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Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator

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Gimp Tutorial: Experiment on 3D Text Effect in Gimp Before u do this tutorial: What u need is a set of 3D text, i use illustrator to make the 3D text (i've made a tutorial how to made the 3D text in illustrator.Click HERE to read it) or maybe u can use Blender or Cinema4D if u have them..If u don't have any of these don't worry because i've included the 3D text file for you to download.Click HERE. UPDATE!Another download link for the 3D text if you have problem with rapidshare.

Find broken links on your site with Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) Find broken links on web sites Wikipedia article about Xenu's Link Sleuth Description Xenu's Link Sleuth (TM) checks Web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts and java applets. 20 Websites with Beautiful Typography Typography in web design plays an integral part in setting the tone, theme, and message of a website. For example, you can convey a site’s focus on modernity or traditionalism simply by choosing to use sans serif or serif fonts, respectively. You can call attention to particular parts of the content, and deemphasize others, by changing the font’s color, line-height, style, and size.

45 Fresh And Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials As we all know very well that Adobe Illustrator tutorials are very powerful designing resource for the designers as they help them learn new and easy trick to use Illustrator in the best possible way. These Adobe Illustrator tutorials enhance designers designing skills therefore; designers use these Adobe Illustrator tutorials. These Adobe Illustrator tutorials also help designers for their professional growth and improve their work productivity. This is the reason that design community frequently share fresh and new tutorials.

Scott Photographics GIMP & Photoshop Tutorials The Gimp is a fantastic and free piece of software that can run on all major operating systems and can do nearly any graphic related task! I have been using GIMP for over two years now and really appreciated the many tutorials I had at hand for when I was starting out. Since the early days I have produced my own tutorials in an effort to give back to the open source community and so the purpose of this post is to share and acknowledge the hard work that people have put in into making these great tutorials of 2010! Calcyum: Gimp Détourer avec les canaux There is no trick when your goal is to build muscle. Although websites try to tell us there is and are devoted to selling miraculous products that supposedly speed the process, fitness experts will tell you: hard work is the key to bodybuilding. The men who stand on stage and flex their muscles in front of judges and training magazines worked hard to get where they are today. The following article discusses ways to make your workout effective as a means to gain muscles, not necessarily as a path to weight loss. A guy who’s obese and pursues this course will lose weight, but someone with a skinny physique will gain weight when he starts bodybuilding. Here’s how.

Introducing “Softies,” Our Most Colorful And Playful Icon Set Yet After the recent release of our flat icons, we decided to focus our next creation on something more colorful, playful and detailed. This icon set, appropriately titled “Softies,” includes 44 beautiful and fun icons. The soft and bright style of these icons is sure to add some color to your website, and we’ve made them pixel perfect at 64px, 128px, and 256px. The package includes PNG images of all three sizes, as well as the original PSD files for each icon so that designers can easily modify them to suite their project’s needs.

20 Creative and Unique Typefaces We live in a world surrounded by Times New Roman, Arial and Helvetica, typefaces so functional that they have long since become boring. It’s a shame that we rarely come into contact with the wealth of endlessly creative typefaces out there, relying instead on the tried and tested. I have scoured the web to bring you 20 of the most creative typefaces available, many of which have been designed by amateur typographers.

illustrator vector tutorials Hi Guys! I am writing illustrator vector tutorials for beginners and intermediate level designers. Adobe Illustrator has brought a revolution in theillustration world. Designers can create stunning illustrations using very simple techniques. Its only a matter of common sense and familiarity with the tools available in Adobe Illustrator.