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Perspectives. Comprehensible input strategies. Me duele & Body Parts Unit – Teaching Comprehensibly with Profe Tauchman. At the SWCOLT/CCFLT Spring 2015 conference, Bryce Hedstrom presented on using jokes in the classroom.

Me duele & Body Parts Unit – Teaching Comprehensibly with Profe Tauchman

One of his jokes really stuck with me. It goes something like this: There is a guy who is miserable. Everything hurts. When he touches his leg, it hurts. There's More than One Way to Skin a Dictatio. "Dictatio" is one of the few words my students dread in my class.

There's More than One Way to Skin a Dictatio

I'm going to admit that it's a nice break for me--requiring only voice and repetition and pretty much no creativity--and it sometimes finds its way into my plans simply because I need a day that does not require all of my energy. Dictationes fall within my Comprehensible Input toolbox because as long as I keep the vocabulary limited, the dictated sentences provide valuable repetition. Category: Whole Class Drawing - Latina Hilara. Worldwide Country Comparison. If It Were My Home. Bottle Flipping Tournament in the TL. Some of my most inspirational colleagues and I have a facebook group in which we share our ideas and questions about our proficiency- based, desk-free classes.

Bottle Flipping Tournament in the TL

The beauty of this group is that we build on one another’s ideas. This happened recently when Becky Sayan shared that she brought the Bottle Flipping Phenomenon into her Spanish class. “We played the bottle flip game today in class. Mix It Up! Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom. Do you ever feel stuck in a rut while planning your language classes?

Mix It Up! Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom

Perhaps you spend a lot of time lecturing at the whiteboard, use the same activities with different vocabulary for every unit, or rely on teaching students grammar because that’s how you were taught. No matter what your go-to activity is, we’re all much more engaging when we vary our activities and make them relatable. If the speaker is engaging, a good lecture every now and then is enjoyable. Selfietalk! The selfie is everywhere.


Even I have taken a few and I am the ugliest guy in the world and don’t much like looking at myself. BUT selfies are loads of fun especially when the kids come up with them. Starting Spanish 2 with a compelling story & some high frequency vocab. I am starting Spanish 2 in January and I am hoping to ditch the textbook and use stories and novels, but I am still obligated to teach certain things because of departmental curriculum, so I have been working on this unit to start.

Starting Spanish 2 with a compelling story & some high frequency vocab

This video will be the "story" and the focus of the unit. The story, which Amy Zimmer and Elena López wrote, has tons of high frequency vocabulary and will be a good way to start with a CI focus and 90% TL. Below you will see the essential questions for the unit, the goals of the unit (with a direct link to the unit packet), and a slideshow that will be used throughout this unit. PTS - Post Thanksgiving Slump. Are you one of those teachers that as soon as ACTFL ends you look at where next year's ACTFL will take place and pencil in the dates on your calendar, hoping that you will return the following year?

PTS - Post Thanksgiving Slump

If so, you know the high feeling of being at the conference, attending powerful sessions, collecting ideas to add to your lessons and teaching strategies, listening to and participating in discussions on second language acquisition, connecting with friends, meeting people you've only met before online, buying new novels for your SSR library, and a host of other memorable situations (such as waiting in a line that stretches down the street and then funnels out to 8 lines of a dozen+ deep of people, elbow to elbow, in order to buy some renowned pastries from Mike's pastries).

At my school, returning from ACTFL is followed by a day or two of in-service, then Thanksgiving vacation, black Friday, weekend festivities, and our last free day at home to enjoy Cyber Monday. It is what it is. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. Celebrity Face Masks.

Celebrity Face Masks Oh my god, you guys!!

Celebrity Face Masks

Look who visited my class today! 2.1: AR present tense conjugation- FREE - Señ Scavenger hunt. Spanish 1 or 2 - story idea - didn't know how to dance! *Disclaimer* The beauty of storytelling is that you really could use a story in any level.

Spanish 1 or 2 - story idea - didn't know how to dance!

The complexity of your backstory or how you go about solving the problem is really defined by each level. For example, you might be able to have way more complex dialogue in upper levels and ask the class things like, "what would you do if he/she said that to you!? " Here's a story idea that I used in Spanish 2 a week or two ago: Structures: No sabía bailar (S/he didn't know how to dance)Le dijo, “Voy a regresar pronto” (S/he said to him/her, "I am going to return soon")Le dio lecciones (s/he gave him/her lessons)

New EdPuzzle Videos. When I first started to embed questions in videos, I used EdPuzzle.

