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Classroom. What are you doing? My Classroom and my Bag. School Subjects. Learn English - Vocabulary. Player e-doceo. SCHOOL SUBJECTS. Back to school - What a wonderful world (this would be) At school. Class room objects. School Subjects. This is Jane.

School Subjects

Jane is a pupil. She goes to school five days a week. She has many subjects at school. Her lessons begin at 8:30 every day. This is her timetable for Monday. Then she has her lunch at the school canteen. SCHOOL OBJECTS. School supplies. SCHOOL SUBJECTS. Stationery 2 exercises. SCHOOL SUBJECTS. B.


LISTENING: Now, listen to the poem and complete it with some of the words from exercise 1 and other school words. At (1)I’m hopeless At (2)I stink In (3)I’m useless From (4)I shrink At (5)I’m atrocious In (6)I’m a klutz At (7)I’m rotten And (8)makes me nuts At (9)I’m lousy ? In (11)I’m dreadful My ’s (12) the worst There’s only one subject I’m sure I would pass But they do not teach (13)in my class Kenn Nesbitt My name is Martina. My favourite lesson is Computers and my favourite classroom is the computer classroom. My second favourite lesson is Music. My least favourite lesson is Sport. Classroom objects 4 exercises. Things we use when in school. Spelling Words Found at School. Spelling Words Found at School Directions: Choose the correct spelling of the picture. 1. b ___ ____ k 2. ___ e___ k 3. p ___ p ___ e ____ 4. p ___ n ___c i ___ 5. ch ___ i ___ l d r ___ n.

Spelling Words Found at School

School Subjects. IS IT? AT SCHOOL. School. 3 exercises Spelling Classroom objects. School subjects 2 exercises. Tick the box if it is right.

School subjects 2 exercises

Do not tick it if it is wrong. History Chemistry P.E. Mathematics P.E. English Geography History Mathematics Handicrafts English Art Mathematics Biology Mathematics Chemistry History Geography Art Physics Handicrafts Handicrafts Literature Biology Computer study Chemistry History Mathematics Computer study Geography Physics P.E. English Literature Handicrafts. School objects. Write the names of the objects putting a, e, i, o, u. 1. b l _ c k b _ _ r d 2. d _ s k 3. c l _ s s r _ _ m 4. c l _ s s m _ t _ 5. b _ n 6. b _ _ k.

School objects

School Subjects. Vocabulary: School subjects and school objects. School objects. School vocabulary. School life. SCHOOL SUBJECTS WORDSEARCH. School Subjects. School objects. Subjects. School Supplies Quiz (young/beginner) School Supplies Wordsearch (young/beginner) Shool things. Mots Mêlés School objects. François Dacosse. Classroom. Learning Chocolate - Vocabulary Learning Platform. Classroom. Let's have a class! Classroom Language. School Subjects.