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The World's Leading Progressive Delivery and Experimentation Platform

The World's Leading Progressive Delivery and Experimentation Platform
Copy this code and paste it immediately after your opening <head> tag: Because you are using the Shopify App, the Optimizely embed code is already added to your shop automatically! If you want to run Optimizely on a page NOT hosted by Shopify, copy & paste this code snippet to the top of the <head> tag: Copy to Clipboard Send to Developer Include this snippet on every page you want to run experiments on and track as a goal.

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How to Become an Early Riser It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom. – Aristotle Are morning people born or made? In my case it was definitely made. In my early 20s, I rarely went to bed before midnight, and I’d almost always sleep in late. Poll: Where did you get your site/app's Terms of Service & Privacy Policy's TOS is . Using's TOS is a (in my view) if sections 11 and 12 are left in their present form. Those sections could get you into the same type of legal trouble as Blockbuster's TOS got them into in 2009, in the case. See for a discussion. I've mentioned this here before, so I hate to sound like a broken record, but it seems worth repeating. At a minimum, get your lawyer to review very carefully, and edit, the language of those sections.

21 Fonts That Shouldn’t Be Free…But Are! 21 Fonts That Shouldn’t Be Free…But Are! 13 July 2009 by Jordan Hall Using the right type in your designs, both in type and web, is vital to an attractive and successful design. ExpressCurate NOTE ON APP NOTIFICATION: The recent update will show the AppOptix notification on the status bar. Depending on your Android version, it may be possible to switch the notification status off. If you are using Android 4.1 or higher, under Settings-Manage Applications->Downloaded->AppOptix, there is a checkbox for turning off the notification. Please note that this option is not available on all devices or versions.

5 Reasons Why CapGemini Just Re-Positioned their Management Consulting Practice to Focus on Social Business Don’t believe the world’s businesses are going social? Take this recent declaration from CapGemini’s Managing Director, Global Head of Practices, Didier Bonnet when discussing Social Business with me: “We’ve actually repositioned the entire practice around digital transformation. So for us it’s not just changing one service offering; it’s our entire focus globally for our teams to deliver and to sell.” He came to that crucial decision after MIT and CapGemini interviewed over 160 executives throughout Asia, Europe and North America and discovered that businesses are digitizing. How Moderator Works - Google Moderator Help Center Google Moderator allows you to create a series about anything that you are interested in discussing and open it up for people to submit questions, ideas, or suggestions. These are called submissions. Anyone can come to the site and submit a question, idea, or vote, and anyone can vote.

Bloggers - Embed lists of links (widgets) on your blog and monetize your content.1 Relevant list of links Everybody loves lists. With ZEEF you can create relevant lists of links and use them in your blogpost or as an alternative for your banner ads. A guide to carrying out usability reviews Think that you need to be a usability expert to carry out a usability review? Well I won’t deny that it helps (spoken like a true expert!) but since user experience certainly isn’t rocket science anyone can have a good stab at carrying out a usability review and learn a great deal in the process. In this article I walkthrough a method for examining the usability of an interactive system (website, application, mobile app etc.) by using a combination of a scenario based and heuristic (i.e. best practice guidelines) based review.

Upstart I left Google in early 2012 with a few colleagues to found Upstart based on a simple idea: how can we help more people do what they were meant to do? The world is changing fast, and the idea of a safe and predictable career is fading in the rearview mirror. What if we could help "upstarts" with a slice of economic freedom so they could pay off a loan, cover living expenses, or take a course that will pay dividends for years to come? And what if that financial freedom was provided by backers who have more to offer than just money? Say Hello to Your New Brain on Evernote, Company of the Year Phil Libin remembers the moment he left childhood behind. It was nearly four years ago, when the funding for his Internet start-up fell through. He was 35.

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