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Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Foundation for Conscious Evolution
Expand Our Consciousness Posted on April 07, 2014 From the evolutionary perspective, we value any act, intention, or belief that expands our consciousness toward a more unitive, spiritual, loving, whole-centered stage. We favor acts that support the ethics of all our religions to love one another, to “do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves,” and to have reverence for higher dimensions of our own nature, for other species, and for Earth and the cosmos. Equally, we value acts that lead to greater freedom, both freedom from deficiencies of hunger, poverty, lack of self-esteem, and freedom to realize our untapped potential for self-actualization and chosen life… Read More Posted on March 21, 2014

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Mary Rodwell—The New Humans MARY RODWELL is a professional counsellor, hypnotherapist, ufologist researcher and metaphysician. She is the founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) and is recognised Internationally, as one of Australia’s leading researchers in the UFO and Contact phenomenon. She is the Vice-President of Star Kids Project Ltd and an Advisory Committee member of Exopolitics. Lecturing in the USA, Canada, Hawaii, UK and New Zealand, Mary appears regularly in national and international media news programs such as the Australian documentary ‘OZ Files”, the BBC television program, “the “Paranormal Files” (UK) and Discovery Channel Animal X.

ICKN The Web has become a mirror of the real world. Reading and interpreting the collective mind allows discovering trends for weeks into the future. Our coolhunting approach gathers open-source information, analyzes and filters it to identify trends and leaders, and provides interfaces supporting various visualizations and interactive data analysis using our software tool CONDOR. CONDOR was developed and tested over the last ten years at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Dartmouth College, University of Cologne, and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

2015 Gates Annual Letter There is overwhelming evidence that people care about others who are suffering—when they can see the suffering. Just think of the global outpouring of support whenever a devastating tsunami or earthquake makes the news. The problem is that ongoing tragedies like deadly diseases and poverty don’t make the news. They’re invisible to many of us. And so the caring of millions of people goes untapped. We hope to help change that. The Internet is Basically Our Superconsciousness I feel that I should be quite explicit here in case this connection has not been fully formed for some readers. I’ve talked in this blog about the joining of our thoughts and identities, the convergence of our consciousness, and the internet is a huge part of that. Of course the internet isn’t everything. A vast amount of human information is transmitted and processed beyond the reaches of the internet, but the internet will soon inevitably consist of practically all human interaction.

eventbrite Barbara Marx Hubbard is a global visionary and prolific author. She was named by Deepak Chopra as the global voice for conscious change. Barbara is the leader in the positive worldview of Conscious Evolution. She moved her Foundation for Conscious Evolution office and personal residence from Santa Barbara to Berkeley on January 16th, 2016. Join us as we welcome Barbara to the Bay Area! Center for Collective Intelligence The MIT Center for Collective Intelligence brings together faculty from across MIT to conduct research on how new communications technologies are changing they way people work together. This first-of-its-kind research effort draws on the strengths of many diverse organizations across the Institute including; the MIT Media Lab, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, and the MIT Sloan School of Management. Our mission is to understand collective intelligence at a deep level so we can create and take advantage of the new possibilities it enables. Our hope is that the work in this Center will lead to both new scientific understanding in a variety of disciplines and practical advances in many areas of business and society. We believe that "Collective intelligence" is a perspective that can be applied to many different kinds of phenomena.

How is it possible to separate the collective consciousness? Humans share a collective consciousness, a collective memory and a collective subconsciousness Evidence in science is plenty! The fact that human brain produce 20 Watt of energy (EM, electromagnetic energy) and that all human beings now living on earth produce the same amount of energy as magnetosphere of the earth, 10 high 11 Watt, is evidence for a common field of consciousness. So we are individuals, but approximately a third of us is part of a greater organism. Why a third? The Spirit of the Internet - Synopsis Synopsis of The Spirit of the Internet Written by Lawrence Hagerty with the non-technical reader in mind, The Spirit of the Internet explains in everyday language how the Internet works, who is in charge, and some of its future possibilities. It also describes different aspects of "spirit," as manifest in the Internet community. Throughout the book,speculations about the Internet, the noosphere, virtual reality, shamanic plants, and other seemingly unrelated domains are woven into a fascinating tapestry of thought about the evolving Gaian consciousness that is beginning to envelop the planet. The Spirit of the Internet is a wake-up call to the human species. Although we are making significant advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology, and other sciences, our species-consciousness has not yet expanded much beyond the point of self-interest.

Everyday Rebellion “Everyday Rebellion” -Cinema Release in Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy and Malta: 11th September 2014! Information and links for the german cinema release/ Infos und Links zum deutschen Kinostart: Kontakt Verleih Cinema Dates: Information and links for the swiss cinema release/ Infos und Links zum schweizer Kinostart: The Nature of Consciousness: How the Internet Could Learn to Feel - Steve Paulson "Romantic reductionist" neuroscientist Christof Koch discusses the scientific side of consciousness, including the notion that all matter is, to varying degrees, sentient. If you had to list the hardest problems in science -- the questions even some scientists say are insoluble -- you would probably end up with two: Where do the laws of physics come from? How does the physical stuff in our brains produce conscious experience? Even though philosophers have obsessed over the "mind-body problem" for centuries, the mystery of consciousness wasn't considered a proper scientific question until two or three decades ago. Then, a couple of things happened.

Collective Consciousness: A Fun App to Explore Consciousness Collective Consciousness is a free mobile app designed to be an exploration of the nature consciousness and reality, and the possibilities of collective consciousness. With this app, you can: See if your mind has any influence on your environmentParticipate in large-scale consciousness experimentsHelp build a platform for developers and artists utilize this possible "consciousness technology" in their own projects, and even tap in to global consciousness data in real time to do cool new stuff Purpose Our purpose is to promote deeper thinking about consciousness, explore the boundaries between mind and reality through experiments, and help expand our technological horizon. We're not aiming to prove anything; this is a fun and interesting project into a subject that millions of people care about.

A call for an open, informed study of all aspects of consciousness Science thrives when there is an open, informed discussion of all evidence, and recognition that scientific knowledge is provisional and subject to revision. This attitude is in stark contrast with reaching conclusions based solely on a previous set of beliefs or on the assertions of authority figures. Indeed, the search for knowledge wherever it may lead inspired a group of notable scientists and philosophers to found in 1882 the Society for Psychical Research in London. Its purpose was “to investigate that large body of debatable phenomena… without prejudice or prepossession of any kind, and in the same spirit of exact and unimpassioned inquiry which has enabled Science to solve so many problems.”

biólogo advierte de las primeras etapas de la sexta extinción masiva de la Tierra July 24, 2014 Stanford Biology Professor Rodolfo Dirzo and his colleagues warn that this "defaunation" could have harmful downstream effects on human health. By Bjorn Carey Elephants and other large animals face an increased risk of extinction in what Stanford Biology Professor Rodolfo Dirzo terms "defaunation." (Claudia Paulussen/Shutterstock) Is Consciousness Universal? For every inside there is an outside, and for every outside there is an inside; though they are different, they go together. —Alan Watts, Man, Nature, and the Nature of Man, 1991 I grew up in a devout and practicing Roman Catholic family with Purzel, a fearless and high-energy dachshund.