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The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project...Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children

The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project...Bringing Yesterday's Classics to Today's Children

Happy Michaelmas! St. Michael and All Angels“Ye that excel in strength” Service and strength, God’s Angels and Archangels;His Seraphs fires, and lamps his Cherubim:Glory to God from highest and from lowest,Glory to God in everlasting hymnFrom all his creatures. Princes that serve, and Powers that work his pleasure,Heights that soar toward him, Depths that sink toward him;Flames fire out-flaming, chill beside his Essence;Insight all-probing, save where scant and dimToward its Creator. Sacred and free exultant in God’s pleasure,His will their solace, thus they wait on him;And shout their shout of ecstasy eternal,And trim their splendours that they burn not dimToward their Creator. Wherefore with Angels, wherefore with Archangels,With lofty Cherubs, loftier Seraphim,We laud and magnify our God Almighty,And veil our faces rendering love to himWith all his creatures. ~ Christina Rossetti Today, we celebrate Michaelmas - the slaying of the dragon, representative of the dark and the letting in of the Light of God.

Waldorf Homeschooling - Waldorf home school curriculum The Dragon/Heater Celebration (Waldorf in the Home) CREATING SPECIAL MOMENTS Part I, The Dragon/Heater Celebration from Esther Leisher Family life, and life in general, is enormously enriched if we remember to create special moments. Those moments can be festivals or holidays that much of the world is celebrating, or they can be unique to your family. Some may be so simple that you hardly know what to call them. Here are some of the ideas I had for the celebration of everyday things--turning on the heater for winter, the first hike of spring, pulling the first carrot out of the garden, celebrating an abundance of sunflowers. The Dragon/Heater Celebration Something everyday can become magical through making it a ceremony. For conquering the dragon, everyone (including the grownups) might have a simple cloak and a wooden sword they have made themselves (more or less). Once conquered, the paper dragon is placed near the heater and, with a "whoof," enters the heater (Dad has just turned up the thermostat).

从“一”开始的语文:“一”的教学设想(一)_吴蓓的空间 从“一”开始的语文 吴 蓓 在华德福学校,一年级开学的第一天,通常上的第一节课是形线画(Form Drawing),老师教学生们画一条竖线。从一个简单的故事,或事物中,引发学生对竖直线的关注,先在地上练习走竖线,再用手在空间画竖线,然后在黑板或桌子上比划,最后才用笔在纸上画出来。 形线画是华德福教育的特色,作为小学的一门必修课程,由鲁道夫斯坦纳首创。 斯坦纳强调形线画与写字和几何之间的关联。 为什么一开始重点画竖直线,是因为竖直线对应人体的脊柱。 在中国的文化里,一字的地位举足轻重,老子言:“道生一,一生二,二生三,三生万物。 在每周四共生小书院的备课会上,我和听众分享了对“一”的看法,当大家一起读完老子和许慎关于“一”的说法,一位听众常颖说:“我知道为什么古人用横线来写一了,一生二,一把天地划分开来。” 对于中国的学生,我们可以先学画横线,再学习竖线、曲线,还可以用横线、竖线、曲线来组合成不同的图案,比如八卦就是不同的横线组合的,太极图是曲线组合的。 开学第一周 第一天: 斯坦纳说:“儿童认为自己是一个形象(Image),他们也希望一切的事物都以形象表现,因为如此,我们可以见到学生们多么需要老师们能运用想象力,能有艺术的气质,如此老师才能以一种真正「活跃」的心灵与学生们相见。” 如果我们的古人是从天地万物的划分来发明横写的“一”字,是否可以讲盘古开天地的故事? 传说太古时候,天地不分,整个宇宙好像一个大鸡蛋,里面混沌一团,漆黑一片,我们的老祖宗盘古就孕育在这个大鸡蛋中。 我第一次对盘古的故事有印象,是在英国学习创世纪神话的时候,圣经里的上帝创造了天地万物,他要求人服从他的旨意。 老师课前在黑板上画一幅有关盘古开天地的画,讲完故事,老师可以请学生们临摹。 传说中的盘古氏 盘古在鸡蛋里 第二天: 复习第一天讲的故事。 或者“天地合闭……就象个大西瓜,合得团团圆圆的,包罗万物在内,计一万零八百年,凡一切诸物,皆溶化其中矣。 斯坦纳说: “你一定要清楚明白儿童在九至十岁以前还不知道如何分别「自己」与周遭的环境。 在空间或桌子上用手比划“一”横后,学习用铅笔或彩笔在纸上写“一”,注意握笔姿势。 研究汉字起源易经的学者萧启宏先生为“一”写的诗为: 天地之始,一为太极。 一音通乙,一动成乙。 萧先生认为,“一”的发音和“乙”一样,“一”是静态一的记录,“乙”是动态一的表现。 关于“一”有关的词语:“一网打尽。 第三天: 第四天 八卦

