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Celebrity Face Masks. Celebrity Face Masks Oh my god, you guys!! Look who visited my class today! I had my fan girl moment as Juanes was part of our class story. We’ve also had visits previously from Beyonce (not Bey-doce or Bey-trece), John Cena, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kanye West. Page and printing it out. Your student interest in your class story will instantly rise once they see a celebrity they know. And the first 20 people to download our masks and post a picture of the masks in use on Twitter or Instagram and tagging us, will be entered to win our MOVIETALK BUNDLE (a $22 dollar value that sells for $18.)

*Your instagram/twitter feed needs to be public (not private) and you must tag @SpanishPlans to be entered to win. Who are your students’ favorite celebrities? Like this: Like Loading... Related Fotografia Story and Tener Que Story We've just finished up 2 new stories with you and wanted to share them with you. In "Free" Writing a Novel Chapter Summary In "Storytelling" Spanish Instagram In "iPads" 2.1: AR present tense conjugation- FREE - Señ Scavenger hunt. Spanish 1 or 2 - story idea - didn't know how to dance! *Disclaimer* The beauty of storytelling is that you really could use a story in any level. The complexity of your backstory or how you go about solving the problem is really defined by each level. For example, you might be able to have way more complex dialogue in upper levels and ask the class things like, "what would you do if he/she said that to you!?

" Here's a story idea that I used in Spanish 2 a week or two ago: Structures: No sabía bailar (S/he didn't know how to dance)Le dijo, “Voy a regresar pronto” (S/he said to him/her, "I am going to return soon")Le dio lecciones (s/he gave him/her lessons) Some previous words I wanted to review: s/he saws/he went towardss/he wanted to dances/he wass/he left (came out of)s/he said to him/her It's a pretty simple one.

That person (people) responded, "Of course. Oh no, s/he didn't know how to dance [dance name]. S/he said to him/her, "I'm going to return soon! " S/he left the club and went to [place]. There s/he saw [person/character]. New EdPuzzle Videos | Maris Hawkins. When I first started to embed questions in videos, I used EdPuzzle. Then my whole school switched to Zaption, so I put all of my videos in Zaption. Now, we are back to EdPuzzle. There are some great features to EdPuzzle that I really like. It is very easy to grade when you click on quick grade. Also it does not allow students to change their answer after they have hit submit. Last year, when my students were doing Zaption practices, they would change their answer to the correct answer. Many times with YouTube, a video is removed, or all of the sudden I cannot access it because I do not live in that country.

Do you teach from Así Se Dice with the airport unit? When I am looking for a video, I like to mix things up. Like this: Like Loading...


Lista lunes - Thanksgiving in Spanish class 16. Ideas from around the web for Thanksgiving in language class. There are a select few who do have have school during Thanksgiving week. For the rest of us who have two or three days of school that week, it is always fun to do something related to what everyone is talking and thinking about, Thanksgiving. I know for me, I like to do activities that are high interest, and low prep. I have rounded up a few options to stay in Spanish, but personalize to the upcoming holiday. Thankful Turkey Bulletin Board It is a great way to get in repetitions of the high frequency phrase "give.

" Thanksgiving writing prompt After personalized question and answer related to giving thanks from the bulletin board above, students could do a little writing about what they are thankful for in Spanish. Thanksgiving resources - Zachary Jones Zachary Jones has a good collection of authentic resources related to the holiday and giving thanks. Happy Thanksgiving Day - Song Activity Molegiving & Tamalegiving Videos. Verb Shout: TPRS Reading Activity. We just finished up our La Llorona Unit, which was our first story in Spanish 1 that we introduced in the past tense. Our prior stories this year were all present tense. Our Llorona story featured the background of the legend itself and then included a brief movietalk. We had the following targeted structures written on the board throughout the story. We used the 3rd person past tense to narrate the story and by incorporating student actors, we could ask the actor a question in the tú form and have them respond in the yo form to get reps of the 1st and 2nd person in present tense.

Students were already familiar with the structures of tiene and busca as well as the present tense of hay, está, and es. Day 1 was the story telling and movie talk. The next activity was a new reading activity, similar to a Volleyball translation, but this time the students only translated the verbs. In this case, I projected the story on the board. Like this: Like Loading... Related 1st semester Spanish In "iPads" Written Story Retells Made EASY with Powerpoint. Below are simple instructions to get some extra mileage of students' sketches of class stories. I acknowledge that this easy method using Powerpoint may be old news for many, . . . but, in case you didn't consider this option, I'm going to pass along this cool little feature of Powerpoint. 1.

