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Guidelines on how to stream with Locusonus. 1/ first step : register your stream on Please follow the process below to configure your machine to participate in the Locustream project and create an open mic. 2ab/ configure a personal machine for Locustream You currently have the option of selecting a PureData patch (Windows, OSX, Linux) or a standalone OSX application for streaming (Locus Streamer). 2c/ stream with the LocuStreamBox We have developed a "streambox" - a mini-PC equipped with a microphone and configured to connect to our streaming server as soon as it is plugged in.

Guidelines on how to stream with Locusonus

Note : video documentation on the streambox's use : Click to enlarge 2c.1/ First, read the streambox FAQ and follow the installation process All information is available here : [Locustream Streambox FAQ] 2c.2/ how to receive a LocuStreamBoxStreamers may request a Streambox for a nominal fee of for free for research & experimentation purposes, in order to ensure the permanent functioning of the webmics. 3/ about microphones. Show on Map app page. Deleuze and differential presence in performance. That is understood to derive from them.

Deleuze and differential presence in performance

In contrast, as Todd May explains, ‘What Deleuzewants is not a derivative difference, but difference in itself, a difference that he believes isthe source not only of the derivative difference but of the sameness on the basis of whichderivative difference is derived’ (May 2003: 144) In other words, Deleuze is, perhaps firstand foremost, a process philosopher for whom relations of force have ontological primacywith respect to the ‘things’ – that is, objects or subjects – they constitute. Nietzsche and Philosophy , for example,Deleuze sides with Heraclitus rather than Parmenides in insisting that ‘there is no being beyond becoming’ (1983: 23) or, in other words, that ‘becoming is the final reality’ (May2003: 143). Conscious experience for Deleuze, he and Guattari emphasise that it can loss of self or an undoing of identity, but it also names an experiment with what a body can do in‘composition’, or in an ‘assemblage’, with other forces.

Performing Presence: Between the Live and the Simulated (Theatre: Theory, Practice, Performance) Performance Theory by Richard Schechner. Pragmatics and Humour: Performance Space. The term ‘performance’ has a special meaning in linguistics and the distinction between linguistic competence and linguistic performance was made by Chomsky, where the former is ‘the speaker-hearer’s knowledge of language’ and the latter ‘the actual use of language in concrete situations’ (1965:4).

Pragmatics and Humour: Performance Space

Duranti (1998:15) notes that another notion of performance comes from Austin (1962) with his category of performative verbs which enable us not simply to use language for referential purposes but also to do something with words. For example, ‘I order you to sit down.’ is both the use of language and also an act of ordering. These notions are useful for consideration of our language behaviour in everyday life and further discussion of them will come shortly, but the idea of performance that will receive most attention here is that concerning what Bauman (after Milton Singer) specifies as ‘cultural performances’ (1992:46).

For Bauman such events have a characteristic set of features. Contents> Locus Sonus Audio Streaming Project Map. SoundWIRE. Description SoundWIRE research group at CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics), Stanford University is concerned with the use of Internet networks as an extension to computer music performance, composition and research.


Research areas include: Professional-Quality Multi-Channel Audio Streaming Internet Physical Models and Virtual Acoustics Sonification of Network Reliability Human factor (psychoacoustics) in Network Performance Internet/Computer/Acoustic Music Performance Practice SoundWIRE research uses Internet2 and other countries' high speed/bandwidth networks. With the exponential increase in computers and networks speed, low-latency multichannel streaming is already possible, approaching very fast to the physical limits of the speed of light. Next generation computer music will use integrally the new possibilities that offers the network in performance, composition, and acoustical space. Collaborations SoundWIRE on the Press Contact. Template (sketch1)

Dramaturgy and Performance. Dramaturgy in the Network - Queen's University Belfast Research Portal - Research Directory & Institutional Repository for QUB. NETWORK DRAMATURGY: BEING ON THE NODE.

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