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Checklist for Setting Up a WordPress Store. Home /WordPress /Checklist for Setting Up a WordPress Store February 23rd, 2017 An eCommerce industry has brought a great revolution across the world.

Checklist for Setting Up a WordPress Store

New-age business owners are setting up beautiful online stores to grow their standards and generate maximum revenues quickly and efficiently. They are leveraging the new technologies, online marketing and selling techniques to make their brand stand out from the crowd. However, creating a fully-fledged eCommerce site is not an easy task.

Fortunately, WordPress comes with high-powered tools, plugins, and themes that make it cinch to create a fully-interactive and professional-looking web store, without ever generating a single piece of code. Here, in this blog post, we will go through a complete checklist for setting up an online store on WordPress. 1. First you will need to choose the most suitable domain name and hosting provider that can serve your unique eCommerce needs on time. 2. 3. Checkout WooCommerce WP eCommerce Easy Digital Downloads. Guide to WordPress User Roles and Permissions - Themient. WordPress is known for its user-friendly, accessible, scalable and flexible capabilities.

Guide to WordPress User Roles and Permissions - Themient

This is the main reason why it enjoys over 21 % of market share across the globe. Apart from an extensive range of themes, plugins, and out-of-the-box tools, WordPress also comes with a user role management system that describes what a user can and cannot do on a website. While developing your WordPress website, you should be aware of specific user roles and permissions on your WordPress site. This will let you control different activities of your site, such as performing administrative tasks, writing, editing, deleting and approving posts and pages, managing themes and plugins and a lot more. Jaw-Dropping WordPress Trends to Check out in 2017. The previous year has been great for WordPress.

Jaw-Dropping WordPress Trends to Check out in 2017

We have seen 26 successful official releases and also experienced thriving WordPress trends such as one-page design, hamburger menu and a lot more in 2016. The CMS platform is getting better and better with every passing year and we are still expecting something more to come from WordPress in 2017. Last year, the co-founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg, released his State of the Word to highlight the achievements that have made in 2016 and also set out the glimpse of what will be new in WordPress for their end users in the upcoming year.

Matt has already stated that the WordPress community will focus on the user experience, introduce improvements to the core of WordPress interface, bring modifications to the WordPress development process, and the best part is that the platform will become more secure and encrypted this year. Well, there are many other exciting WordPress trends to watch out for 2017. 1. 10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins - HotThemes. While an email marketing is one of the most conventional ways of growing business, there are lots of things you need to mull over while expanding your email list.

10 Best Email Marketing WordPress Plugins - HotThemes

After launching your WordPress website, ensure that you install appropriate email marketing WordPress plugins with the ultimate goal of generating quality leads and higher conversion rate for your business. No matter what type and size of website you have, just make sure you encourage web visitors to become subscribers on your website. Handy Guide to Optimize Images for WordPress - ThemeSkills. It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words!”

Handy Guide to Optimize Images for WordPress - ThemeSkills

And that stands true in today’s technological era. Webmasters tend to use snapshots, HD images, photos sufficiently to catch user’s attention. If you don’t use images on your site, it may not attract visitors no matter how meaningful and useful your content is. These days, there is a heavy competition in online business and everyone wants to grab the maximum number of users at any cost, and make them loyal to their brand forever. So, they use a number of high-resolution images that make the websites heavy and sluggish. How to Adding Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to Your WordPress Site. Search Engine Optimization is an important technique to improve the ranking of websites on different search engines.

How to Adding Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to Your WordPress Site

SEO professionals implement different practices to promote websites and increase web traffic. If your SEO is better, it will be easier for new visitors to find your site’s content. If you have created your website on WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin to improve your site’s ranking. In fact, Yoast Plugin is one of the most popular Plugins that helps lot in your SEO efforts. Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment in Holiday Season.

Content is actually a useful resource of information about anything.

Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment in Holiday Season

This terminology has obtained a considerable importance in the digital word. Without contents, online marketing has no existence at all. In order to gain success in digital marketing, SEO professional and webmasters need to have an appropriate content marketing strategy to create and distribute valuable, pertinent, and consistent content to attract and retain more audience and run a profitable website. The importance of content marketing is reflected in flowing data. Just have a look: Site Uptime Monitoring: How To Easily Track Site Uptime and Downtime. Site Uptime Monitoring: The Basic Concept of Downtime and Uptime Uptime is a computer technology term for the time period when a server remains online and is accessible.

Site Uptime Monitoring: How To Easily Track Site Uptime and Downtime

If the server of a website is offline and is can’t be accessed by the visitors, it is termed as Downtime. Tricks for Speeding up Your WordPress Site — WPTrigger. The performance of a website plays a crucial role in determining the usability, accessibility and sales of a site.

Tricks for Speeding up Your WordPress Site — WPTrigger

A slow running website not only diverts the attention of your potential visitors but also downturn your search engine ranking. If the load time of your site is more than 4 seconds or your web page size is more than 2MB, then that can be a big issue as it will generate a worrying situation in terms of low sales and high server fees. Therefore, it is necessary to find out the measures that can improve the performance of your website. There are various free and premium online tools which top WordPress development companies use while WordPress website development such as Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, WebPageTest, and GTmetrix that will help you discover issues that are majorly slowing down the speed of your website.

