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Turntables – U-Turn Audio. DAK Tutorials - Electronics Tutorials - SolTorials For You. Juno Records > All Genres > Vinyl & CDs. Notes: Hybrid compact mixer / 4x4 USB interface: ZEDi-10 combines the robustness and hands-on control of an analogue mixer with a high quality 4 x 4 USB interface, making it a perfect all-round choice for musicians, recording artists and venues.

Juno Records > All Genres > Vinyl & CDs

Whether it's bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to share on YouTube and Soundcloud, ZEDi-10 is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey. The studio quality, 24-bit / 96kHz, 4×4 USB interface makes it easy to capture stunning multitrack recordings direct from the mixer to a Mac or PC without the need for any extra equipment. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the revered GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. Cubase LE Music production software included: ZEDi-10 comes with the acclaimed Cubase LE software. Lewitt DGT 650 USB Microphone DGT-650 B&H Photo Video. Nate Dort » Yamaha PM1000 Racking. A fellow member over at the TapeOp forums approached me about racking up a pair of Yamaha PM1000 channel strips for him, similar to those I have done in the past.

Nate Dort » Yamaha PM1000 Racking

So, he sent them to me and I got to work stripping them down. Then I replaced all the capacitors and the NPN transistors, which should help eliminate some of the hiss from these things. Telefunken AR-51. Get big tube mic sound with the Telefunken AR-51 tube condenser microphone.

Telefunken AR-51

The AR-51 gives you three polar patterns (cardioid, omnidirectional, and figure-8) plus six intermediate stages, so you'll always be able to find the setting that works perfectly on your sound source. You get an open high end, smooth midrange performance, and balanced lows from this mic - a perfect recipe for a studio workhorse you can depend on for the long haul. Sweetwater carries a full line of premium Telefunken microphones; call us today to find out how the Telefunken AR-51 is perfect for your needs. Interviews, Articles, & Tutorials by Recording Engineers for Recording Engineers. Okay, let me be as clear and concise as possible: the Telefunken AR-51 is the best condenser microphone I’ve ever tested for this mag (and I’ve tested a few).

Interviews, Articles, & Tutorials by Recording Engineers for Recording Engineers

This mic utilizes circuit design elements of the revered Telefunken Ela M 251 and C 12. While they maintain their status amongst engineers as cornerstones of any world-class studio, those vintage mics are also as cost-prohibitive as you might expect. An original M 251 or C 12 in decent shape can command prices in excess of $20,000, and even third-party reproductions can hit the $8000 mark.

A-Designs Ventura Microphone Preamp / EQ / D.I. “Golden Age of Recording” inspired design • Perfect input device for DAWs The Ventura is a tone shaping input device from A-Designs inspired by the electronics of the renowned Quad Eight consoles.

A-Designs Ventura Microphone Preamp / EQ / D.I.

Hand-built in the US, Ventura features three inputs – microphone, instrument and EQ/insert – which can be used together or independently. "ADK Hamburg Mk8" : Audio Recording Samples at Hear the Gear. Peluso P-67 Switchable Pattern Tube Microphone. The Peluso P-67 has been a work in progress for John Peluso for over 2 years, and one that has been a product that we have been eagerly awaiting.

Peluso P-67 Switchable Pattern Tube Microphone

The production has had a few hurdles, in particular perfectly-mastering the sonic characteristic associated with the original vintage grill (which believe it or not has tremendous acoustic properties which defined the historic Neumann U67 for which this microphone replicates). We felt extreme excitement when we got the call from John Peluso: “I’ve got the basket figured out!” Now this might not seem like that much of an impressive road block, but you have to look at the full picture of how a microphone works. The sound of a microphone is largely produced from the capsule itself (tube, transformer, etc), but there is of course more to it than that.

The pressure that hits the capsule, as well as the space around the actual capsule (inside the basket) has a HUGE impact on the performance and sound of the microphone. Peluso P-67 Tube Microphone, Factory Matched Pair. The Peluso P-67 has been a work in progress for John Peluso for over 2 years, and one that has been a product that we have been eagerly awaiting.

