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The Essential WordPress Website Maintenance Guide For All Businesses [Infographic] There is no denying the fact that WordPress is an awesome CMS to build your website with. It is reliable, SEO friendly, flexible and provides you with tonnes of plugins that helps to improve and secure your website. However, once you have built a website, taking care of its upkeep and management is extremely important if you don’t want your years of hard work to go to waste. Website maintenance is a crucial factor that you can’t ignore if you want to make a name for your brand in the online world and as such, giving it a top-priority is of utmost importance. Moreover, a well-maintained website will help to improve your brand’s credibility by: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. However, it is important to note, that website maintenance is not a one-time job but an ongoing task.

You are required to monitor your website on a daily basis to ensure that it is safe & secure and performing optimally. So, dive in. Click on image for a larger view. How To Create Good Quizzes That Get Your Audience Hooked? A lot of things to drive more traffic on your site has already been covered by many authors on I am trying quite hard to think if we (me included) have ever mentioned a way that can boost your traffic, increase social engagement and more, while having a bit of fun on the way. Hmmm.. Anyway, if you are interested in knowing how you can have a bit of fun in hooking up your visitors while they land on your page, and within the process get more social social shares, one great way of doing so is by creating quizes.

Quizes, when done properly and creatively, entertains your audience and perhaps even gives a bit more of reason for them to stick around. Depending on your topic or business, a quiz that associates with whatever you are picthing can eventually catch many eyeballs and go viral. With that said, the next obvious question is how to create quizes easily and beautifully, in addition to having all the necessary features that helps building a quiz without going crazy?

Save. Speed Up: A Guide To Decreasing Your WordPress Load Time. Speed is a crucial aspect for any website. From affecting your views to your total revenue, it plays a significant role in website development and maintenance. Google already announced that they consider website speed when determining website rank. It only goes to show that speed has even become a defining factor for SEO purposes. And this does not come as a surprise considering the fast-paced life of Information age. Why wait for a site to load when you can get the same information or avail the service at a different site that’s faster. There are many tried and tested measures that one may resort to. Some will boost up the speed considerably, whereas some will get you those extra few seconds that can make all the difference. Now the question is: what can you do to make your WordPress website faster and more efficient?

1. Latest updates help you fix bugs that slow down your site. Make sure you keep your WordPress core, plugins, and themes updated to the most recent stable release. 2. 3. – High Performance WordPress Hosting [Review & Giveaway] Undoubtedly WordPress is one of the number one CMS platform choice of many bloggers, marketers, and even small businesses to build their websites. So many websites are being built in WordPress that themes, plugins and other features are constantly improving in a lot of ways. Themes are getting more sophisticated, new features, getting responsive, and plugins never stop from being developed to further enhance WordPress functionalities. The success of WordPress is indeed remarkable and as everything around it is getting much more demanding, so are the hosting requirements to make sure that all those “nice things” do not hamper your websites performance. After all, when someone lands into your site, both on desktop or on mobile, you want to be sure they stick around for a bit.

With that said, here’s a quick question – do you know what ticks off people when they visit your site? I don’t know about you but in my case, I grow very impatient when a site loads slowly. Long story short. OK. 10 Best & Shortlisted Business Portfolio WordPress Themes 2015. Starting up a portfolio website has often been a clever choice for marketers. Since the emerging of digital media marketing, WordPress themes with various standard designs and layouts are available to gear up your business.

But, while creating a portfolio business site, you are ensuring that you have secured a collection of previous work in your portfolio pages. In many ways, portfolio WordPress themes are beneficial for business. It doesn’t affect the size and nature of the business, for instance, whether you are a freelancer or a business person, the samples or past work always help to increase the interest of the potential clients who are ready to pay in exchange of your genuine services. Also, having an own WordPress site is a matter of pride that can assist to promote our work. Just imagine, emailing resume to your clients every time and doing modifications for every project seems to be a daunting task.