Take a photo of your class artist's sketches from one of your class stories. (added bonus - your student artist(s) get positive recognition for their work!) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. . - Slides - Handouts (2 slides per pg) - Handouts (3 slides per pg) - Handouts (4 slides per pg)- Handouts (6 slides per pg)- Handouts (9 slides per pg)- Notes- Outline Choose the Notes option. You will be able to see a preview of the document on the left (as seen below). 7. The teacher can write the sentences on the board and the students can copy the sentences OR the students can work alone or with a partner to write the sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Mafia scripts for beginning classes – The Comprehensible Classroom. Rarely a day has passed since I played Mafia with narrator Ben Wang this summer in Chattanooga that I haven’t thought about that game! Mafia was already my favorite pastime–not that I get to play much anymore–and for sure my favorite game to play in class, and it was just SO EXCITING to realize that I could use the game with even my little bitty Spanish babies!!

Gah! The rest of the summer and fall has been really busy for me, and so it wasn’t until this past weekend that I was finally able to sit down and write out some beginner scripts that you can use to help you be successful with Mafia in beginning levels. I wrote out 15 “reveals” with very limited vocabulary (only in Spanish, for now!) Here is an example from the plans. Alina likes kombucha. It’s important to note that Mafia as it is originally played involves a lot of death. START-UP As the teacher, YOU are going to decide who the assassins are. Have all students sit in a circle and close their eyes.

Like this: Like Loading... Post-It Votes: Low stress, high interaction with input | Musicuentos. What is your all-time favorite, most-used school supply? Your computer? Projector? YouTube? White-board markers? Mine is quite low-tech: sticky notes. I love sticky notes because they come in a ton of colors. I love sticky notes because they don’t have a plug or require wifi or a DonorsChoose campaign. I’ve long used sticky notes as the last stop for my lesson plan. Bridge Input to Output with Post-It Votes This activity gets students moving and doing something with the input without having to produce any language… yet. Take content related to the day’s structure (or a review one).Determine what phrases I can use to get students to express an opinion related to it.Put these phrases on sticky notes.Put sticky notes around the room.Ask students to move around to show their vote.

Let’s see it happen. At the easiest level, Post-It Votes happens with actual opinion phrases, e.g. Food, animal, etc: Do you like it? Or naming activity words or school subjects: Is it fun or not fun? Problems Even more. Tomates podridos | Mi Clase es Su Clase. One of my favorite games to use before a test or quiz is Tomates Podridos. I created this game as an alternative to Jeopardy. I like it, because it keeps every kid and every group involved at all times, and there is an element of luck, so the “smartest” team won’t necessarily win. Here’s how you play: Set-up: Create cards numbered 1-24. Create questions to represent each question 1-24. Game Time: Divide the class into groups of 4-6 people. Note: You might want to create a way to change the pictures between classes OR the numbers.



Brain breaks. Readin. Buzz Reading. Buzz Reading This technique I stumbled upon while thinking of a way to practice reading our class story. I love ringing the classroom bell (a great prop, especially when teaching about the 89 year old Paletero in Chicago who received over $380,000). But anyway, this activity can be used a variety of ways in the TPRS classroom to go along with reading a story. Here’s how I did it: Students need a copy of a reading.I numbered the paragraphs on the reading.I explained in the target language that each student had to read 1 sentence and then the person next to them would continue. This allows a few things, most importantly of which is to have additional reps of the story. Now, if the class is rather far along in the story, and you’ve already had a lot of dings and have repeated the first part of the story a lot, you can decide to “fast forward” and instruct the student to start reading at a farther paragraph. Variations: Have the student call on the next person to read.

Have other variations? 25 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher. 50 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher by TeachThought Staff While Apple products are known for their integration in classrooms, increasingly Google is the choice for schools and districts looking for something organized, useful, and inexpensive that’s available on tablet, laptop, Chromebooks, desktop, smartphone, and more. In fact, the sheer diversity of Google products might make them a more natural fit in the classroom in lieu of the iPad’s gravity.

Below we’ve listed 50 ways teachers can get started using Google in the classroom. Ed note: Update: This post has been updated with new tips, links, and resources for the 2016-2017 school year to reflect the latest ways to use Google’s latest ‘stuff.’ Google In The Classroom: 50 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. A cornucopia of CI activities! | CI Peek. Sometimes we all just need a little reminder that there are a variety of ways to provide comprehensible input to our students. Here are a handful of great ideas contributed by some fabulous teachers to help you bring a dose of novelty into your classroom! Do you have a favorite CI-friendly activity?

Please share in the comments! Mad Libs style stories (contributed by Jessica Conley) I love to have students create stories together as a class. These stories always incorporate recently learned vocabulary into them as well as review vocabulary. Theater tableau/ Frozen moment (contributed by Ben Lev) Students are put into random groups of three or four. During reading activity (contributed by Cynthia Hitz) Vida y muerte en la Mara Salvatrucha – chapter 3 I distribute the paper with sketches that represent events and people in the chapter. After the reading/listening activity is completed, the students can review/retell the events of the chapter with the help of the sketches. Like this: #tbt en la clase de español | Maris Hawkins. We are working on the past tenses in Spanish especially on the imperfect. I wanted to personalize it and make it comprehensible. I decided to celebrate #tbt (or #ThrowbackThursday) in Spanish class.

