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dtg printers for sale, View dtg printers for sale, Microtec Product Details from Microtec Technology Printing Co., Ltd. on dtg printers for sale 1. Direct to garment printing 2. Large format flatbed t-shirt printer 3. Printing size 42x11cm dtg printers for sale How to Build a Rocket Stove Water Heater (Video) Image credit: Ecofilms Australia If you like this ingenious low-work chicken tunnel garden system, then you'll most likely dig this footage from the same folks of a DIY water heater using rocket stove principles. Burning scraps of wood and tree prunings efficiently, this low tech design provides on-demand hot water with low emissions using basic craftsmanship and reclaimed materials. I've posted before on the incredible efficiency of rocket stove heaters, but it's not just the amount of fuel they use that makes them remarkable—it's the type of fuel. As this clip from Geoff Lawton's Urban Permaculture DVD shows, rocket stoves work best on thin bits of wood, which makes them ideal for utilizing scrap wood waste and/or tree prunings and coppiced wood. EcoFilms Australia/Video screen capture

2011 a 3048) The png_set_text_2 function in pngset.c in libpng 1.0.x before 1.0.59, 1.2.x before 1.2.49, 1.4.x before 1.4.11, and 1.5.x before 1.5.10 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash) or execute arbitrary code via a crafted text chunk in a PNG image file, which triggers a memory allocation failure that is not properly handled, leading to a heap-based buffer overflow. Impact CVSS Severity (version 2.0): Impact Subscore: 6.4 Exploitability Subscore: 8.6 CVSS Version 2 Metrics:

Automated backups in Odoo - Odoo tutorials Hi guys, In this tutorial I will learn you how to automatically take backups in Odoo, thanks to my backup module that integrates with Odoo. There are two ways to install it, the first is through the app store and the second is by downloading it from Github. In this guide I will explain you how to install it through Github since I like to do things myself and this will learn you how everything works. Infomous Infomous is a revolutionary way to explore online content visually. Add Infomous on your site to engage readers, increase circulation and generate revenues. Create an Infomous cloud with your content and embed it on your site. Text in English This is a low cost DTG printer built with cheap materials and w/o showy paraphernalia like metal boxes, membrane keypads or LCD displays that only serve to multiply the sales price Direct sale from manufacturer without added cost overruns typical of the import and resale chain This printer weighs 17kg while those fabricated with metal case weigh between 50 and 100kg all that iron must be paid!

GERES, Cambodia New Lao stove (left) has better insulation, is more durable, and burns more efficiently It is always worth remembering that progress is often a result of improving of what you already have rather than relying on major breakthroughs. In Cambodia, the redesign of the traditional charcoal stove by the Groupe Energies Renouvelables, Environnement et Solidarités (GERES) is a perfect example. Cómo obtener SEO Estacionalidad Insights Usando Google Webmaster Tools - Search Engine Watch (# SEW) Year-over-year (YOY) comparisons are a great way to see recurring changes in traffic correlated to certain times of year, but if the analytics data comes up short of a year, it's game over. This article will walk you through how to use Google Webmaster Tool search queries to supplement date comparison analytics reports. The end result will be the ability to understand if a rise in site visits is due to higher search volume or a bump in ranking position. Tools used: Google Webmaster ToolsExcel Download A Weeks Worth of Google Webmaster Tool Data

Install Odoo (formerly OpenERP) with Nginx on an Ubuntu VPS In today’s post we will explain you how you can easily install Odoo with Nginx as a reverse proxy server on a Ubuntu VPS. Odoo (formerly OpenERP) is a suite of open source Business apps. Some of the modules included in Odoo are: E-commerce, Accounting & Finance, Expense Management, Calendar ..etc. Update your system To update your system run the following commands: Automatically Extracting Disaster-Relevant Information from Social Media Latest update on AIDR available here My team and I at QCRI have just had this paper (PDF) accepted at the Social Web for Disaster Management workshop at the World Wide Web (WWW 2013) conference in Rio next month. The paper relates directly to our Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Response (AIDR) project.

Sensient Inks - Textile and Sublimation Inks Sublimation is one of the fasting-growing markets in the changing print marketplace, with new applications, new media, and new opportunities appearing all the time. Taking advantage of these opportunities, however, requires unique ink solutions that are specifically formulated for this unique method of printing. Sensient Imaging Technologies, the pioneer in ink solutions for sublimation printing, has taken sublimation to the next level with the ElvaJet® line of inks, specially formulated for superior print quality, color gamut, and fastness in sublimation and direct transfer applications. Learn more at Designed for direct-to-garment printingExcellent printability, especially with white inkIntense and brilliant colorsHigh wash resistance, ensuring long product lifeGood fastness propertiesIncreased productivity: unparalleled print speedsSuitable for T-shirt printers equipped with Epson printheads S4 IWS7 High Lightfastness Inks

Adobe Rocket Stove, Earthbag Building Home >> Earthbag Building Experimental rocket stove made with rice/hull clay for insulation (left) and traditional adobes. Adobe rocket stove Experimental rocket stove made with rice/hull clay adobes for insulation and traditional adobes. “Two kinds of adobe: one regular old adobe mix and one that’s rice hull/clay. MetEd »Descripción del módulo: Cómo Satélite Observaciones Impacto PNT Satellite observations have a huge impact on numerical weather prediction (NWP) model analyses and forecasts, with sounding data from polar orbiting and GPS-radio occultation satellites reducing model forecast error by almost half. All of this despite the fact that NWP models only assimilate 5% of all satellite observations! This lesson discusses the use of satellite observations in NWP and how model limitations prevent more of the data from being assimilated.

Update wkhtmltopdf Wkhtmltopdf is an open source command line tool used by Odoo to render HTML into PDF. Every single report you print as a PDF is a QWeb view converted by this tool. So you should keep it necessarily up-to-date. When you get this message: Report You should upgrade your version of Wkhtmltopdf to at least 0.12.0 in order to get a correct display of headers and footers as well as support for table-breaking between pages.

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I put Google in every one of my pearl trees, and that explains the MILLIONS of comments I get about Google, mostly about I love it...! by killerdudproductions Aug 31

I love Google I use it all the time if I have to search for something on the internet(: by amanda1357980 Jul 26

Hi I just noticed there are 2 google pearls that are identical. How did that happen? Oh well doesn't matter. Happy pearling. by timepeaces Jun 1

Wow I never knew so many people were interested in this pearl. I put it here because it makes it easier to find language translation resources. Well Happy Pearling, by timepeaces Jun 1

Well not everyone is bilingual. I'm not only english, but sometimes I can figure out the meaning of a sentance. by timepeaces Mar 24

The design elements in cloudtops leave much to be desired. A word of advice- the appearance of the interface is scrutinized before the actual content or functionality of the website- if it does not look good people will not bother to give it a second look. Minimalism is the way to go in this day and age- no fancy graphics. Remeber clean and simple. by twenty21first Feb 26

lol what a success :) when you use a large desktop (2monitors) you are sometime happy to be able to put your ongoing research in the Google pearl :) then you drop them or keep them. But interesting chat anyway by akhitophel Dec 12

hello, just see your message, on the top you can go back you can open your pearl on your browser on the right top. second solution did you know google remote ? or install google chrome on your mac. best, oliver by pistololivier Dec 3

Does anyone know how to o back to viewed pg w.o leaving the screen o actual inernet brower such as safari...? This app wont let you stay and go back/forth to pg. Or... I may not know how to use this?. by gretchun Dec 3

Puhahahaha! This is crazy.... I thought the same. What is wrong having gogle pearl? What is not right about it! by gretchun Dec 3

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