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Wolfram. Alpha Personal Analytics

Wolfram. Alpha Personal Analytics
Connect with Faceook, sign in for free, and get unique, personalized information anad analysis on your social data-computed by Wolfram|Alpha Clustering of your friends What are the groups of friends that make up your network? How do these groups relate to each other? Where in the world are your friends? Where do your friends live? Your network's global reach Who lives farthest from you? How popular are your friends? How many friends do your friends have? What do you talk about on Facebook? The bigger the word, the more often it's used in your conversations. When do you use Facebook? When are you most active? Where are your friends at in life? Do your friends' ages reflect what kinds of relationships they're in? Explore the structure of your friend network How do your friends connect you to your other friends? Who plays the special roles in your network? How are your friends tied together? Your most popular photos What is your most liked photo? Get a new perspective on your friends

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Awesome Bar - Find your bookmarks, history and tabs when you type in the address bar The location bar, also called the URL bar or address bar, displays a site's web address (URL). We call it the Awesome Bar because it remembers those websites you've visited before, guesses where you're trying to go and displays a list of suggested sites you can choose from. The more you use it, the better it gets. This article covers the details of how the location bar autocomplete feature works and will have you using it like a pro in no time. The location bar can also be used for other types of searches. For more information, you can see:

How to: Build a Social Media Cheat Sheet for Any Topic Let's say you're a butcher, a baker or a candlestick maker. You want to get up to speed on the social media activity in your market, as fast as you can. Or perhaps you want to sell things to candlestick makers online, or you're a journalist writing a story about blogging butchers, or maybe you've got some kind of weird baking fetish or academic interest. Is there any way to ramp up your knowledge of these fields, fast, other than the "Google and wander" method? We think there is.

AdNauseam - Clicking Ads So You Don't Have To As online advertising is becoming more automatic, universal and unsanctioned, AdNauseam works to complete the cycle by automating all ad-clicks universally and blindly on behalf of the target audience. Working in coordination with Ad Block Plus, AdNauseam quietly clicks every blocked ad, registering a visit on the ad networks databases. As the data gathered shows an omnivorous click-stream, user profiling, targeting and surveillance becomes futile.

HTTP Compression use by Alexa Top 1000 Yesterday, frontend madman and performance nut Paul Irish reached out to me asking if I had any stats on the use HTTP compression. I’ve written a bunch about the benefits of HTTP compression, as well as the challenges in implementing it. Surprisingly, I realized that, no, I did not have any figures about HTTP compression usage by major sites. The most recent stats I had were from the talk I gave during Velocity 2011′s Ignite sessions. LogMeIn We were asked to design some visualizations of the live activity flowing through the access enabled by LogMeIn, who provide the ability for one computer to log into another, anywhere on the globe. It turns out that they provide a lot of connections, with numbers upwards of 2k/ minute cropping up all the time, all over the planet. You can see what a truly global communication network looks like in real time in the map we made for LogMein, linked from the map images above and below. We also put together a more abstract visualization, from the point of view of the connections themselves—as opposed to the map, which is from the point of view of the globe. In this view, 3 kinds of connections are broken out: those taking place within a local municipality like a city, those taking place within a single country, and those happening internationally. View Map / View Connection Endpoints

copyme / kopimi (copyme), symbol showing that you want to be copied. use kopimi in your own fancy. kopimi may be put on homepages or blogs, in books, in software, as sound logos in music or whatever. 1. copy one of these kopimi symbols, or make up your own 2. put it on a homepage 3. link the logotype to: Mise à jour de Wikipedia about & blog Wikipedia Recent Changes Map Recent changes For more, see Wikipedia's RecentChanges pages for each language . Facebook Insights: The Beginner's Guide to Facebook Analytics Facebook Insights is one of the most powerful Facebook analytics tools available. When you dive into your Facebook Insights, you’ll receive a wealth of data to help you understand more about your Facebook Page. With so many different data-points available to measure — such as Likes, engagement, reach, and demographics — Insights will help you to understand how your content is resonating with your audience, how your Page is growing and provide you with an awesome overview of how your Facebook strategy is performing. This complete guide will cover everything you need to know about the key sections of Facebook Insights and share tips to help you become proficient with Facebook analytics. Navigating this guide

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