NatureShoot – Nature Photography WordPress Theme Theme Features Theme Feature. WP Central Hub. Site Cleanup For SEO, WordPress Plugins For Business, Content Marketing Tips, #Speedlink 36:2015. Hi everyone, hope you all had a great and productive week! How old is your blog or site? How many pages do you have? If you have been around for a while, chances are you have the cruft. Rand of has this to say about “the cruft”: We all have it. In the video below, Rand gives you a bit of momentum, showing you how you can go about finding and taking care of the cruft on your site. Clean Your Site’s Cruft Before It Causes Rankings Problems WordPress Plugins That Help You Make Profits and Save Time For most businesses, getting a website created from scratch is a waste of time and money.

It’s not new that I am a WordPress fan and recommend its use to anyone who wants to build a great business website. SEO-related pluginsPlugins to speed up your sitePlugins to help you get more leadsContent marketing related pluginsPlugins to help you sell products (i.e., list products and handle payments) Finally and wise words of advice from Neil: “plugins are tools. The full list of WordPress plugins. Convert Old Content To eBooks And Generate More Leads Using Beacon. If you search around on the internet about how to generate content and leads, one of the things you will most likely bump into is repurposing content or recycling older content that you already have in your archives.

Recylcing older content to a “lead capturing” strategy is a good way of buidling your list while at the same time getting your valuable content that is probably hidden out there, again. Think of this a some sort of a win/win situation. You convert your old blog post into “something” valuable and offer it to your visitors as an incentive to subscribe to your list. Sounds good right? Read on. What is “Something” Valuable? Well, high quality content is definitely one of them. So, the next obvious question is how do you convert old blog post into content treasures? Is There An Easy Way To Convert Blog Post Into eBooks? Quick answer, Yes! Beacon is a service that helps convert old content into professional looking ebooks.

Want to know more about how Beacon works? Add Content. Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster With Image and PDF Optimization. Making your WordPress website (or any other platform) load faster is something you should really be concerned with, specially if you are in a shared hosting environment. Not only is a fast loading website good for search engines, it is first and foremost, an important factor for user experience (UX). Studies has proven that a slow website can cause you more harm than good and while there are great but expensive solutions out there, fortunately, there are some ways in which you can improve your websites performance without the need to invest a lot of money. Actually, in a lot of cases, you can achieve this by only investing a fraction of $$ and more of your time and effort, to get things done. If you have doubts about your site speed, you can always test how long it takes to load and see for yourself. Picture yourself going to a website looking for answers to your queries.

The site you visit takes forever to load because of heavy images. What do you do? Before: Content Distribution: HotDeals sur Twitter : "ThemeFuse Premium #WordPress Themes #giveaway. ThemeFuse WordPress Themes [giveaway] Our friends, the amazing team at ThemeFuse are sharing an awesome opportunity with our fans! They’re giving away 3 licenses for their premium WordPress themes to 3 of our lucky readers!

If you’re a WordPress user, you’re in for a real treat with this giveaway. The 3 winners of this giveaway will each receive one voucher for a free WordPress theme of their choice from ThemeFuse. Want to know how you can win 1 of 3 ThemeFuse WordPress themes? Read on, but first let us tell you about some cool news from ThemeFuse! In partnership with a very trusted hosting company, ThemeFuse has launched an amazing new product. And now, let’s take a look at some of the WordPress themes you could choose from if you win this amazing giveaway.

The Flavour – Restaurant WordPress Theme Need a modern restaurant WordPress theme that has all of the features you could ask for? Metro Vibes – Metro WordPress Theme Beatheaven – Music WordPress Theme Envision – Business WordPress Theme NewsSetter – News WordPress Theme. WordPress Anti-Spam and Security Plugin – On Stealth Mode! OK, you may be asking what in the world is a stealth mode anti-spam and security plugin? Before I explain what that is, let me run you to some quick facts. Some of you may already know the importance of keeping your WordPress site as secured as possible and preferebly free from spammers. Those that do nothing but attempt to use bots or any other form of attack to leave comments, and/or attempt to login into your site just do it for the sheer fun or, those deliberate attacks that are aimed to do your site some harm. Obviously, there is simply no way that you can “bulletproof” your WordPress sites security to 100%, nonetheless, the more “counter-measures” you have in place, the less likely you will have to deal with potential problems in the future.