To prepare, each student had to email me a picture of themselves in Middle School. (This is for Spanish III, so most of them are sophomores or juniors.) They also had to complete a Google Form about their likes and dislikes in Middle School. What music they listened to, what TV shows they watched etc. When they enter, I am going to play older music in Spanish. Christina Aguilera singing in SpanishPrince Royce Stand By MeNota My Girl Then, I am going to give them cards that say Sí on one side and No on the other. Like this: Like Loading... La semana de arte: Artist Project | Maris Hawkins.

I found this idea for an artist project, and I love it. I cannot remember where I found it, but I cannot claim that this idea was mine. Since I completed this with Spanish I, it was mostly completed in English. However, with a higher level class, it could easily be completed in Spanish. You could also use this as an emergency sub plan if the sub did not speak Spanish. Each student picked a different artist from a Spanish-speaking country. Once they researched their artist, they decide five gifts to give their artist. Like this: Like Loading... When Students Ask for More - Language Coaching by Amy Lenord.

Spanish Interrogatives Jingle Bells Song/ Canción de los Interrogativos. Amaztemp. How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - Curriculum Year 5. A cornucopia of CI activities! | CI Peek. 5 phrase story. It’s been awhile since a blog post, and I’ve been keeping busy by attending various conferences and writing new stories for class as well as finally finishing stamp designs for all 21 Spanish Speaking Countries. I wanted to share a really quick activity that I learned from a session by Carol Caab (of TRPS Publishing) at the first ever Comprehensible Midwest Conference in Milwaukee, WI in late September. In this activity, the teacher provides 5 phrases in the target language. The key is to make sure that the phrases are vague enough that they leave open some sort of interpretation.

Write them up on the board as A, B, C, D, E. For example, I started with these 5 phrases: A) Busca B) Tiene un perro C) Va al Pet Shelter D) Ve un gato E) Quiere Granted 2 of mine are just verbs and not a complete phrase, (but this was my first time doing this type of activity, on the Monday after the conference). Have the class try to guess what letter the student is acting out. Like this: Like Loading... Related. Thoughts on Stations and Games: Homecoming Week Edition | Lugar para pensar. I have 10 minutes left of class, now what?! Conversation on the fly | Path 2 Proficiency.

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Diego Rivera for Kids: Make your Own Mural! 5-a-day Fitness: Hula en español. Break out. Daily Routine Authentic Resources | Maris Hawkins. Idioms. Mad Lib: Levels 1 and 2. Lots of Spanish 1 TPRS resources. Señora Cruz: 10 Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month. Clothing. Find Your Blob: A Quick, Fun FL Speaking Activity - SPANISH MAMA. The Ultimate Guide to English Present Verbs - Lindsay Does Languages. Day of the Dead. Alma. VISAS HISPANAS.pptx - Google Slides. You Are Cordially Invited to Hailey's Quinceañera : Latino USA. House and home. Internado. The fifteen Spanish verbs in BMW's spot “cuando conduzcas, conduce” Printable Spanish-Speaking Countries and Capitals Game Cards - SPANISH MAMA.


Choose Your Own Adventure | Aventuras Nuevas. Welcome ACTFL 2014! | Aventuras Nuevas. Printable Spanish. Grammar | Printable Spanish. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. The semester-long research essay – My generation of polyglots. El internado. México Independence Day. Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom - Spanish Teacher Blog. Food. Tech. Health and wellness. Brain breaks. What target structures have you worked with? - Fogli Google.


Brain breaks. Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX! | Maris Hawkins. EPIC Telenovela PBL Unit & Final Exam. Listening. The Ultimate Guide to Full Spanish Lesson Plans Online | FluentU Spanish Educator Blog. MovieTalk + TPRS® = Magic – The Comprehensible Classroom. Activities for Stories – The Comprehensible Classroom. An example of vocab | Musicuentos. AP themes. Wooly. Movied. Curriculum Update: Birthdays | Creative Language Class.

Authentic resources for Spanish teachers. She's crafty: Get to know you games.

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Bob and Fred died while in my CI/TPRS classroom. Música. First Day Homework - Collages for conversation. Mystery country bags- let's play detective! 11 Animated Shorts in Mexico's Indigenous Languages. Let’s commit to CI from Day One | cecilelaine. Let’s commit to CI from Day One | cecilelaine. TPRS | Ben Slavic | Circling With Balls. Me duele & Body Parts Unit – TPRS with Profe Tauchman. Tech. Songs. Gamification. 10 Icebreakers for the Language Classroom. Lugar para pensar | A place to think about my language lessons, and how to make them better. Shifting the focus in an introductory program. Short Films & CI - El Vampiro y la Dentista. Creating a mini-unit from El Banco. Learn Mandarin with Mafia…even if you don’t speak any Mandarin!! – The Comprehensible Classroom. A Chapter in Sounds | La Clase de la Señora Dentlinger. 14 Energizing Review Games.