Well, in this blog post, we will look at some useful tricks that will definitely speed up your WordPress website and enhance your user experience. 1. 2. 3. 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost your Content Marketing. Content marketing has become an integral part of new-age marketing campaigns.

10 Best WordPress Plugins to Boost your Content Marketing

With the power of web content, brands are promoting their products and services across the globe. Whether you are hosting a small business or a big reputed brand, it becomes essential to plan and execute a money making content marketing strategy. Usually, professional content marketers choose WordPress CMS platform when it comes to creating and distributing content on different web channels.

Checklist for Planning Content Marketing for WordPress. A successful content marketing campaign is all about creating and distributing unique, quality and relevant content across the web in order to increase brand awareness. It has become one of the most popular buzzwords in the digital market. Of course, writing great content is essential, but you can’t skip its marketing on multiple web platforms and social media websites for better visibility.

A well organized and well-implemented content marketing can help you reach a large number of web audience with ease. It can be done via blog posts, emails, product pages, and social media posts. However, executing an effective content marketing strategy can be a daunting task, but you can achieve the targeted goals if done correctly. 10 Amazing Facts about Responsive Web Design. Responsive web design (RWD) seems to be the order of the day as search trends have changed a lot, with more and more people are using their different mobile devices rather than PC/laptops. If you want your site to work properly and give the best user experience to all segments of your target audience, you are required to design your website for the devices they make use of. An excellent RWD uses media queries, fluid layouts and flexible images to offer users the best experience regardless of the devices they are using to access the site.

Have a look at some key points that discloses some amazing facts about RWD. Note: This is a guest contribution written by Lucy Barre. Boost Productivity with 5 Tools for WordPress Automation. Managing a WordPress site can be a challenging task, especially if your site is receiving a lot of web visitors. There are a whole slew of activities, ranging from creating quality content regularly, to keeping up with comments, managing social media networks, to implementing content marketing strategies and so on, you need to manage everything.

Although WordPress is an ingenious platform, you need to spend a lot of time and energy in making your site look outstanding from all perspectives. You always need to make sure that the changes you make to your site work in your favour. However, analysing each and every WordPress task becomes difficult, but with the help of WordPress automation tools and plugins, you can achieve your goals with ease. 7 Best Mega Menu WordPress Plugins - PremiumCoding. 7 Free Genesis Plugins for Genesis Powered Site. What is new in the WordPress 4.7 Release Candidate Updates? has just ventilated the Release Candidate of WordPress 4.7 with all the possible updates and functionality enhancements before its final release.

The main purpose of RC (Release Candidate) is to ensure that everything is fine and working well. Since there are millions of users and plethora of themes and plugins, it is possible to get something missed while updating all the Beta versions. That is the main reason why WordPress 4.7 Release Candidate is here. Although WordPress 4.7 is slated for launch on December 6, you can still test the upcoming version either by installing the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin or downloading the release candidate here (zip). What is new in the WordPress 4.7 Release Candidate Updates? 10 Excellent Plugins for Adding Widgets into WordPress. WordPress widget plugins are widely used in WordPress websites for doing customization without knowing any computer code. They are used to add features and content to your sites in a flexible way with an intention to enhance the user experience or back-end usability. The majority of the themes for WordPress have specific features and widget locations to add lists of post and categories in the sidebar.

But, sometimes, more power is required to be added to WordPress websites to make them unique and eye catching. New Approaches to Web Design in 2016 - Inbound Now. Web design, like everything that’s not politics, thrives on innovation. 10 Most Common WordPress Beginner Mistakes To Avoid. Key Points to Remember before Buying a WordPress Theme - Web Design Tunes. Learning JavaScript – A Practical Guide for WordPress Developers. 5 months after the groundbreaking (for many) revelation by Matt Mullenweg in last year's State of the Word (WordCamp Philadelphia, 2015) address where the co-founder of WordPress advised all PHP and WordPress developers to learn JavaScript, deeply; the entire community is in a state of excitability.

Easy Guide to Improve WordPress Admin Area. Handy Guide to Make a WordPress Website - Super Dev Resources. WordPress is a popular CMS, used by millions of bloggers, companies, start-ups, business owners, etc, to make their online presence strong in a short time span. Key Features and Updates to look for in WordPress 4.6 Version. WordPress rolled out its latest version, WordPress 4.6 with a whole slew of new features and updates to let users concentrate on the design, functionality and other aspects of WordPress development with ease. The latest version has been named as “Pepper”, in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams. Common WordPress Theme Issues and their Fixes. Best Pick: 10 Free Responsive WordPress Themes for the Year 2016 - Tech Sparkle. Best things in life are free… When paying for WordPress themes feels unnecessary and a gesture that reeks of ‘overkill’, you want a theme that’s more ‘basic and beautiful’ instead of ‘bit overwhelming’ with all the features and the bells and the whistles: Something that serves the purpose without bothering you to pay for premium.

