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Comment installer WordPress ? Besoin d’aide pour installer ou configurer WordPress ?

Comment installer WordPress ?

Découvrez le tutoriel « Installer WordPress facilement » par Grâce à WordPress il est désormais possible à tout un chacun de créer son blog ou site internet à faible coût. Installer un thème Wordpress, c'est facile ! Comment analyser efficacement la vitesse de chargement de votre site ? Piqûre de rappel : pourquoi est-ce si important ?

Comment analyser efficacement la vitesse de chargement de votre site ?

Difficile de ne pas ouvrir sur l’impact de votre temps de chargement sur votre référencement. Google a intégré ce critère en 2010, après avoir découvert que les internautes utilisaient moins ses services s’il référençait des sites trop lents. Website speed test. jQuery Image Slider & Gallery. Regenerate Thumbnails — WordPress Plugins. What are the default image sizes used in the Hueman theme? - Press Customizr Documentation. The Hueman WordPress theme uses four specific image sizes for the images and thumbnails displayed in the various templates of the theme.

What are the default image sizes used in the Hueman theme? - Press Customizr Documentation

Hueman theme Image sizes The above will apply to all images uploaded in your library and displayed on your website. How to adapt existing images to the Hueman theme ? If you’ve just switched to Hueman from a previous theme, you need to recreate your already uploaded images for them to nicely fit Hueman specific sizes. To update your existing images use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin: Very useful and easy to use, it will not erase your previous images, and automatically generates new images at the theme sizes in your /uploads folder. Doc created by: Menaka S. Portfolio Shortcode. You can use shortcodes to embed portfolio projects on posts and pages.

Portfolio Shortcode

Embedding Portfolio Projects To embed portfolio projects on posts and pages, first activate the Portfolio custom content type on your site and add some projects to your portfolio. Next, add the [portfolio] shortcode to a post or page. The shortcode will display projects in different ways, depending on how you use the optional attributes to customize the portfolio layout. Example of the shortcode in the Illustratr theme Attributes display_types: display Project Types. . ↑ Table of Contents ↑ Portfolios. Note: The instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard.


You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.: You can enable a unique Portfolio content type to help organize your portfolio projects in a special section of your dashboard. You can do this in two simple steps: In your site’s dashboard, go to Settings → Writing → Your Custom Content Types and make sure the “Portfolio Projects” option is checked.Add projects under the new Portfolio menu item in your sidebar. Espied Theme. Espied is a portfolio theme for designers, photographers, and artists.

Espied Theme

It’s great for showing off your image-oriented projects to the world. The theme’s minimalist design puts the focus on your projects. Responsive Design Espied is responsive, from desktop to mobile and everything in between. The theme adapts to any screen without sacrificing usability or design integrity. Avada Shortcode List. IMPORTANT NOTE – Insert the custom text you’d like to highlight where it says Your Content Goes Here.

Avada Shortcode List

Image Frame ShortcodeBack To Top [imageframe lightbox="" lightbox_image="" style_type="" bordercolor="" bordersize="" borderradius="" stylecolor="" align="" link="" linktarget="" animation_type="" animation_direction="" animation_speed="" hide_on_mobile="" class="" id=""] <img alt="Insert Alternative Text Here" src="Insert Image URL Here" /> [/imageframe] lightbox – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. Display the image in a lightbox or not.lightbox_image – The URL path of the custom image to be displayed, starting with and usually ending on .jpg, .png or .gif.style_type – Can be one of these values: none, border, glow, dropshadow, or bottomshadow.

Set the frame’s style.bordercolor – Accepts a hexcode ( #000000 ). Id – Replace this line with the unique slider name of the Revolution Slider you’ve created. HTML Table generator - How to Build a Custom Wordpress Theme from Scratch. If you’re confident with your CSS and HTML, it’s not hard at all to step up to the challenge of building a custom WordPress theme.

How to Build a Custom Wordpress Theme from Scratch

This overview shows the process of how my latest custom WordPress theme was built from design concept through to completed theme. See how the static design is split up into the various WordPress theme files, and discover how the simple PHP snippets can add that dynamic functionality of a blog. The theme I'm working on is named Sticky. The main feature of the design is its sticky sidebar (hence the name Sticky!) , which stays in place while the main content scrolls past it. With the post focusing on the production of the theme, I won't go into too many details on how the design was built, but you can see from the Photoshop previews that it uses a 16 column grid with 24px baseline; a fairly muted colour palette of a beige and grey, with a dark red as a highlighting colour for links; typography is set to serif font throughout for that touch of class!

Comment Créer un Blog Wordpress : Guide Complet Pour les Nuls » La première étape pour créer votre blog Wordpress est de choisir votre nom de domaine (votre adresse www) et ensuite, d'effectuer l'achat d'un espace d'hébergement pour votre site Internet.

Comment Créer un Blog Wordpress : Guide Complet Pour les Nuls »

L'hébergement web (également appelé serveur web) est en fait un espace sur Internet qui contiendra les fichiers de votre blog. Le serveur joue donc le rôle d'être la maison de votre site et votre nom de domaine, lui, joue le rôle de votre adresse postale. Il existe des centaines et des centaines d'entreprises d'hébergement. Il existe aussi différents types d'hébergement Wordpress. Il faut choisir le bon pour vos besoins à vous!

Propulsez votre site avec WordPress. Un site WordPress professionnel ça demande plus que 5 mn. On lit ça et là, qu'installer un blog WordPress c'est simple, facile et que cela se fait en moins de 5mn...

Un site WordPress professionnel ça demande plus que 5 mn

Oui c'est en partie vrai et après ? ⇒ Tutoriels WordPress Gratuits pour bien débuter.