Do it Yourself Eurythmy Waldorf education Educational philosophy Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School, Ghent, NY Michael Hall School, Forest Row, Sussex, UK Waldorf school in Ismaning, Bavaria Waldorf education, also known as Steiner education, is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy. Its educational style is holistic, intended to develop pupils' intellectual, artistic, and practical skills, with focus on imagination and creativity. Critics of Waldorf education (e.g. Growth in the number of accredited Waldorf schools from 1919 to 2020[13] Origins and history[edit] The first school based upon the ideas of Rudolf Steiner was opened in 1919 in response to a request from Emil Molt, owner and managing director of the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Company in Stuttgart, Germany. As the co-educational school also served children from outside the factory, it included children from a diverse social spectrum. Developmental approach[edit] Early childhood[edit] Elementary education[edit] Four temperaments[edit]

Castle of Costa Mesa Waldorf This June, Eugene Schwartz will lead “The Essential Grade One,” a conference for teachers, in Kimberton, PA. For more information visit Elements of Grade One, a CD-ROM with many images of student work from this grade, as well as verses and a class play, may be purchased at the Online CD Catalog. First Grade Main Lesson Block RotationEugene Schwartz, class teacher September 6 – September 29 Form Drawing October 2 – October 20 Arithmetic October 23 – November 22 Writing and Reading November 27 – December 22 Form Drawing January 8 – January 26 Arithmetic January 29 – February 16 Writing and Reading February 26 – March 23 Arithmetic March 26 – April 12 Form Drawing April 23 – May 11 Writing and Reading May 14 – June 1 Class Play June 4 – June 8 Year-End Review Form Drawing(9 weeks, and once a week during other blocks) Arithmetic(9 weeks, with daily times tables and “mental arithmetic” practice throughout the year) Writing and Reading(10 weeks)

About Us In 1996 the South Shore Waldorf School & Kindergarten first opened its doors on an organic family farm in Conquerall Mills, NS. Five years later, the school and kindergarten moved to a century old school house in Blockhouse, NS, carefully and lovingly renovated by the families and friends of the School. The Waldorf curriculum promotes well-rounded development in children by exposing them to a wide variety of subjects using an interdisciplinary approach that complements the students natural abilities. Our Mission The South Shore Waldorf School Association is a resource for Waldorf education in Atlantic Canada dedicated to providing Pre School & Elementary programs which offer families a viable educational alternative. Our Vision We believe that through a gradual unfolding children enjoy childhood, preserve the joy of curious exploration and experience the deep satisfaction of skillful doing. Our Guiding principles

Why Waldorf? Part 3 | Love in the Suburbs This is the third part in a three-part article about what Waldorf school looks like compared to public school. If you’re just coming to this, I encourage you to read Part 1, which can be found here, and Part 2, which is here. This is, of course, our experience and others will have different takes on Waldorf education. 11. Right now in main lesson, they are working on math, with specific emphasis on measurement and reviewing carrying and introducing borrowing. Overall, the Waldorf curriculum is highly geared to meet the needs of the growing child, whose development can be divided into three main phases. 12. 13. School festivals are opportunities for celebration, for contemplation and inner revelation, and for community building. 14. 15. * Steiner described and explored twelve senses of the human being.