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After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins and Stock Footage for Post Production Professionals 3D Lens Flare Creation Studio Featuring: • 3D Lens Flares with AE Lights • Intuitive Design Interface • Live Visual Preset Library • Real Texture Support • Dynamic Triggering Animations • Chromatic Aberration • Up to 32 bpc color support What is Optical Flares? Optical Flares is a plug-in for designing and animating realistic lens flares in After Effects.

300D repair adventure A few months ago my 300D (with around 12000 shots taken) failed and started making half of the pictures black. At first I thought "there went the shutter", but after taking off the lens I saw that the secondary mirror, which gives light to the autofocus sensors in the bottom of the chassis, hadn't flipped up under the main mirror as it should. The time before failure it had started crashing with Err99 more and more often, increasing to about every third picture in the end. Obviously it was unable to lift the main mirror, throwing the error code. This turned out to be a relatively common failure on the 300D, more common than shutter failure. No warranty, it is 2,5 years old and bought second-hand.

Low light test of 5D Mark III raw vs H.264 The 5D Mark III is already a very capable low light camera. In its factory guise whilst not quite as clean as the Canon C300 or Sony FS100, it is the best DSLR for low light shooting (though the Nikon D5200 puts up a good fight). But that was before the latest developments with ML Raw. Has low light improved even further? The answer is a resounding yes. Restricted Areas – Danila Tkachenko’s photographs of Soviet ruins – Creative Review Danila Tkachenko’s haunting documentary series is featured in Dead Space and Ruins, the second instalment of the Calvert 22 Foundation’s Power and Architecture exhibitions series According to the Foundation, the wider season of exhibitions and events intends to focus “on utopian public space and the quest for new national identities across the post-Soviet world”. Along with Tkachenko’s images of deserted structures left to weather ice and snow, Dead Space and Ruins features the work of three other artists working within photography and film who have also been capturing the decaying architecture of the former Soviet Union: Vahram Agasian, Anton Ginzburg and Eric Lusito.

Dancing Pieces of Paper in Stop-Motion Scraps of paper come to life, dancing and transforming in Steven Briand’s captivating short films. Also known as Burayan, the Paris based director uses combinations of live action and stop motion to create seamlessly flowing pieces of video art. Here we bring you two of his newest pieces, Friction and Protéigon. Friction, his graduation short film from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, cleverly mixes blue screen live action with some very graceful Post-It Note resembling stop-motion paper… paper that covers not only the films white wall, but the dancer as well.

Canon Digital Rebel 300D IR Filter Removal Modification and Peltier Cooling Plans -by Gary Honis Canon Digital Rebel (300D) Modification by Gary Honis I am now providing a low cost modification service to convert your 450D, 1000D or 500D. CLICK HERE for details. Why I Chose to Invest in a C300 over a RED MX(or a SCARLET) - Blog - Alex Wagner After lots and lots of deliberation, I finally made the decision to invest in a new camera. To be exact, I bought a Canon C300 with EF mount. I have been agonizing for almost 2 months now over getting a C300, a used RED MX, or putting together a DIT cart. I've owned a 7D for a couple of years now and my hope was that purchasing a higher end camera would help me get better work/less run 'n' gun videography-type gigs, or at the very least, provide me with another stream of income through rentals. I considered many options but one of my main criteria is "what do people want to rent?". Through research and recent experience working at a rental house, I narrowed it down to two cameras: the RED MX and the Canon C300.

Starwars Uncut: The Full Film Now Online! Three years ago on a computer not so far away… a plan was hatched to create a completely open source version of Star Wars: A New Hope, using the members of the internet. Envisioned by Casey Pugh, that vision became Star Wars Uncut, a crowdsourced version of the cult-classic film created by fans around the internet. Casey invited them (and you) to create 15 seconds of the original movie, to be combined with other 15 second tributes into a full length internet extravaganza. The resulting film – Star Wars Uncut: Directors Cut. Advanced DMZ on a Thomson router Advanced DMZ Network on a Thomson Router If you need help with telnet commands, see this first telnet.htmlImportant Use the routers web interface to backup the router settings before playing. Reinstalling the backup or in the worst case resetting to factory default and reinstalling the backup should get things back to how they were. Undo commands are not show on this page, so you will need the router config backup to remove these commands. Use these commands at your own risk.