background preloader - Free eBooks Download - Free eBooks Download - Another Free PDF Format Files PDF Give Free PDF Books, PDF Search Engine - Toodoc Doc-Live Ebooks search engine PDF-Downloads Using Sheltered Videos for Comprehensible Input | Secondary Spanish Space Hi all! It's Catharyn, here, and I would like to introduce our very first Secondary Spanish Space guest blogger, Angie Torre. Angie has been a French and Spanish Teacher for over 30 years. She is an author and curriculum developer with a focus on comprehensible input. We SSS-ers love her blog and her AP language resources on TpT. Why and How to Use Sheltered Videos for the Best Comprehensible Input Do you ever wish people had conversation bubbles next to their heads while speaking? Or am I the only one in need of hearing aids? In our zeal to provide authentic listening resources to our students we may make the mistake of using input that is incomprehensible. The best comprehensible input has several components. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Research also proves that interaction helps students acquire the language. Where do you find such a resource? I have found many such clips about daily routines but videos about other topics were practically nonexistent on this planet.

Books SC untitled Since its birth in the 20th century, the film industry has gone on to captivate and enthral billions around the globe. From historical epics to slapstick comedies to incisive documentaries, the art of the reel has inspired us to laugh, cry and contemplate the world we live in. It is no wonder, then, that so many aspire to be filmmakers. It remains one of the most exciting, challenging and rewarding professions out there. Image courtesy of Met Film School Whatever inspires you, one of the most important decisions you will make before even start your filmmaking journey comes with choosing your film school. 1. The location of your school does matter. Image via Wikipedia 2. Location is key, but may not be enough on its own to secure the best positions. Tip: When talking to film schools, ask if they have established relationships and partnerships with different studios, media companies and other potential employers. 3. Great teachers play an essential role in your education. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Find PDF 5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Applying to Film School The growth of film schools in American universities has been exponential over the last 15 years. The film major has become the new English major — it’s the subject everybody wants to study even if they don’t know how they’ll make a living on it. This week, as acceptance decisions loom, many students are trying to figure out which film schools they’ll attend in the in fall. To help guide them through that process, here are a few basic questions prospective students should be asking themselves. READ MORE: What Does a 21st Century Film School Look Like? Why Are You Going To Film School? The variety of film schools out there is immeasurably vast. Is the Undergrad or Grad Film Program Field Specific? Speaking personally, I have an aversion to undergraduate schools that place film majors in tracks (editor, cinematographer, cinema studies) at the beginning of undergraduate film studies. Specific job training on an undergraduate level is a waste of money. NYU Professor Alex Rockwell courtesy of NYU