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Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker

Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker

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When to (not) use a Custom Taxonomy Saw a post over on the WordPress Stack Exchange site a while back, and though I sorta went into it in my answer there, I figured it would make a decent topic. Custom taxonomies are great. But they’re not great for everything. When designing a custom solution, it’s helpful to understand this in advance, so you can choose what goes where properly.

Browser Statistics, OS Market Share, and Technology Usage News Find the latest Browser Statistics, OS Market Share, and Technology Usage news below. We do our best to screen the news provided here for relevance and accuracy, but the links to articles found here are from 3rd parties so occassionally less pertinent materials get published. Please feel free to contact us to report other relevant articles, or to let us know of any material that should be removed. 8600 total records found. Displaying records 1 - 100 on page 1 out of 86 total page(s) Showing records per page.

Holy Grail 3 column liquid-layout: No Quirks Mode, No IE Conditi No Quirks Mode My original Holy Grail 3 column liquid layout required the XML declaration for it to display correctly in older versions of Internet Explorer. This version works without it and is thus never in quirks mode. It only requires one extra div to achieve this, a small price to pay for compatibility. No IE Conditional Comments

A Page Flip Book NEW RELEASE : Page Flip Book for WordPress is the easiest way to manage virtual 3D books you can browse with your mouse. This plugin allows you to upload, resize, border and re-order your images. You can also choose background image or texture if you need it. Both Flash AND jQuery animations, iOs compliant Very useful to show your references, make a photo album, show your specials products...

40 Best Drupal 7 Themes As an open source content management platform, Drupal has always been considered as one which is difficult to learn and maintain, thus more appropriate for big businesses and establishments whose websites are taken care of by highly skilled webmasters. This is not really true especially now that Drupal 7 has arrived. Searching for a good Drupal theme, on the other hand, is a time consuming and frustrating activity. Unlike WordPress, there has only been few Drupal 7 themes to choose from, but this is getting better as more and more themes get unveiled. To make things easy for you, we have searched and found the best Drupal 7 themes.

Best Practices For Using Categories And Tags In WordPress You’ve written your post, and your mouse is hovering over the “Publish” button, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve forgotten something… Don’t worry, WordPress will remind you: “You must select a category before publishing a post.” And that reminds you, you should pick add a few tags as well. But when none of the categories seem to really fit your topic, and you’re not sure what tags to add without repeating yourself, what are you supposed to do?

7 awesome browser features New APIs for the web seem to be released every week. It would be cool to be able to use them, but if you need to make sites for the average user, you won’t be able to implement them for years – right? Wrong. In Search of the Holy Grail I’m sorry. Really. I didn’t name it. I don’t mean to overstate its importance or trivialize the other and rather weightier Holy Grails. Article Continues Below But the name’s out there, and we all know what it means. Wordpress Meetup Plugin WP Meetup Demo site WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that powers 14% of the world’s best websites. Meetup is used by 9.5 million members to connect with each other more than 2,000 times every single day in their local communities. Linking an organization’s Meetup events with their WordPress site has never been easy or efficient. Until now. The WP Meetup plugin makes keeping your organization’s members updated quickly and easily.

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