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Icon Generator Square Face

Icon Generator Square Face
Square Face Icon generator,Square Face Avatar Maker(Charactor Maker) 图标方形脸发生器 (角色创建) 네모 진 얼굴의 아이콘 생성기 (캐릭터 만들기) quadratisches Gesicht Icon Generator Площадь лица Иконка генератор Cara cuadrada icono generador Piazza Icona volto generatore 日本語版「四角い顔アイコンジェネレータ」はこちら。 Behavior on a smartphone is not guaranteed. Icon image that visitor made Please post the images created in that generator. Recommended Generator Square Face Pixel Art Icon Generator Square Face Cube Generator Related:  Créer des avatars

Hexatar 40 Best Free Icon Sets Released 2012 Its becoming very rare these days to do any sort of digital design project, and not use any sort of icon within that project, whether it’s a web site design or a mobile app icons are always used. This post is another great roundup, which we have produced it includes 40 of the best icon sets created in 2012. I hope you enjoy the blog post, and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below, as well as what’s your favourite icon set featured in the round-up. 1. Calender Icon The icon comes as a full vector shape layerd PSD file. 2. This was an enjoyable process creating this icon set. 3. This e-commerce icons set comes with 12 commonly used icons, such as Shopping Bag, Credit Cards, Secure Payment, Discount Tag, Sales Tag, Gift, Shop, Contact, Wallet, Calculator and others, in 4 different sizes (64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512). 4. 20 pixel-perfect glyph icons The download file also contains icons isolated on transparent PNG background, so there are 60 icons in total. 5. 6.

GM’s Day Resource Roundup: 49 Articles from the Stew | Gnome Stew Happy GM’s Day! To celebrate this, the Earth’s finest holiday, I wanted to highlight some resources we’ve posted that relate to seven specific topics: With over 850 articles, these aren’t the only seven topics we’ve covered in depth, but they offer a good cross-section of the Stew and its 10 current authors, and they all feature evergreen articles — the kind you can come back to in six months or six years and mine for advice and ideas. (You can make that easier by bookmarking this article!) Whether you’re a new reader or have been with us from the start, I hope this roundup and the 49 articles it features are useful to you! I hope your GM’s Day is an especially fine one, filled with visions of gnomes and halflings making gnomelings sugarplums and plenty of accidental kobold hangings gaming! A father, husband, writer, small-press publisher, former RPG industry freelancer, and lifelong geek, Martin has been gaming since 1987 and GMing since 1989.

High-Tech Clothing Store Hointer Employs Robots And Mobile Tech Instead Of Salespeople What do you get when you mix robotics, mobile technology, fashion, and hassle-free shopping in a brick-and-mortar store? Paradise…at least in the eyes of men who hate shopping. Hointer is a startup selling men’s designer jeans that launched in Seattle last November and offering customers a 21st century shopping experience. It’s as close to the ease of shopping online in the physical world as you can get. Geekwire posted a video on YouTube showing a firsthand account of shopping at Hointer: Since launch, the startup has continued to reimagine the shopping experience by adding tailoring of purchases with free, next-day custom alterations. With all the success of the men’s line, it’s no wonder that Hointer is seriously considering a move into women’s and teen clothing. The founder and CEO of Hointer is Dr. With lots of media attention and new features being added routinely, it seems that the future of the startup is bright (the success of the startup has even been a surprise to Dr.

Chibi Maker Jeuxkiffe Jeux de puzzle Agrandir écran Prêt à jouer, clique ici! Avec cette simple application tu peux créer un avatar au style anime pour msn ou Facebook. Après, tu peux exporter le visage en format JPG sur "Save Image". Galerie photo Jeux Semblables La meilleure manière d'entraîner le cerveau est de passer un peu de temps à faire des puzzles. La navigation sur nos sites et l'accès et l'emploi de nos services requièrent de l'installation de cookies propres et de tiers dans l'ordinateur de l'utilisateur.

Icon sets & stock icons Dwarven Language - StormNexus Dwarven Language From StormNexus [edit] Sounds a - as English 'cat' aa - as English 'heart' au - as English 'house' b - as English 'big' d - as English 'doubt' dd - as English 'this' e - as English 'Mediterranean' eh - as English 'Mate' ei - as English 'day' f - as English 'fat' g - as English 'garden' h - usually silent. i - as English 'read' j - as English 'joke' k - as English 'kick' kh - as English 'loch', German 'buch' l - as English 'lead' m - as English 'mate' n - as English 'note' o - as English 'doll p - as English 'pet' r - as English 'run' rr - rolled R, as in Scottish English, Welsh English s - as English 'sock' t - as English 'top' th - as English 'thigh' u - as English 'hunt' v - as English 'vine' y - as English 'yellow' yy - as English 'buy' z - as English 'zebra' zz - as English 'thigh' [edit] Classification etc Dwarven is considered the ancestor language of Common, which is essentially an offshoot with much mimicked vocabulary and the same writing system. [edit] Grammar [edit] Pronouns I - Ohr Me - Mi i.e.

Tutorial: Padded Leather Headband for Grados (with pics!) Most of you who own a plastic-cupped Grado (and MS-1) may feel that the vinyl headband looks cheap, feels cheap, and is flimsy. I sure do! It also has no internal padding, making it uncomfortable to wear after a short time from the metal band pressing against my skull. I know that you can use a Beyer headband, but that looks tacky. - leather: I used lambskin which I got on eBay (search for “lambskin hide). PROCEDURE (to install my pre-made headbands, follow steps highlighted in BOLD) Step 1: Separate plastic "block" from metal headband. <<<DO NOT slide the metal band through the "bottom" or padded side of frame as this will tear through the taped edges and felt padding! Step 11: Reattach plastic block. The leather headband turned out alot better than I anticipated. Addendum...

Kaomoji for Mac Anime Face Maker v1.0 15 Uniform Payment Options Icon Sets for Ecommerce Design A small but often overlooked aspect of most ecommerce sites designs are the flat and bland payment options icons (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal…). From a usability standpoint the icons do need to be instantly recognized by the user, and you can understand why designers opt to use standard icon designs rather than being a little bit more adventurous. Part of the problem is finding a uniform collection of payment options icon sets that are both the same size and style and that are equally suited to your sites design. You will tend to have a mixture of icons that grouped together look strangely out of place. This is what this post aims to address, by helping you find a uniform collection of icons. Below, you will find a collection of beautifully designed free payment options icon-sets that dare to be unique and adventurous, while at the same time they clearly cover all usability bases and issues. 20 Free Payment Option Icons Credit Cards Icons for Free Speckyboy Payment Method Icon Set

custom embossed leather headband Just wanted to post up some pics of the headphones I just finished customizing for my girls christmas present. I got a lot of inspiration from others on this site. They're Alessandro MS1's. The headband is made from lambskin that I got from a guy in italy on ebay. The cables are custom sheathed with techflex and I'm just waiting for a viablue plug to finish it off. Anyway here's the pics...starting with my mess lol I didn't think to take pics until after I did the embossing but it was done by cutting a the headband shape from very thin sheet plastic and then gluing a layer of 2mm dense felt to that. Next up was the inner headband padding. I then contact cemented the leather and the foam. once it tacked up I worked my way from one end forming the leather to the contours as I went using the back of a butter knife with a straight edge. I then trimmed the excess leather leaving enough to wrap over the back edge. Here is the finished pad, cushy and breathable ;)

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