Some of those counter measures can be in the form of using “Captcha” for comments or any type of “human detection” mechanism. On another front is the matter of “brute force” attacks. Enter, Goodbye Captcha. As the author of the plugin says… WordPress SEO vs All in One SEO Pack: Which Is The Best SEO Plugin? | Elegant Themes Blog. Pinterest. Free Cloud Hosting and Apps - 24Zilla Cloud Service Provider - Free Cloud Applications. Cloud Hosting For Free? I know. Hard to believe right? And most likely, you are wondering what is the catch? Before moving further, there is actually, but contrary to what you may be thinking, I will tell straight out what it is. If after this, you are still not interested, then I am afraid that nothing else will convince you. OK then, the catch. 24Zilla’s free cloud web hosting catch is nothing more but the amount of disk storage space, which is limited to 100mb.

Free Cloud Apps Powered By 24Zilla Yes, this website started as a free hosted site with 24zilla (actually hostzilla at the time). Anyway, in order to ensure that you are not being lured to some evil scheme, just check out the free features below: And remember: No purchase required. 100% Absolutely Free Website Hosting. Is 100mb enough? It really depends on what you intend to create. NOTE: If you are interested, 24Zilla has their unbeatable “PREMIUM CLOUD HOSTING” for a ridiculous amount of $4,49 per month. And heaps more. And OH! 5 WordPress Plugins in One – JoomUnited Plugin Bundle. JoomUnited, a well known provider of extensions and plugins, supporting Joomla and WordPress websites, have teamed up with iblogzone to offer you a chance to win 1 of 3 WordPress Developer Bundles. The bundle includes 5 Premium WordPress plugins (see below), support and updates for one whole year (a $110 value each). Before I tell you exactly how you can win one of these WordPress Plugin bundles, let’s take a quick look at what the plugins are all about: WP Media folder: add folders in the media manager WP Media Folder adds the possibility to manage media with folder and subfolders directly in WordPress.

With WP Media Folder life is easier as you can manage files, images from the native WordPress media manager. You can drag and drop images and files easily. Stop searching for an image through thousands of media, just navigate like you do on your desktop file manager. More info: WP Meta SEO: control over content and images SEO. 55 Best SEO WordPress Themes – Part 2. Following part 1 of the Best SEO WordPress Themes published last week, here´s part 2 to complete the article. 31.

Xmax Xmax is another great magazine WordPress theme with clean, modern design and lots of great features. It is ideal for news, blogs and online shop sites. The theme is fully responsive, fast, HTML5/CSS3 ready and much more. 32. Medicate, as the name indicates, is a premium WordPress theme for Health and Medical websites and blogs. 33.

This is a dynamic gaming theme with lots of appealing visual elements that you can customize as per your style. 34. Cabanas is a minimalistic and multipurpose WordPress theme with fully responsive design and easy customization options. 35. Chapelco is a very cool corporate theme that strikes the right balance between professionalism and art. 36. Looking for a theme that will make your events/conference site the center of attraction? 37. TheHealth is a clean, professional and pretty blogging theme meant for health and fitness bloggers. 38. 39. 55 Best SEO WordPress Themes – Part 1. SEO is the lifeblood of websites and blogs without which none of the web platforms can hope to succeed in the cut-throat arena known as the cyberspace.

With millions of web platforms vying for attention, it is really an accomplishment to get into the good books of search engines but anyone who has gone through this grind of impressing search engines knows what a task it is. However, if you are a WordPress user you can easily cut down on this task as the best SEO WordPress themes are here to bail you out. You can blindly bank on them for they know their task well.

Such themes use clean code which is very important in securing a good ranking. 1. Schema, from MyThemeShop, is a very fast loading and ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme. 2. This is a fabulous theme for restaurants that want to create a popular online presence and sell more. 3. Developed by ThemesKingdom, Solar is a very simple yet strong theme that brings back the basics of WordPress very firmly. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. How To Secure A WordPress Blog? WordPress is easily the most popular blogging platform preferred by professionals and amateur due to its advantages.

