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Low light test of 5D Mark III raw vs H.264 The 5D Mark III is already a very capable low light camera. In its factory guise whilst not quite as clean as the Canon C300 or Sony FS100, it is the best DSLR for low light shooting (though the Nikon D5200 puts up a good fight). But that was before the latest developments with ML Raw. Has low light improved even further? The answer is a resounding yes. The image is cleaner in low light with raw, with even exposures I rated ISO 12,800 coming out perfectly usable. The power of raw is that you can fully exploit the dynamic range of the image, and in low light that means going into the shadows and giving them a lift, or crushing them back for more contrast and less noise. First an important note – don’t judge noise from the Vimeo streaming embedded clip. RAW (click it to enlarge) Download the DNG and grade it yourself in Photoshop Note on warm cast – that is on purpose, creative choice to match look of scene how my eyes saw it. Also look at the poster – half of it is gone. Latitude Raw Exposure

Magic Lantern Firmware Wiki Magic Lantern Firmware Magic Lantern is a software enhancement that offers increased functionality to the excellent Canon DSLR cameras. We have created an open framework, licensed under GPL, for developing extensions to the official firmware. Magic Lantern is not a "hack", or a modified firmware, it is an independent program that runs alongside Canon's own software. Frequently Asked Questions What is it? Magic Lantern is an enhancement atop of Canon's firmware that frees your Canon DSLR, allowing you to use many useful features. Is it only for video? No. Initially, Magic Lantern was developed by independent filmmakers and tailored for video production on 5D Mark II. Where do I get it? See the Download page. Will it break my camera? As of September 2009 the software has been downloaded over two thousand times and there have been no reports of damage to the cameras. What can I do to help? Where do I report bugs? For general tech-support, join the forum. Why not just buy a video camera?

Canon EOS 5D Mark II - Hotpixelproblem ein Report von Stefan Gross - Februar 2009 extreme Hotpixel an Ihrer EOS 5D Mark II ? Manch ein 5D Mark II-Anwender beklagt relativ starke Hotpixel bzw. Farbrauschen bei Langzeitbelichtungen und höheren ISO-Werten. Wann braucht man eigentlich so lange Belichtungzeiten, ausser für Astroaufnahmen ? Generell glänzt die 5D Mark II mit excellent niedrigen Rauschwerten, so auch unsere 2. 5D Mark II. Die 1. 5D Mark II zeigt zwar keine stark ausgeprägten Hotpixel, dafür aber einen regelrechten Teppich, der in dieser Stärke an keiner anderen Canon DSLR auftritt. Stellen Sie folgende Werte ein, die wir oben ebenfalls genutzt haben: Machen Sie am besten mehrere Aufnahmen um sicher zu gehen, dass es sich nicht um einen individuellen Ausreisser handelt. TIPP: Diskussionen rund um die Canon EOS 5D Mark II finden hier im Traumflieger-Forum statt ! >>>>Hier finden Sie den ausführlichen Traumflieger- Canon EOS 5D Mark II-Test !

Restricted Areas – Danila Tkachenko’s photographs of Soviet ruins – Creative Review Danila Tkachenko’s haunting documentary series is featured in Dead Space and Ruins, the second instalment of the Calvert 22 Foundation’s Power and Architecture exhibitions series According to the Foundation, the wider season of exhibitions and events intends to focus “on utopian public space and the quest for new national identities across the post-Soviet world”. Along with Tkachenko’s images of deserted structures left to weather ice and snow, Dead Space and Ruins features the work of three other artists working within photography and film who have also been capturing the decaying architecture of the former Soviet Union: Vahram Agasian, Anton Ginzburg and Eric Lusito. Tkachenko’s project examines the “utopian strive of humans for technological progress,” he says, and involved visiting long-forgotten, deserted sites across the country. It includes memorials and monuments, observatories, disused aircraft and numerous abandoned buildings (the full series is here).

10 Most Useful Photography Cheat Sheets Photography for beginners can be overwhelming because it’s complicated and so many things involved in techniques in photography. In order to a perfect shot you have to know about photo editing software packed with so many features. WE have collected today 10 Most Useful Photography Cheat Sheets, Which should helpful and inspire beginners to jump into photography world. Free Cheat Sheet: what your camera captures at every lens’ focal length The professional photographer’s camera bag: a portrait pro’s most trusted kit 107 Ways to Make More Money from Photography Take Better Photos in Low Light [Infographic] Pixtus Photography Cheat Sheet Manual Mode Photography Cheat Sheet Digital SLR Cameras & Photography Cheat Sheet Canon EOS Rebel T1i/500D Cheat Sheet What is color temperature: free photography cheat sheet Free portrait lighting cheat sheet Related Posts:

Why I Chose to Invest in a C300 over a RED MX(or a SCARLET) - Blog - Alex Wagner After lots and lots of deliberation, I finally made the decision to invest in a new camera. To be exact, I bought a Canon C300 with EF mount. I have been agonizing for almost 2 months now over getting a C300, a used RED MX, or putting together a DIT cart. I've owned a 7D for a couple of years now and my hope was that purchasing a higher end camera would help me get better work/less run 'n' gun videography-type gigs, or at the very least, provide me with another stream of income through rentals. I considered many options but one of my main criteria is "what do people want to rent?". You may disagree that the RED MX is still a popular camera to rent but, I have to say, I know some local owner/operators of RED Camera packages and they stay pretty busy in the Dallas/Ft. I've used the C300 to shoot some BTS and was really pleased with it's ease of use and the quality of the images that came out. Some other notes: I did not consider the Scarlet because I do not like it's design.

ASTUCE CAM : débrider, améliorer le rendu sur Caméra Canon ! Magic Lantern Deutsch Thomas Barbey