Peluso P-67 Tube Microphone, Factory Matched Pair

The production has had a few hurdles, in particular perfectly-mastering the sonic characteristic associated with the original vintage grill (which believe it or not has tremendous acoustic properties which defined the historic Neumann U67 for which this microphone replicates). We felt extreme excitement when we got the call from John Peluso: “I’ve got the basket figured out!” The Best Microhones for Voice Over 2015. Hi folks, after intensive research here comes our new article with over 60 microphones for Voice Over for 2015.

The Best Microhones for Voice Over 2015

We hope to help you in your search for the best voiceover mics on the market. We have not linked any pics of these mics, to see the full article with all pics click on the link below, than click on the english language flag in the upper right corner and on the menu "blog": Mixwerk Microphone Research 2015 with pics. Peluso Microphone Lab 22 251. Peluso Microphone Lab 22 251. Peluso Microphones. Peluso Microphones. Apollo Audio Interfaces with Realtime UAD Processing and Thunderbolt. Miktek ProCast SST USB mic with Broadcast Mixer. There are many inexpensive options for recording podcasts that are available today, but what about the professional podcaster?

Miktek ProCast SST USB mic with Broadcast Mixer

Introducing Procast Studio Station by Miktek. The ProCast SST is a high quality USB studio condenser microphone with integrated radio style boom and on-board 24 Bit audio interface. The ProCast SST’s mixer section offers two inputs, which can be used to connect mic or line sources. Channel 1 allows you to use the onboard condenser microphone or select the rear panel ¼-inch Instrument/Line level input.

Bass Recording Tips from the community « Audio Geek Zine. While I was preparing the recent Bass Guitar Recording article I inquired on Twitter about tips for recording bass.

Bass Recording Tips from the community « Audio Geek Zine

Look what happened @ikmultimedia: Ampeg SVX! @MarcusSt0ne: Making sure the player is consistent and doesn’t peak random notes. @jacobgemmell: record a cab and DI two seperate tracks, and when it gets to editing make sure that beast is on beat. also doubling up with a synth bass can be cool wide @djdanlib: Yeah, use compression on finger bass, and don’t kill the high frequencies – there is important audio up there. How to Use the iPad for Music Control: Cables, Wireless, MIDI, OSC. You know the possibilities are significant, but how do you explore them? iPad, Ableton Live, MIDI, OSC, Wi-Fi, MIDI … how can you connect your iPad to other tools for music control? We brought in an expert, Nicolas Bougaïeff, Creative Director at Liine, to explain the different routes, including not only wireless, but wired solutions, too.

Liine is the maker of Lemur and popular Ableton Live control apps (LiveControl 2 being the most recent). Nicolas naturally builds on that expertise, but the lessons here apply to a range of iOS apps. NAMM 2012 - iConnectivity. Last year, iConnectivity announced the "iConnect MIDI interface" and now they have two new products in the works: iConnect DMX Control your lighting!

iConnect Muse An audio interface with 6 stereo INs & OUTs coming this summer! Chain them together through a Ethernet connection, power the ipad, and connect through a 1/4" cable or USB3. PreSonus DigiMAX D8. PreSonus expands their DigiMAX line with the DigiMAX D8, a 24-bit/48kHz interface that serves as an add-on to an existing lightpipe-equipped system.

The DigiMAX D8 is equipped with eight Class A XMAX microphone preamps for pristine sound on the front end, and eight analog direct outputs for patching your signal out to external gear. As a top-notch front end or as a lightpipe expansion to your existing system, the DigiMAX D8 is perfect for almost any studio. PreSonus DigiMAX D8 at a Glance:8 channels of audio Expand your system8 channels of audio The DigiMAX D8 features 8 Class A XMAX mic preamplifiers, 8 direct analog outputs, and ADAT optical light pipe connectivity, making it the perfect solution to add 8 professional microphone preamps to any digital recording system or digital mixer with ADAT input. Expand your system If your audio interface is equipped with lightpipe, the DigiMAX D8 is the perfect way to expand your I/O. Wheatstone M1. We expect good things from Wheatstone, a leader in professional audio consoles.