But, its attractive themes and content should be improved through the WordPress security and protection. This is to make sure that your blog does not fall victim to malware attacks that can create problems in your site. Most of the time, people don’t take security measures until it’s too late. So if you want to keep your blog as safe as possible from attacks, here´s a guide about creating a more secured environment for a WordPress blog. Limit Login Attempt with Wordfence Plug-in Hackers use brute force attack that can, in the theory, be used against any encrypted data. Wordfence makes a complete scan to check if your website is infected or not.

Another excellent advantage is that if a user has failed a defined number of times for log-in to the site, they will be logged out from your site for a specific period of time. How to avoid HotLinking? WP Hotlink Protection Conclusion. Top 10 Must Have Wordpress Plugins. How To Secure A WordPress Blog? How To Secure A WordPress Blog? Top 10 Must Have Wordpress Plugins.

Top 10 Must Have Wordpress Plugins. HostAwesome - Awesome WordPress Hosting. Giveaway: Three Lucky Winners Get Free ThemeFuse Themes! Giveaway: Three Lucky Winners Get Free ThemeFuse Themes! Giveaway: Three Lucky Winners Get Free ThemeFuse Themes! Giveaway: Three Lucky Winners Get Free ThemeFuse Themes! Giveaway: Three Lucky Winners Get Free ThemeFuse Themes! New Divi 2.0 From Elegant Themes – #Giveaway. New Divi 2.0 From Elegant Themes – #Giveaway. CMS Commander Giveaway: Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Easier. A Basic Tutorial For Beginners to Install WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. CMS Commander Giveaway: Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Easier. CMS Commander Giveaway: Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Easier. CMS Commander Giveaway: Manage Multiple WordPress Sites Easier. How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites? How To Manage Multiple WordPress Sites? Elegant Themes Developers License Membership Giveaway.

Elegant Themes Developers License Membership Giveaway. Free WordPress Mobile Plugins to Make your Site Responsive. Best WordPress Security Plugins 2012, Protect Your Online Business. 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse to be Given Away. Home Based & Small Business Resources, SEO Tips & Marketing | Home Based & Small Business Resources, SEO Tips & Marketing |

3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse to be Given Away. 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse to be Given Away. 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse to be Given Away. 10+ Best WordPress Portfolio Themes of 2013. Wordpress SEO Plugin for Social Media - WP Social SEO Booster Pro. How To Enhance Your WordPress Sites Security, and Fix Hacks? How To Enhance Your WordPress Sites Security, and Fix Hacks? How To Enhance Your WordPress Sites Security, and Fix Hacks? How To Create A WordPress Review and Rating Site With One Plugin. OptimizePress - Marketing Made Easy.

Authority Pro 3. OptimizePress Plugin Review: Page-Building Platform for WordPress. Top 5 Free WordPress Themes of the Month — July 2013 Edition. State of the Word: WordPress 3.7 and 3.8 Out Soon. Free WordPress Themes, Facts You Need To Know. How To Create A WordPress Review and Rating Site With One Plugin. The Best Related Post Plugin For WordPress, So Far. 8 Superb Mobile WordPress Plugins. How To Create A Review and Rating Site On WordPress.

Shrsl. 120 Free WordPress Themes from Premium Theme Developers. The Most Exciting Feature of WordPress 3.6: Native Audio and Video Support. Wpbruteforce. How To Embed Google Plus Comments On WordPress. Massive WordPress Attack Targets Weak Admin Passwords. WordPress Elegant Themes Lifetime Membership Giveaway. WordPress or Blogger: Which One Is Better For SEO? Convert Website to Mobile, Create and Build Free Mobile Sites | GinWiz. Best WordPress Photography Themes for 2013. WordPress Audio Player Plugin. WordPress 3.6 Beta 1. Best WordPress Security Plugins 2012, Protect Your Online Business. TemplateMonster Giveaway: Over 1800 WordPress Themes Available. 9 Of The Best Free Backup Plug-ins For WordPress. 10 Best Wordpress Themes in 2013 for Photographers. vs A Definitive Guide For 2013. Change Up Your Login Page with These Plugins.