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35 GIFs That Will Make You Say Oh No Prepare to laugh, prepare to wince, prepare to feel brutally squeamish — thirty-five ridiculous GIFs that will make you say oh no: Oh… Oh Dear God No An Incredible Last Minute Escape A Tough Lesson In Automatically Locked Hotel Doors Being Your Purpose in Life: A Chat with Marianne Williamson In 2011, Marianne Williamson spoke with Eckhart in a profound conversation about Midwifing the New Consciousness (click here fore more information), and ways in which we can connect with presence in our everyday lives. In a new interview, Marianne spoke with us about discovering our unity with and relatedness to others, and coming to accept the light of our true being. You’ve spent many years founding and running non-profit and social enterprises. How did you find your own sense of purpose in serving the community around you? I don’t think of purpose as something we “find”; I think of it as something we “are.”

Guinness World Records Youtube These are just a few of the best BMX and bike tricks we've had breaking, or at least attempting, Guinness World Records. Top 5 Body Building Records Play The strength of these guys is insane! Mike Chang attempts most pull-ups, there's the most one finger pushups, bench pressing people and way more super crazy strength!

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