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Tout faire soi-même

Tout faire soi-même

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How to Make a Spiral Wire Ring This is one of the easiest wire rings I’ve ever made. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this sooner. It only requires one piece of wire and looks great in copper, silver, brass, bronze or whatever wire you like. spring crafts: colorful scraves, free crochet patterns Beautiful scarves Match colors Spring crafts: colorful scraves, free crochet patterns I crochet 13 squares, crochet pattern as the picture Wire Ring Base Tutorial I decided to make some polymer clay rings to sell,but turns out it's almost impossible to buy ring bases here.So after I finished beeing mad at the local craft store I came up with the idea to make my own ring bases. And I'm going to share the idea,since I know some of you have trouble finding tha bases too. This is how they look without the clay. -tutorial-Step1 Gather the things you will need:- thick wire (I don't know what gauge it is) I got 5 meters of the wire for really cheap at the craft store.- wire cutters- hammer- a piece of wood or iron

animal scarf crochet patterns, ooak animal scarves Animal Scarf Crochet Patterns, OOAK Animal Scarves Cat Cuddler Scarf – Animal Pet Warm DIY Fashion Tutorial Winter Fall Autumn The Cat Cuddler Scarf Pattern. Easy Adjustable Spiral Ring Tutorial This adjustable spiral ring is quite easy to make with just a little wire, a bit of muscle and a few standard tools. Supplies - Two 6 inch pieces of round, soft, 16 gauge wire One 14 (or more) inch piece of 24 inch, round, soft wire

Craft-jewelry-ideas-pair-of-dainty-wire-wrapped-earrings wanting Dainty Pale Watermelon Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Earrings in Sterling and Fine… earrings Jersica Copper earrings, amethyst earrings, grape purple earrings, wire wrapped jewelry earrings wanting Labradorite in Silver Wire Wrap Earrings Wire Wrapped Jewelry Handmade Jersica wire wrapped jewelry handmade Purple earrings pearl by shahrinalam, $16.00 DIY // Swirl Ring — Bettina's Blog - Something handmade I am a ring addict, and because this Ring is one of my favorites I thought why not share how I make them. So this weeks DIY is my so-called “Swirl Ring”. Hope you enjoy! Let’s get started with the things you’ll need to make the ring…

Flowers in the Window Bracelet by Ramona Brummett Add a little serenity to your day with this splendid bracelet kit. The bracelet has a stunning combination of seed beads, SuperDuos and Swarovski that create a harmonious balance. Friendship Bracelets: Easy DIY Macrame Tutorial Today, I’m going to show you a fun and easy macrame bracelet that is a twist on the traditional friendship bracelet. This two-tone woven bracelet can be made from any kind of twine or embroidery floss and is easily removable by adding a button (or bead) closure. This fun little piece is proof that the very best crafts can be simple! Hemp Twine or Bamboo Cord (I found the 20lb weight is perfect)Buttons (You can also substitute a bead)ScissorsCraft Glue (optional) First, cut two lengths of twine about 7 feet long. This will be a little longer than you need, but it’s better to have a little too much than not quite enough!

How To Make Grapevine Cluster Earrings Handmade jewelry is one of my favorite gifts to give; jewelry is pretty simple to make if you have the right tools, plus you can customize the colors and style to fit the recipient’s taste so it’s always the perfect gift! These DIY grapevine cluster earrings are a great starter project for anyone who is new to jewelry making. You only need to know one beading technique, how to make a bead charm, and you’ll learn it in this tutorial! Save This tutorial will show you how to make a pair of earrings in under 20 minutes! how to make earrings Today's post is by Allison of the new Little Lovelies blog. She dabbles in all kinds of crafts from paper to sewing to knitting. P.S. Be sure to enter in Allison's big giveaway below! (giveaway CLOSED)Take it away Allison…

Minted Strawberry: DIY: Chan Luu Inspired Teardrop Earrings What you need for this DIY: Beads - similar color and shape, different sizes (at least one big one, some medium ones and small ones) Wire Jewelry chain - the smaller the better Earring hardware Jump rings DIY: Wearable words When I was looking around for tutorials on making paper beads, I found some really striking "book beads" and accessories, now collected in this post. I understand (after all the browsing) that you can make really durable "beads" easily ... very little time, skill or money required. Woohoo! Who doesn't need more jewelery? (UPDATE 6/12: See the follow up post for more wordy accessories) First, this wonderful necklace.

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