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Classe 6IÈME D anglais Mme JONCHERAY

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English - Daily routine (A1-A2 - with subtitles) Mr Bean (present continuous, rooms, big small, body) - English ESL video lesson. 1) What is the weather like?

Mr Bean (present continuous, rooms, big small, body) - English ESL video lesson

It is snowing it is raining it is sunny it is windy 2) Mr Bean is bored happy angry hungry 3) What is Mr Bean doing? He... watch TV watches TV is watching TV is watch TV 4) What is the dolphin doing? Put the words in order:ballwithThedolphinredaisplaying 5) Where are they? In the bedroom in the kitchen in the bathroom 6) Mr Bean thinks the fish.... smell bad smells bad smell good smells good 7) What is Teddy doing?

Is having a shower is having a cup of coffee is having a bath 8) the fish is... in his ear in her ear in his nose in her nose. Movie Worsheet: What Is Mr Bean Doing? Present Continuous. Présent BE + V-ing. Mrs Williams' Classroom. More Free Lessons during Homeschool!

Mrs Williams' Classroom

Lil Dicky - Earth “Earth” est une chanson écologique qui est sortie 3 jours avant la journée de la planète 2019. Elle parle des dangers des changements climatiques sur notrer planète et ses ecosystèmes. Lil Dicky a révélé que 30 artistes avaient participé à la chanson ! Chacun a pris le rôle d'un animal. Pour lui, cette chanson vient dénoncer le fait qu'il ne reste qu'une dizaine d'années pour amorcer un changement et sauver la planète ! Il a enfin annoncé que tous les bénéfices de cette chanson iraient à la fondation Leonardo DiCaprio qui se bat pour protéger les espèces menacées d'extinction.

Vous pouvez aller voir le site pour voir comment VOUS pouvez aider la planète. Listen to the song and complete the lyrics [Intro: Lil Dicky]What's up, world? It's your , just one of the guys down here. Well, I could be more specific. Uh, I'm a , and I just wanted to, you know, Ton score : 0/34 See the answers Copy your Animal vocabulary to learn some new words! Sans titre. English Speaking Practice. Everyday Actions - Morning, Afternoon, Night (English speaking practice) Daily Routines: English Language. Sans titre. Always, usually, sometimes, rarely, never. This is Britain Easter. English. Houses people live in the UK. Cours d'anglais 41 - Les pièces de la maison en anglais Bedroom bathroom kitchen living room dining.

Welcome to my house! - English is everywhere! When we talk about things that we do every day, we use the simple present tense.

I get up.I take a shower.I get dressed.I have breakfast.I go to work.I start work at 9 am.I have lunch.I finish work.I arrive home.I have dinner.I watch TV.I go to bed. What things do you ro every day? If you have any questions or doubts, please ask in the comments or send me a private message. Follow me on Instagram: @englishyourwaybr or look for the hashtag #LearnEnglishWithCarlo Permanent link to this article: Sans titre. 1- Mémoriser le nom des fruits 2- Se présenter Une petite modification avec les formules Good morning , afternoon …. et quelques images pour bien les mémoriser 3- Numbers plus de détails ici 4- Halloween 5- Animals quelques détails sur l’article 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Jazzy's House Tour. Site compagnon I Bet You Can! 6e (2017) - Site élève. Site compagnon I Bet You Can! 6e (2017) - Site élève. IBYC 6e. Get ready...


Tim: So who’s your favourite family member? Millie: I can’t choose. Our family is really unique. Sophia: Oh really?! Have they got powers just like you? Ollie: Well… Yes, they have. Tim: Can they fly? Millie: Well, my uncle Mike can charm animals and people with music. Millie: Look, I have a photo on my mobile! Ollie: Now, this is grandad Wulver. HOBBIES (Like/Love/Hate) Make your monster « Just English. Style-a-hero.