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13 Hilariously Bizarre Vintage Ads Have you ever seen old advertisements from vintage newspapers and magazines? I’m not saying our ads today have drastically improved in quality, but at least they don’t force you to read 700 words just to figure out what they’re trying to sell. It’s a miracle anybody ever sold anything back in the olden days. Anyway, today we’re ranking some of the weirdest vintage ads you’ll ever see. Take a few minutes and check them out—you won’t regret it. Intermediate Grammar Archives - Talk in French French Made Easy: The Ultimate Guide to Tu vs Vous In a perfect world, using tu and vous when speaking French is a simple walk in the park. But no, we’re not as lucky as that. The sad reality is, the rules can be complicated and French learners who find themselves interacting socially with French people often struggle on which “you” to use. But wait—tu […]

Tim Burton’s Creatures Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts Mars Attack Jack and Sally Beetlejuice and Lydia Edward Scissorhands VeloViet Photo - The 9/11 Epic Ride 3 WEEKS BEFORE It was a Tuesday like all the others, and a morning that started like most. I was at work in Pomona, California, ready to begin my day researching a project that I was working on. I was in my office, trying hard to tune out the slight commotion across the room... A shout brought me out of the focus from the software code on my computer screen. I rushed out to the nearby open area where someone had plugged in a small TV... and stared in disbelief as a plane flew straight into a high rise building. OpenLeaks - LeakDirectory From LeakDirectory is a current work in progress by former people, including [Domscheit-Berg] with the intention of providing a whistleblowing infrastructure for local whistleblowers and the mainstream media and non-governmental organisations, without the controversy associated with Julian Assange and They should have much to contribute in terms of computer infrastructure security, anonymity and scalability experience, but their system, like that of / itself, is not currently accepting any whistleblower submissions. See Andy Greenberg's article: OpenLeaks Announces A Test Launch, Invites 3,000 Hackers To Attack It Domscheit-Berg argues that leaking sites’ security measures don’t need to be as tight as WikiLeaks were during Domscheit-Berg’s time with the group – they need to be tighter.

Tarantino baby names Did you know that more babies are conceived in the fall than any other season? With the cooler weather and the holiday festivities, the desire to get cozy and hibernate creates perfect procreation conditions. If you are a part of this special group get ready for nine months of non-stop baby name discussions. Naming your kiddo should be fun so we thought we’d help you out. You love QT’s films and his characters, so why not name your precious after someone you have admired for so long. Don’t we have enough Matthew’s and Jennifer’s and Madison’s?

Charles Trenet - Wikipedia Louis Charles Auguste Claude Trenet, known as Charles Trenet (French: [ʃaʁl tʁəne]; 18 May 1913 – 19 February 2001), was a French singer and songwriter. He was most famous for his recordings from the late 1930s until the mid-1950s, though his career continued through the 1990s. In an era in which it was unusual for singers to write their own material, Trenet wrote prolifically and declined to record any but his own songs. History[edit] Some of his songs had unconventional subject matter, with whimsical imagery bordering on the surreal.

Lego sculptures: the Art of the Brick exhibition Nathan Sawaya uses toy bricks to create unique sculptures, from anguished figures to an enormous T rex. About 80 sculptures made from more than a million bricks are on show at the Old Truman Brewery in London from 26 September to 4 January Nathan Sawaya: the artist making sculptures from Lego