The Vorsis line of processing builds on that leadership, offering a gateway tool to their flagship products. What sets a Vorsis processor apart from the pack? Unlike much of the competition, the M-1 heart beats digital with minimal A/D conversion. A DSP device, the M-1 delivers outstanding range, features and flexibility not possible in legacy hardware. Professional Audio, Broadcast, Lighting & Video Gear. Sceptre. ​No driver is perfect, nor can a driver be made perfect with hardware alone; there are always compromises in physical systems. To overcome these driver compromises, many speaker manufacturers apply DSP in the form of a combination of multiband EQs but the processing is more or less an afterthought—it’s not accounted for in the design of the transducer. This sorta works—more or less.

A few high-end loudspeaker companies have developed sophisticated solutions with active DSP that is co-designed with the speaker, but these are expensive solutions. iPad Apps. iPad Apps. STUDIOBRICKS. Dynamic Duo. Milab VIP-50. Sennheiser MKE2 Gold Series Omnidirectional MKE2-3-EW GOLD B&H. What's in YOUR mic locker??? - Page 6. Quote: Originally Posted by Salty James. Sprachaufnahme Sprecheragentur Mixwerk Berlin, Native Speaker, ISDN Studio, Voice Recording, Voice Over, Dubbing - The best Voice Over Preamps. Welcome to Studio Projects. Comprehensive resource for music production and DJ equipment. Chair Cushion, Boat Cushions, Replacement Cushions, Patio Cushion. Soundflower. Professional Audio, Recording, Broadcast, Audio Applications. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Professional DJ Headphones at OWC. Equipment for Radio Broadcasting and Audio Recording.

SPL Phonitor Headphone Monitoring Amplifier at SPL Phonitor. SPL Phonitor Description The Phonitor design is our high-end interpretation for what a complete headphone amplifier should be. A well chosen system of Phonitor and headphones can by and large replace loudspeakers and offers all that is required for a successful session long listening periods without ear fatigue. We therefore refer to the Phonitor as a headphone monitoring amplifier system.

The basis for this high-end development is our proven 120 volts reference technology based on handmade operation amplifiers. 120 volts corresponds to approximately four times the performance of standard analogue audio semiconductor technologies and twice that of the mot powerful designs. Through such 120 volts circuitry and processing we reach performance levels far beyond conventional designs in dynamic range and distortion levels, and the main technical specifications in music reproduction exceeds all known analogue or digital standards. Set up your own monitor sound and take it everywhere. Golden Age Project Pre-73 Preamp MKII. Golden Age Project. Little Labs I-VOG - Standalone (Demo Deal) - Demo Deals - On Sale. UAD Little Labs VOG plugin - User review. UAD Little Labs VOG plugin. JK Audio. iLok Issues Plague Pro Tools, Plug-in Users for Weeks; Anti-piracy Solutions Remain Mixed. Many users of software employing the popular iLok copy protection product are finding their licenses invalidated.

A server glitch is to blame, but fixes have now taken since earlier in June and still appear to be at least partially incomplete. New installations and a process called “synchronization” can have the impact. iLok developer PACE has posted a solution, but as recently as this weekend Pro Tools 11 users continued to report problems. Acoustic (Sound) Blankets for Sound Absorption - Producers Choice. Phone Patch for Voice Over Home Recording Studio.

Oak Tree Vintage has used home / audio stereo gear, antique microphones, film projectors, vintage guitars, & amps & effects, old transistor & tube radios,  reproduction jukeboxes. Reel to Reels, turntables, speakers & silver face receivers by Pioneer, San. Hafler P3000 Repair and Modification. I recently purchased a broken P3000 for cheap. The following link contains a schematic of the amp. Diagnosis revealed that one of the N-channel output MosFets was shorted source to drain. No other failure was found on initial diagnosis. The AC fuse was correct and still intact! Removing the bad MosFet from circuit resulted in the amplifier becoming functional again with near 0 VDC offset, and somewhat reduced positive current output on the affected channel. Opus Productions Ltd - URS Review. Products - Nomad Factory Creative Software Company.

Buy Blue Tubes Bundle by Nomad Factory - Plug-in for RECEPTOR Hardware Plug-in Player - Plugorama. Nomad Factory Creative Software Company. Moshi Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter 99MO023201 B. Hafler P3000 Repair and Modification. Video: Sound Performance Lab.