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300+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2015. An overview of best free WordPress themes released on 2015.

300+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2015

This is the best collection of WordPress themes in many categories. As we know WordPress is the best blogging platform since it started. 70% of websites built on WordPress platform. What exactly makes WordPress the top blogging platform? Well, it is flexible to build websites, it is easy to use, supported by the huge community, the huge theme and plugin directory. All together WordPress worth number one position. Themes are the hot topic when we discuss WordPress. 28 Free Premium WordPress Themes 2015. They are premium and they are free. Best responsive and free premium WordPress themes to get you started for 2016. Find all kinds of themes ranging from portfolio, magazine, personal blog wordpress theme, music, video, business, one page and many more. Only choose the best from a bloat load of free WordPress themes i have come across for the last few days.

Enjoy this new year and i wish you happiness to all. Take a look at the below free themes and let us know if they were useful to you. Journal Journal can be quite useful for new bloggers or even for website owners who already has a newspaper style theme and need a better alternative. Journal comes in two styles; light and dark. DemoDownload Vertex. Maxene - Wordpress Theme ~ WordPress Commerce Themes on Creative Market. Maxene is a modern and responsive Wordpress theme, built using the Genesis Framework, which is a safe, fast and SEO-ready framework!

Maxene - Wordpress Theme ~ WordPress Commerce Themes on Creative Market

Use it as a full website, blog, eShop, portfolio or anything you wish! // Header image design (in PSD and PNG) // 6 Layout choice // Genesis Framework (a $59.95 value!) // Maxene Theme // Social Media Icons // Easy Instruction file with great plugins resource list // Mobile Responsive Design // Blog Branding Kit (sidebar profile image, extra sidebar image template, 2 post image templates, 4 buttons/headers) MATCHING BRANDING For other packages and services, visit. Best 35+ E-Commerce WordPress Theme of 2012 (Updated) WordPress a platform whose change the entire internet with his features and quality .In fact WordPress is a platform who will become no.1 to buy and sell products.Many Sellers want an easy and simple templates for their estore so that their customer can easily make order using their websites.So To selling the product on Internet I have a list of some E-commerce wordpress theme which fulfill your desired need for your estore.

Best 35+ E-Commerce WordPress Theme of 2012 (Updated)

Please note that WordPress requires shopping cart feature to function as an online shop.Some theme have inbuilt eCommerce module most rely on WP eCommerce plugin like Woo Commerce.Below Each theme i have added name of the plugin which help you to built your online shop 1)eStore WordPress Theme Estore provides you a finest solution for your e-commerce websites.It comes with most popular e-commerce plugin like eshop and simple PayPal Shopping.Some features of estore theme are Automated thumbnail re-sizer which automatically re-size your thumbnail images. 2)The Restaurant. Gmail. Thank you. Untitled. Tutorial: Installing WordPress on GoDaddy Manually. Let me first say this article is written with a bit of “snarkiness” born of frustration at GoDaddy.

Tutorial: Installing WordPress on GoDaddy Manually

I included it for the sake of humor, but I hope no one takes offense; I know there are reasons you may choose to use GoDaddy, which is why I wrote this tutorial in the first place. The first and best advice I can give you is not to install WordPress on Seriously, just turn and run. Flail your arms around a bit as you go just to be sure you’re making your point. There are a host of other hosts (har har) you can choose from which have better WP support, better customer support, better security, and a better back-end UI. However, if you have a client who insists on using GoDaddy hosting, or if for some reason you, yourself, need to jump through their hoops, navigate their myriad of labyrinthine user dashboards, and trust to their sometimes spotty security, you’ll be glad for a guide by the time you’re done. Untitled. Workality Lite - Wordpress Portfolio Theme by Northeme. Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes - 30 Great Ones. Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website Using WordPress & Pro Framework.

Basically, we need to delete the old version of the framework, and install the new framework.

Ultimate Guide to Creating a Website Using WordPress & Pro Framework

This won't mess with your custom CSS or PHP edits, because you've had a child theme installed - and not the framework, riiiight? ;) Right, so we go to "Appearance >> Themes" and look for your version of Pro Framework. Find "Pro Framework" in your list of themes, and press the "Delete" link.

It will say you're going to lose your customizations - but if you've been using a child theme, you won't. Now that it's deleted, go to "Install Themes >> Upload" and upload the new file. There's no need to activate - as your child theme will kick back into place once the Framework is back. Just in case - go to "Appearance >> Themes" and make sure the child theme is activated. Click here to see documenation There's two ways to install a plugin using WordPress. The Easy Way.