today Scientists are perhaps the most influential people in the world today. They are responsible not only for the great practical advances in medicine and technology, but they also give us a deep understanding of what the world is and how it works. Their role in shaping the worldview of our culture is unrivaled. Below is SuperScholar’s list of the twenty living scientists that we regard as having most profoundly influenced our world.

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