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Lego sculptures: the Art of the Brick exhibition Nathan Sawaya uses toy bricks to create unique sculptures, from anguished figures to an enormous T rex. About 80 sculptures made from more than a million bricks are on show at the Old Truman Brewery in London from 26 September to 4 January Nathan Sawaya: the artist making sculptures from Lego Yellow (11,014 bricks)Sawaya’s best-known piece is about baring his soul. “I was letting everything out, moving from the safe corporate world. It was a difficult time.

10 mistakes I’ve made so you won’t have to Here are 10 mistakes that I’ve made over the past 15 years that I thought I’d share. It’s in no particular order, though as I reflect on it there definitely seems to be a reverse timeline sort of thing happening, where the first part of the list refers more to the last five years and the rest of the list pokes at my mistakes earlier in my career. #1 – I forgot that I can still be an entrepreneur and have a job I Can’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make These 21 Things Myself. The Results Are STUNNING. I Can’t Believe How Easy It Is To Make These 21 Things Myself. The Results Are STUNNING. Content From The Web:Content From The Web:Content From The Web:Content From The Web:Content From The Web:

Tim Burton’s Creatures Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts Mars Attack Jack and Sally Beetlejuice and Lydia You Only Live Once, So Do It Warren Buffett's Way  "You'd get very rich if you thought of yourself as having a card with only twenty punches in a lifetime, and every financial decision used up one punch. You'd resist the temptation to dabble. You'd make more good decisions and you'd make more big decisions." --Warren Buffett , quoted in The Snowball by Alice Schroeder This week Warren Buffett celebrates his 84th birthday. 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life 201 Flares Twitter 57 Facebook 0 Google+ 18 Pin It Share 126 Email -- 201 Flares × 1. Never burn your fingers again with this smart tea light votive. Available here. 2.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter Costume Dr. Frank-N-Furter In Rocky Horro Picture Show, when Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) isn't wearing hospital scrubs he's strutting his stuff in fishnets and platform heels. While we can't promise that imitating his look will transform you into a "Sweet Transvestite from Transexual Transylvanian" we can assure you that nearly everyone will know where you got your inspiration. For a Booming Economy, Bet on High Growth Firms, Not Small Businesses - Daniel Isenberg , and Ross Brown by Daniel Isenberg and Ross Brown | 8:00 AM February 3, 2014 “Small business is the backbone of our economy.” President Barack Obama, August 17, 2010

Why Do People Write Graffiti on Bathroom Walls? Why do people scribble on bathroom walls? Other than, you know, for fun. “Well sung of Yore, a Bard of Wit/That some Folks read, but all Folks shit/But now the Case is alter’d quite/Since all who come to Boghouse write.”

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