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CIPD - Championing better work and working lives CIPD

CIPD - Championing better work and working lives CIPD

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Occupational psychologist: Job description Occupational psychologists apply psychological knowledge, theory and practice to the world of work. They aim to help an organisation get the best performance from their employees and also to improve employees' job satisfaction. Occupational psychologists apply expert knowledge to all levels of working and may work on organisational issues, such as culture and change, as well as issues at an individual or team level. They may work in a consultancy role or in-house as an employee of an organisation. Typical work activities Both in-house and consultancy-based occupational psychologists carry out a range of activities according to the needs of their clients or the organisation they work for. Human-machine interaction - assessing the usability and functionality of a system, such as a computer or workstation, and making recommendations for improvements to ensure ease of use for the operator.

What Does an Occupational Psychologist Do? The services of occupational psychologists are in increasing demand. The expertise of a Chartered Occupational Psychologist lies in identifying and realising the full potential of people. Chartered Occupational Psychologists are concerned with the performance of people at work and in training, with developing an understanding of how organisations function and how individuals and groups behave at work. Organisations are deeply concerned about the need to recruit, retain and realise the potential of their human resources on which success depends. No listing of the fields of occupational psychology is ever perfect or complete, as any area where psychology can contribute to the understanding and assistance of human beings at work (and increasingly on the borderlines before and after work, and between work and leisure) may raise the need for investigation, or may find an application for some advance in the wider field of psychology.

Impact Consulting Psychologists – Business psychologists based in Manchester offering occupational psychology services, coaching, organisation development, leadership and management, career guidance and assessment centres.

"The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. We have over 130,000 members internationally - working in HR, learning and development, people management and consulting across private businesses and organisations in the public and voluntary sectors.

As an independent and not for profit organisation, we are committed to championing better work and working lives for the benefit of individuals, business, the economies and society - because good work and all it entails is good for business and society at large, and what is good for business should also be good for people’s working lives." by sosmart_eu Aug 24