New EdPuzzle Videos

Then my whole school switched to Zaption, so I put all of my videos in Zaption. Now, we are back to EdPuzzle. There are some great features to EdPuzzle that I really like. It is very easy to grade when you click on quick grade.


Lista lunes - Thanksgiving in Spanish class 16. Ideas from around the web for Thanksgiving in language class. There are a select few who do have have school during Thanksgiving week. For the rest of us who have two or three days of school that week, it is always fun to do something related to what everyone is talking and thinking about, Thanksgiving. Verb Shout: TPRS Reading Activity. We just finished up our La Llorona Unit, which was our first story in Spanish 1 that we introduced in the past tense. Our prior stories this year were all present tense.

Our Llorona story featured the background of the legend itself and then included a brief movietalk. We had the following targeted structures written on the board throughout the story. Written Story Retells Made EASY with Powerpoint. Below are simple instructions to get some extra mileage of students' sketches of class stories. I acknowledge that this easy method using Powerpoint may be old news for many, . . . but, in case you didn't consider this option, I'm going to pass along this cool little feature of Powerpoint. 1. Take a photo of your class artist's sketches from one of your class stories. Mafia scripts for beginning classes – The Comprehensible Classroom. Rarely a day has passed since I played Mafia with narrator Ben Wang this summer in Chattanooga that I haven’t thought about that game! Mafia was already my favorite pastime–not that I get to play much anymore–and for sure my favorite game to play in class, and it was just SO EXCITING to realize that I could use the game with even my little bitty Spanish babies!!

Gah! Post-It Votes: Low stress, high interaction with input. What is your all-time favorite, most-used school supply? Your computer? Projector? YouTube? White-board markers? Mi Clase es Su Clase.


Brain breaks. Readin. Buzz Reading. 25 Ways Google Can Help You Become A Better Teacher. A cornucopia of CI activities! #tbt en la clase de español. La semana de arte: Artist Project. When Students Ask for More - Language Coaching by Amy Lenord. Spanish Interrogatives Jingle Bells Song/ Canción de los Interrogativos. Amaztemp. How I Teach Spanish Without a Textbook - Curriculum Year 5. A cornucopia of CI activities! 5 phrase story. Thoughts on Stations and Games: Homecoming Week Edition. I have 10 minutes left of class, now what?! Conversation on the fly. Hispanic Heritage Month. Diego Rivera for Kids: Make your Own Mural! 5-a-day Fitness: Hula en español. Break out. Daily Routine Authentic Resources. Idioms. Mad Lib: Levels 1 and 2. Lots of Spanish 1 TPRS resources. Señora Cruz: 10 Ideas for Hispanic Heritage Month.


Find Your Blob: A Quick, Fun FL Speaking Activity - SPANISH MAMA. The Ultimate Guide to English Present Verbs - Lindsay Does Languages. Day of the Dead. Alma. VISAS HISPANAS.pptx - Google Slides. You Are Cordially Invited to Hailey's Quinceañera : Latino USA. House and home. Internado. The fifteen Spanish verbs in BMW's spot “cuando conduzcas, conduce” Printable Spanish-Speaking Countries and Capitals Game Cards - SPANISH MAMA. Novels. Choose Your Own Adventure. Welcome ACTFL 2014!

Printable Spanish. Printable Spanish. Spanish Teacher Blog - Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom. The semester-long research essay – My generation of polyglots.

El internado

México Independence Day. Throw Away Your Textbook!Ideas For a Fun & Focused Spanish Classroom - Spanish Teacher Blog. Food. Tech. Health and wellness. Brain breaks. What target structures have you worked with? - Fogli Google. Food. Brain breaks. Beginning of the Year Unit for Novices: NETFLIX! EPIC Telenovela PBL Unit & Final Exam.

Listening. The Ultimate Guide to Full Spanish Lesson Plans Online. MovieTalk + TPRS® = Magic – The Comprehensible Classroom. Activities for Stories – The Comprehensible Classroom. An example of vocab.

AP themes

Wooly. Movied. Curriculum Update: Birthdays. Authentic resources for Spanish teachers. She's crafty: Get to know you games. Beginning year. Bob and Fred died while in my CI/TPRS classroom. Música. First Day Homework - Collages for conversation. Mystery country bags- let's play detective! 11 Animated Shorts in Mexico's Indigenous Languages. Let’s commit to CI from Day One. Let’s commit to CI from Day One.