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OpenNIC Wiki: dotP2PTLD OpenNIC .p2p Charter .p2p is chartered for use with our peer to peer based DNS concept. ( ) The primary service will allow people to use a decentralized open DNS system. The purpose of this TLD is to allow people using traditional methods of DNS to gather information about this new concept and to also control domain registrations through the use of .p2p domain names are first come, first serve, excluding those reserved for .p2p operational matters (www.p2p, nic.p2p, opennic.p2p) for domain spam prevention, to qualify for a domain you must own at least one domain of the same name in the existing TLD scope (eg: test.p2p requires you to own To prevent domain fraud on commonly used domains (eg: google.*) alexa top1000 will be locked to the owner of the highest ranking domain that appears on the alexa rankings ... Reselling of domains/subdomains, as a domain is controlled by a member, we have no direct say in how it's operations are handled.

Crise boursière: le film des événements We and our partners do the following data processing based on your consent and/or our legitimate interest: Store and/or access information on a device; Select basic ads; Select personalised ads; Measure ad performance; Develop and improve products; Create a personalised ads profile; Create a personalised content profile; Select personalised content; Measure content performance; Apply market research to generate audience insights; Ensure security, prevent fraud, and debug; Technically deliver ads or content. These technologies may process personal data such as IP address and browsing data to offer following functionalities: Use precise geolocation data; Actively scan device characteristics for identification; Match and combine offline data sources; Link different devices; Receive and use automatically-sent device characteristics for identification. Nous respectons votre vie privée

S&P: Risk Of Downgrade Increases As U.S. Nears Debt Ceiling (William James and Emelia Sithole-Matarise) - The risks of the U.S. losing its prized triple-A rating over the medium term have increased as the country faces a political impasse and nears its debt ceiling, Standard and Poor's said on Tuesday. While the ability to adapt both fiscal and monetary policy was a positive for the United States, the risk of a credit rating downgrade had increased due to a lack of political consensus on how to employ that flexibility, Moritz Kraemer, head of sovereign credit ratings for Europe at Standard & Poor's, said on Tuesday. "The problem is this flexibility needs to be employed and for that you need political consensus.

Capacities by Stanza. The real world is made virtual and the virtual is made real again and exposed in the process. Technology For the past ten years I have been researching wireless sensor networks. I have developed the software and I can place sensor hardware to make these installations. This is the physical entity that one can see and hear to experience the real time and passage of time. I use 40 motes sensors in a network.

An Open Letter to David Cameron’s Parents « Nathaniel Tapley Image via Wikipedia Dear Mr & Mrs Cameron, Why did you never take the time to teach your child basic morality? US credit rating downgraded for the first time in history For the first time in history, the rating agency Standard and Poor's (S&P) has downgraded the United States' credit worthiness, expressing a lack of confidence in Washington's ability to implement policies aimed at reforming the world's largest economy. The US credit rating now sits at AA+, one notch down from the AAA rating that it originally received from the agency Moody's in 1917. S&P first gave the United States a triple-A rating in 1941. The credit-rating downgrade came less than a week after a last minute resolution concluded a bitter partisan political fight over raising the nation's $14.3 trillion (10 trillion euros) debt ceiling. Republicans and Democrats cobbled together an agreement to cut $2.5 trillion in spending in exchange for raising the ceiling by an equal amount.

A Net Neutrality Timeline: How We Got Here: Tech News « Updated:The FCC Tuesday voted 3:2 to approve an order that will enshrine the policies of network neutrality — the idea that ISPs can’t hinder or discriminate against lawful content flowing through their pipes — as regulations enforced by the commission. While legal challenges remain, and the text of the full order won’t be out for a few days, here’s the gist of what’s in store, as I explained last night: The order contains three sections that set policies around transparency, create a prohibition against blocking lawful content on wireline networks and certain types of content on wireless networks, and set up rules preventing unreasonable discrimination. More analysis will come later. Update: Here’s the release discussing the order, and the full order itself will come in a few days.

Camila Batmanghelidjh: Caring costs – but so do riots - Commentators, Opinion London has woken up to street violence, and the usual narratives have emerged – punish those responsible for the violence because they are "opportunist criminals" and "disgusting thieves". The slightly more intellectually curious might blame the trouble on poor police relations or lack of policing. My own view is that the police in this country do an impressive job and unjustly carry the consequences of a much wider social dysfunction. Before you take a breath of sarcasm thinking "here she goes, excusing the criminals with some sob story", I want to begin by stating two things.

Bank of America: S&P May Downgrade US Again in November "We do expect further downgrades," said Ethan Harris, North American economist, on the call. "We doubt the newly appointed bipartisan commission will come up with a credible long-term deficit reduction plan. Hence by November or December we would not be surprised to see S&P downgrade the debt again from AA-plus to AA." Harris said that the U.S. should have avoided the downgrade in the first place by meeting S&P's demands of a $4 trillion deficit cut and a "demonstrating a sensible budget process." What they got instead was a "deficit cut of $2.1 trillion and a budget process that's been extremely chaotic," said Harris.

No base station required: peer-to-peer WiFi Direct is go The Wi-Fi Alliance on Monday announced that its direct peer-to-peer networking version of WiFi, called WiFi Direct, is now available on several new WiFi devices. The Alliance is also announcing that it has begun the process of certifying devices for WiFi Direct compatibility. The organization has already certified a handful of WiFi cards from Atheros, Broadcom, Intel, Ralink, Realtek, and Cisco, as well as the Cisco Aironet 1240 Series access points. These devices will also be used in the test suite to certify that future devices are compatible with the protocol.

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