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Third Reich Nazi Adolf Hitler ww2 HQ! WW2 German Militaria Dealer. At the Front - Home. Used_military_rifles. Back to WW2, Militaria helmets, uniforms, medals, caps of WW2. SS-Rank Table showing equivalents in the German, American and British Armies. Winged Hussar, Where YOU can be part of history. New Page 1. Rangabzeichen Wehrmacht.

Main Page. WELCOME TO MY INTERNET SHOP - - R.I. International Trading Co. WELCOME TO WWW.THIRDREICHBADGES.COM THE MILITARIA DISCOUNT SITE WHERE YOU CAN SAVE UP TO 50% ON LARGER ORDERS! for smaller orders please visit our sister site WWW.REGALIASPECIALIST.COM. THIRDREICHBADGES.COM from The Regalia Specialist German WW2 Military. The Collector's Guild. Snyder's Treasure Trove: Collectible Militaria. Militaria-net Third Reich Militaria. German Army, axis world re-enactement & living history groups. 1.SS Panzer Division Leitseite. All photographs on this website are property of LAH Inc.

1.SS Panzer Division Leitseite

The illegal use and or distribution of said photographs will result in legal action. LAH Members Forum Link. Click on the Mega-Grundausbildung button above to access event photos. Leibstandarte Leitseite ©1998-2014 Webmaster Click here for unit information World War Two, the most significant and far reaching military event of the 20th Century did have and continues to have a daily impact on lives and attitudes of our global community.

Taking inspiration from the various re-enactor organizations portraying units of the Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers and being one of the Charter members of the World War II Historical Reenactment Society, the Leibstandarte has grown into a sophisticated, diversified and uncompromisingly authentic organization dedicated to keeping alive the memory and traditions of the German soldier while at the same time collecting and utilizing the equipment, uniforms, vehicles and memorabilia of the period. The Treasure Bunker... for the best in Militaria. SMWHOLESALE. Hessen Antique, Your source for Authentic Reproduction German Uniforms, Headgear and Equipment. German Uniforms for re-enactor and collector. -

Vendors of WWII Militaria - ATF. Vendors: Listed below are other vendors of WWII related militaria, reproduction and original.

Vendors of WWII Militaria - ATF

Only businesses with WWII military products will be listed here. Post-1945 products, such as surplus, SKS/ AR15 parts, body armor etc, etc are not relevant. Also, dolls, toys and models, even if WWII related, don't count. IMPORTANT! The presence of a company's link here DOES NOT amount to an endorsement of any kind. We try not to list companies that are habitually known to be in any way disreputable. As with other links, please let us know if any do not work. Submissions: Send link requests to Link refusal: We reserve full right to refuse to any link submitted. Vendor Consumer Guide Note: The main link is consistently down.

Welcome to High Quality WW2 German Militaria Reproduction. is a site for historians, reenactors and collectors who need high quality reproductions at a fraction price of the original.

Welcome to

We are constantly adding new items, so please do come back and check our website more often. We thank you for your patronize and visit to our store. Shipping Cost: Dear Customer, we will refund you excess shipping cost if you purchase more items, we appreciate your business. WW2 German Visor Caps & Field Hats WW2 WH Panzer Enlisted M43 Field Cap, WH Officer M43 Mountain Cap (Bergmütze), Luftwaffe M43 Field Cap, German Navy Kriegsmarine U-Boat Hat Matrosenmuetze (White Canvas Sailor Hat), SS Infantry Officer Visor Cap (Infantry), WH Infantry Officer Visor Cap (Infantry), Navy Kriegsmarine U-Boat Captain Hat, etc…

WW2 Militaria, WW2 Uniforms For Sale at WW2SALE.COM. Re-enactment suppliers german wehrmacht SS wwii. Suppliers and vendors If you are a vendor of original or repro reenactment gear, or if you know of a good site, please submit a link.

Re-enactment suppliers german wehrmacht SS wwii

Equipment and uniforms The Source for Serious Collectors, Reenactors, Theatrical Groups and Costume Houses! Richard Underwood -- excellent range of top quality kit. Northern Militaria -- From complete uniform sets to customised helmets in any design you wish, we can provide it all at competitive prices and exceptional customer services. Thuringen Militaria. Army, Military Clothing Supplies, WW2 clothing, Replica Uniform, Cop Gear and Policing Equipment - Soldier Of Fortune Online Catalogue.

World War 2 German Uniforms hire. TRADERS OF THE LOST SURLPUS - TOTLS.COM. Useful Mauser 98k links. Codes, manuals, tech data Exploded viewsKey dimensions – how to identify various Mauser action variations over the years; large ring?

Useful Mauser 98k links

Small ring? Short or long action? What's what? Literature sources BooksPublications General Mauser 98k sites Safety check, cleaning action, lubrication (Mausershooters) Cleaning Gunsmithing StocksMario Kabalt, in Holland, is an outstanding source of original stocksNew repro stocks from Great American Gunstock Co.Refinish a Mauser for $99? Cold bluing videos on YouTube Mausershooters – making sight adjustments (math: how far to move front sight -- but the math is wrong, adjustments are miscalculated by nearly a factor of two!) German Paratrooper Helmets Fallschirmjager Replication and Restoration WWII. Real looking decals on German, US and Soviet helmets. GERMAN WWII MEDALS BADGES AND INSIGNIA. GERMAN WWII CAMOUFLAGE CLOTHING. German Awards and Medals. Close Combat Badge The Close Combat Bar was instituted on November 25th 1942, by Adolf Hitler, in order to recognize the courage of the German soldier in hand-to-hand combat. This award was completely independent of the Infantry Combat Badge. The badge was instituted in three classes, bronze, silver, and gold. The badge was awarded for the completion of a set number of combat days, bronze for 15 combat days, silver for 30 combat days and gold for 50 combat days. Combat days were defined by being those in which the soldier had the opportunity to be close enough to "see the white of the enemy's eyes", use close combat weapons to assault the enemy man-to-man and be victorious, or days in which the soldier was part of a major attack or assault, reconnaissance attack, defence of a position, or a single messenger run.

Tank Destruction Badge General Assault Badge General von Brauchitsch instituted the General Assault Badge on January 1st, 1940. Panzer Assault Badge Wound Badges Eastern Front Medal. Militaria-net Third Reich Militaria.