WordPress Free Theme vs. Premium Theme: Ultimate Comparison. When you start a WordPress website, a lot of things come into your mind such as the creation of unique and attractive contents, website design, website functionality, SEO, videos, sliders, themes, plugins, etc. 10 WordPress Chat Plugins for Improving Sales.

The satisfaction of customers is always important for the success of any business. When you are involved in online business, a quality live chat plugin helps you to get feedback from your clients and solve their problems easily. When you put your products and services for sale, it is vital for you to have a live chat system on your website. If your customers are unable to contact you, you will not be able to solve their issues and this could affect your business badly. Top 10 WooCommerce Themes.

By Lucy Barret on October 24, 2016 in Reviews. 10 ways to promote your WordPress blog for beginners. 7 Handy Tools & Plugins for A/B Split Testing in WordPress. 7 Free WordPress review plugins for adding reviews to website. How to make your E-commerce WordPress Website SuccessfulPixel Theme Studio. 7 Superb WordPress Team Management Plugins. Easy Tips For Configuring Your WordPress Theme - WP Shrug. The 5 Step Guide for Post-Installation WordPress Setup. A High-Powered WordPress Development Toolkit for WordPress Developers. Track and Scan Your WordPress Website for Hidden Malware.

Create Custom Contact Forms with 7 Best WordPress PluginsComtechies. 17 Quick Ways to Prevent WordPress Hacking: the essential WordPress Security Issues checklist. 10 ways to promote your WordPress blog for beginners. How Important Is Responsive Design In WordPress Theme? 7 Obscure WordPress Tools for Improving Productivity. Why Most People Are Migrating To WordPress? 7 Essential Tips To Secure Your WordPress Website - WP Shrug. Set-up Guide for Google Analytics for Small Businesses on WordPress. 5 Best Tools to Monitor Uptime & Downtime of WordPress Sites.

15 Content Marketing Tools for WordPress - DreamGrow. Tips for Picking up the Best WordPress Theme for Your Site. All You Need to Know About WordPress 4.5 Coleman – Web Digital Expert. Overlooked Mistakes while Optimizing WordPress for Conversion Rate - Usefullytips - Unique Technology Tips. Challenges you Will Face While Setting up Your Online Store - The Next Scoop. 7 Plugins for Adding Category and Tags WordPress Posts.

Common Issues with Responsive Design & Their Solutions. Collection of 30 Free Fonts for Designers. 5 UX Tips to Follow for A Better WordPress Site. 7 Great WordPress Widgets for Your Site. WordPress Plugins: 7 Best Plugins for Mobile Optimization - Cr8tive Chaos. Outsourcing WordPress Development? Let HireWPGeeks take the mantle. ~ HireWPGeeks Ltd. 7 Tools for Stopping Comment Spam in WordPress. 4 Ways to Guard Your WordPress Site from Various Threats. Battle of the Best SEO Plugin: Yoast SEO Vs All in One SEO Pack. Handy Guide for Preventing Image Theft on WordPress - VINAORA. Handy Guide for Preventing Image Theft on WordPress - VINAORA.

Top 10 Landing Page WordPress Themes for High Conversion - Matrix Media. Top 10 Free and Paid WooCommerce Themes. WordPress Plugins: 7 Best Plugins for Mobile Optimization - Cr8tive Chaos. 7 High Quality WordPress Themes for Infographics · WebDesignMoo. 10 HTML To WordPress Service Providers 2016. WordPress 4.5.3 Release to Fix Security & Maintenance.

Complete HTML to WordPress Migration Guide - Online Shouter. Top Reasons behind the Popularity of WordPress Development - Work Guru. Updated List of Top WordPress Development Tools. WordPress Trends to Follow in 2016 - WordPress Security: Tips for Protecting Your WordPress Login Area. 10 Easy Drag-and-Drop WordPress Theme Builders - Chandan Dubey. Future of WordPress – 2016 and Beyond. 5 Superb CRM Plugins for WordPress. WordPress 4.5.2 - 'Coleman' fixes Common Security Vulnerabilities. Top Rated WooCommerce Plugins for Affiliate Websites on WordPress. Top 10 WordPress Job Board Themes for Creating an Awesome Job Sites. WooCommerce vs. Magento: Which eCommerce Platform to Choose? - Magento Host Solution. 7 Security Tips for Pro WordPress Users. Best WordPress Web Development Company - Why use WordPress to Develop Your Business Online?

30 Fantastic Fonts for Web Typography and Graphic Design. New Fixes in WordPress Coleman with 4.5.1 Maintenance Release. WordPress Theme Debate: What to Choose Between Free vs Premium. 5 Ways to Make the Most of Outsourcing your WordPress Development. WordPress 4.5: Everything You’ll Love about “Coleman” 7 High Quality WordPress Themes for Infographics · WebDesignMoo. 5 WordPress SEO Plugins to Improve Search Engine Presence. Major Benefits of Converting PSD Design to WordPress Theme. 7 WordPress Plugins for Customizing Your Login Page - Webdesignrbox. 5 WordPress Plugins to Simplify A/B Testing. WordPress. Top WordPress Plugins for Your Search Function.