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Inspiration Software, Inc. - The Leader in Visual Thinking and Learning

Inspiration Software, Inc. - The Leader in Visual Thinking and Learning
Plots and graphs are a type of visual learning diagram that visually represents a relationship between sets of numbers as a set of points having coordinates determined by that relationship. Venn diagrams, bar graphs, stack plots, pie charts and axis plots are some examples that help students develop data literacy by interpreting information and drawing conclusions. Plots and graphs also help students acquire the skills of reasoning, inquiry and communication.

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ral's notebook » Blog Archive » The Faceless Monk Issues A Warning December 31 In my yet unfinished novel (Dreams: The Final Heresy), one of the darker characters is The Faceless Monk. He is Cardinal Broga’s right hand man, his fixer. When I am actively writing, I write from what I call imaginal space. The characters occupy this space and I can see them and hear them. Since I do not plot or outline or write from conscious expectations or ideas, I am mostly in the position of a kind of scribe. Matchware Key Features: Easy-to-use with MS Office Interface Templates, Examples and Video Tutorials Award Winning MS Office Integration Optimized for Project Planning Built-in Gantt Chart and Timeline Collaboration Options PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Mind Mapping Software for Productivity

5 Innovative Mind-Mapping Tools For Education What do you do when you have an elaborate project, assignment, or paper that needs to be quickly organized? Do you fire up Microsoft Word and whip up an outline? Do you pull out a pen and paper and start sketching? What if you could have the best of both options with a free online tool? It’s called ‘mind mapping’ (“Mind Map” is a trademark of the Buzan Organization .) and it’s basically a fun and intuitive way to visually organize your thoughts.

Official Mind Mapping software by Tony Buzan The only company to offer certified Mind Mapping training from the inventor of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. Plus, certified Speed Reading and Memory training. "One of the best decisions I've made in my career."Julie Cummings-Debrot, the English Connection View our courses Graphic Identity: Logo Leverage the power of MIT. The MIT brand is the best-known and strongest of the many identities across the MIT community. And the MIT logo—the short-hand representation of that brand—is the most recognized graphic identifier.

Fusion Education skip to: page content | links on this page | site navigation | footer (site information) Bringing The Power Source of the Stars Down to Earth Home > Fusion FAQ FusEdWeb: Discover Fusion CPEP's Online Fusion Course Education and Outreach Ideas Other Fusion and Plasma Sites SmartDraw Create great-looking mind maps, and more in minutes. Download Our Mind Mapping Software FREE! Take a second and watch this quick video on how you can use mind maps to brainstorm ideas and plan projects with SmartDraw:

Exobrain Looks Like An Awesome Mind Mapping Tool Visualizing the ideas that you have in your brain is a tall order. Many of us creative types tend to carry around pads of paper and gravitate towards white boards to jot down our thoughts and scribbles. A really helpful tool to extract exactly how our ideas might become an actual “thing” is by using mind mapping software, which basically lets you create a cloud of words, ideas and thoughts that can connect to one another. A service that will be entering beta soon called Exobrain could become the killer tool to take the mind mapping concept to the next level. Not much is known about the service, other than it was created by Colin Dunn and Nick Gauthier, and is still in development.

NovaMind NovaMind is a commercial mind mapping application for Mac OS X[1] and Microsoft Windows. It was first released in 2002. It features flexible layout, native interface for both Mac (using Cocoa) and Windows (using Fluent), and a strong emphasis on the visual aspects of Mind Mapping.[2] It includes a large library of high quality images (and iPhoto integration on Mac) as well as the ability to drag on images from other programs, as well as setting reflections, borders, boundaries, corner styles, a glassy button look, etc. to make the Mind Maps visually appealing. Its uses include mapping arguments,[3] or brainstorming,[4] and concept mapping[5] in an academic setting Editions[edit] There are three editions of the desktop application: Express, Pro and Platinum.

Delaware County Intermediate Unit {*style:<b><i>Building a Healthier Lifestyle? Put the Big Rocks In First! </i></b>*} This is an old story and you may have heard it before. School Teaches Students How To Be Bad Workers: 5 Anti-Work Skills Taught In Students are offered the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary for work, but the structure and underlying ethos of the education system also ‘teaches’ them how to be terrible employees. “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war.” — A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform, 1983 “During my time in school, I have developed many skills that teachers did not intentionally want me to learn, but in a way forced me to because of the way they teach and implement the school rules. These are basically ways to cheat the system discreetly.

TinderBox Save 25% on Tinderbox and Storyspace during the 2019 Festival of Artisanal Software. Tinderbox is just $199 — save $50! Storyspace is just $114 — save $35! A new era for Tinderbox: the tool for notes. Tinderbox 8 is now available with more than 150 visible improvements and lots of new technology. Hyperbolic Views let you explore complex link networks Filtered Outlines help you focus your attention Maps are faster, more elegant, and more responsive Brainstorm even more quickly: just drag a link to an empty space to create a new linked note Tinderbox is now scriptable and cooperates even more smoothly with even more tools.

Seems that I checked out this software for work years and years ago. And then again with Inspiration 8 for my MAC. Just keeping a thread for myself. by dotsfone Sep 20

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