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Le Gorafi News Network - Nightly

Le Gorafi News Network - Nightly

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Steal This Film II - Nightly These are strange times indeed. While they continue to command so much attention in the mainstream media, the 'battles' between old and new modes of distribution, between the pirate and the institution of copyright, seem to many of us already lost and won. We know who the victors are. Why then say any more? How Many Social Shares Did That Get? [FREE TOOL] I love social sharing buttons. I like them because they can serve as quiet little social calls-to-action, enticing content readers to share my articles on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. But I love them because they tell me (and everyone else) how many times those articles have been shared. Simple, transparent social media metrics. And because these buttons are so popular, if I feel an urge to compare the sharing data for my content with that of my competitors' content, I can typically just navigate to the other site and see what that website's buttons say.

InVID Verification Plugin - InVID project Get the tool! It’s free! Chrome Firefox Details about the tool This toolkit is provided by the InVID european project to help journalists to verify content on social networks (please note that external InVID services used via this interface, such as those presented under the Analysis and Keyframes tabs, are not open-sourced). It has been designed as a verification “Swiss army knife” helping journalists to save time and be more efficient in their fact-checking and debunking tasks on social networks especially when verifying videos and images. Torrent a telecharger sur - Torrent en téléchargement : Films Divx, Séries Télé, Albums mp3, Jeux... - Iceweasel 21-09-2019 Aliexpress September in Style. $7 off orders starting from $60. 21-09-2019 Aliexpress September in Style. $4 off orders starting from $5 for new users. 22-09-2019 AliExpress 15% Off your order. 22-09-2019 AliExpress Up to 15% Off your order.

‘Who shared it?’ How Americans decide what news to trust on social media Published 03/20/17 8:00 am This research was conducted by the Media Insight Project — an initiative of the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research Introduction When Americans encounter news on social media, how much they trust the content is determined less by who creates the news than by who shares it, according to a new experimental study from the Media Insight Project, a collaboration between the American Press Institute and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Whether readers trust the sharer, indeed, matters more than who produces the article —or even whether the article is produced by a real news organization or a fictional one, the study finds.

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