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Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government

Jennifer Pahlka: Coding a better government
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Former MI5 Microwave Warfare Specialist Speaks Out (Before It's News) [I highly recommend reading and watching anything you can find by this wonderful man. This is the real story of the dangers of EMFs now irradiating almost all of humanity. - Zen] Barrie Trower is a British physicist and former microwave weapons expert for the Royal Navy and the British Secret Service. During the 1960′s, he was trained at the “Government Microwave Warfare Establishment”. Barrie talks about the dangers of our wireless society and explains the technology behind it – what this technology is used for in society today and its potential uses in the future. Part 1 Part 2

Geopiracy About the Program: Welcome | Redfish School of Change Watch this! Underneath the mad scramble of materialist consumerism, like subterranean streams of consciousness . . . ever stronger peaceful resistance movements and counter cultures [are gathering], in which young people are already taking the lead. Joan Abbott-Chapman, 2000 The Redfish School of Change is a non-profit program designed for people who want to lead the way in creating ecological sustainability and social equity in their communities. Each student enters the program with a proposed Community Action Project (CAP) that they develop during the course of our unique field experience, and then work to implement after the program is over. As a participant in this intensive field school, you travel and visit the mountains, lakes and valleys or coastal communities in British Columbia. The Redfish School of Change grew out of a shared passion for social and environmental change and experiential education as well as a strong belief in the capacity of young people to lead.

Technology In A Hurricane As Hurricane Irene has now passed through the east coast — which just so happened to overlap with my brief trip to New York — the most common terms I’ve heard in response sound something like “overhyped” and “underwhelming.” (All in all, that’s probably a good thing; the opposite would be much, much worse.) With that lens, however, we risk glazing over the nitty gritty of the weekend — that is, what was done to prepare, manage, and respond to the storm. And in particular, we risk missing an opportunity to take stock of what I think was a watershed moment in the Gov 2.0 movement. Before the Storm: NYC.Gov As Irene approached New York City, there was understandably a lot of confusion and concern about, frankly, what was going on. First, Civic Commons’ Philip Ashlock mirrored the data and info that he had downloaded onto Amazon’s (usually) reliable cloud, sharing the link all around. Second, the city “optimized” their website. During the Storm: Twitter & Crisis Mapping After?

UN ORDERED DEPOPULATION OF 3 BILLION PEOPLE BY food malnutrition HAS STARTED The WHO and UN are undertaking a covert and sinister plan to kill off as many as 3 billion people by food malnutrition. The organization that is responsible for preparing for the murder of 3 billion people is called the Codex Alimentarius Commission. It was established in 1963 by the World Health Organization(WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN). Their officially stated purpose is to develop international food standards to protect consumer health and to facilitate fair trading practices in foods. It was Henry Kissinger, who in 1974 conceived the idea of the food genocide to control world population – less people to consume world resources – more for the rich nations (elites) to exploit the sources of the world to satisfy their greed. With the recent false declarations of E. coli contamination in fruits and vegetables the member nations of The Codex Alimentarius Commission have been ordered to pasteurize or irradiate all fruit and vegetables.

VanGogh Mission | Be The Change Earth Alliance Our Model for Social Change Our model for social change was developed over the course of several years, and continues to evolve as we explore the frontiers of the social change movement. It helps us to recognize the many interconnecting aspects of our work, and reminds us of the many ways that we can collaborate with people, organizations, resources and programs to affect the change we desire. The encircled six-pointed star integrates the feminine and masculine energies in the triangles of connection and action, holding the integrity of “being” as well as “doing.” This ancient symbol also represents the heart chakra in the Vedic tradition, as well as the Star of David from the Judaic tradition. The spiralling motion of the model is fuelled by the dynamic of personal evolution in the process of social change. People enter the cycle of change at whatever point is most inviting and natural to them. We invite you to interact with the model to learn more about its six aspects.

Paying Only for Success: Gamification in Government and Public Policy In a government bureaucracy, any innovation can take years to come to fruition. But that can change, says Tom Kalil, deputy director for policy for the Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House. Kalil recently participated in a two-day conference at Wharton titled, “For the Win: Serious Gamification,” which looked at the application of gaming techniques in business, education, government and other scenarios. Kevin Werbach: Tell us a little bit about what the Office of Science and Technology Policy is, because our audience might not be familiar with it, and a little bit about what you do there. Tom Kalil: The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is part of the White House. Werbach: Can you give some examples of how things like R&D and more long-term scientific endeavors actually connect with the immediate concerns about jobs? But there are things that we can do that will have a more immediate impact. Kalil: Well, there’s a number of things that we’re doing.

HAARP : la nouvelle arme absolue des USA HAARP utilise les propriétés de l'ionosphère, une couche atmosphérique située à 270 Km d'altitude environ, qui possède la propriété de réfléchir les ondes radio. Les radio-amateurs connaissent bien l'ionosphère, c'est elle qui leur permet d'établir par exemple des liaisons radio transatlantiques, sans satellite. L'ionosphère est ainsi une sorte de miroir radio naturel, qui renvoie vers le sol les ondes radio (de certaines fréquences précises) émises depuis la terre. L'ionosphère est ainsi appelée parce que ce sont des ions (des atomes électrisés) qui réfléchissent les ondes. Seulement l'ionosphère est capricieuse. Les conditions radio et les fréquences changent d'heure en heure, voire de minute en minute, et sont sujettes aux variations de l'activité solaire. Dit comme ça, ça parait simple, mais les détails techniques sont très compliqués. De nombreux experts en armement et scientifiques ont fait part de leur vive inquiétude face à HAARP, y compris au parlement européen.

Self Assembly Nano Particles for RFID Tag (chemtrails) at NAMI

Rainbows in the sky light up the chemtrails as they fly. Rainbows indeed. What does one really see? Experience guaranteed to be well within probable understanding yet one must know belief to feel know real soul shaking scarry as beat all hell to a bloody pulp people doing people in ways one wonders who taught people how to do human beings people flesh & blood moving coagulating together in pools of God knows what kind of chemical soup dripping from the skies realize it is time 2. by lennysupak Sep 9

another necessity is a H.A.A.R.P. app that lets us know when it is active and at what level of power it is being conducted with specific location of where the occilator is being aimed at. by aroman Aug 19

a Geoengineering-Chemtrails app is needed. Take a picture, upload it with valuable information. ie: state/time/date/cardinal directions/coordinates. Once uploaded we then can tag and link weather/health related anomalies reported in the surrounding areas of these uploaded positions. by aroman Aug 19