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Goodfella Shaving Gear

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Start Wet Shaving with this Shaving Kit. This classic Wet Shaving Kit is a male grooming must have. whether you are looking to treat yourself or one of your best friends then this kit is a must buy.

Start Wet Shaving with this Shaving Kit

Wet shaving may sound daunting but after a couple of trials you will have the confidence to feel like you’ve been grooming this way all your life. Treat yourself each morning, look great and feel the difference it makes to your skin by following our recommended technique you will get the best results. This very special kit includes our safety razor, a badger hair brush and a tub of Bluebeards Revenge, the UK's most popular shaving cream.

The stiffness of this badger brush works wonders with the cream to build a very dense lather for the perfect wet shave. By combining these grooming items you are getting a premium kit at a discounted price. First, take a look at your favorite grooming products and read the list of ingredients, do you recognise many of the names? New Zealand All Black Badger Shaving Brush. Classic Double Edged Safety Razor. The Goodfella open comb DE safety razor is 100% designed, manufactured and built in NZ by Kiwishaver Limited.

Classic Double Edged Safety Razor

The Goodfella design is based on the highly sought after classic old school razor. The open comb design sets the standard in classic shaves ensuring the head never gets clogged with product and stubble so there is less pressure exerted on your face. The Goodfella is perfectly balanced allowing the weight of the handle to present the blade at the optimum cutting angle to your face. The result is a stress free shave, that is close yet kind to your skin.

Our razor is hand finished and built by our skilled team of Kiwis who are passionate about their trades. This is a premium product made in New Zealand from highly durable materials so it will last a lifetime if you look after it. You want to buy the best safety razor look no further than the unique NZ made Goodfella, it's features include: Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream for Tough Stubble. Classic Double Edged Safety Razor. Best Shaving Kit for New Zealand Men. Natural Shaving Soap Hand Made in New Zealand Buy Online. Fathers Day is Coming Up So What Do You Buy The Head of The Family? Goodfella razors PRLog (Press Release) - Jul. 29, 2012 - Just what do you buy the man who has everything?

Fathers Day is Coming Up So What Do You Buy The Head of The Family?

Many people are considering this question for Fathers Day, what possibilities are there for unique gifts for men? Each of us would like to select a gift that makes a personal statement, or that will stand out as something special and leave a lasting impression. This can often create frustration and indecision, particularly for the gift giver who seeks something for the man who has everything. Sometimes the solution for what to buy a man is as easy as going back to the basics. Goodfella offers a wonderful selection of double edged safety razors and shaving accessories that can give that special man the smooth, intimate shave he desires. Click the link to learn more Photo:

S NZ Shaving Collection Makes a Great Gift for A Guy. Gifts For Men are Back for Xmas. Shaving & Razors by Goodfella.